Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sure, We're All Upset and Disappointed But This Idiot Takes the Cake and is the D-Bag "Fan" of the Week

Allow me to introduce you to Ohio State's resident hilljack moron fan and wannabe internet tough guy.

He says he wants to fight Terrelle Pryor, prison-style (I'm kind of afraid to ask, but does that include any anal penetration?) and that if the Buckeyes lose again, he's going to personally go to Ohio State and pack Pryor's and Tressel's bags and kick them out of Columbus...

The funny thing is, this guy isn't going to kick anyone's ass or pack anyone's bags. I mean look at him...

My 10 year old cousin could kick this losers' ass.

If you care, here's his YouTube Channel.

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  1. Someone get this guy some dental work and tell him to take his road kill back to the house for dinner... idiot!

  2. Take his roadkill dinner back to his trailer, not house, more like...

  3. Idiot you say? Redneck Rocker sees a complete lack of player mgt. here, he sees a coach losing his mind thinking TP is ever gonna be a QB, the poor kid, it's sad he's been setup to get raked over the coals in a position he doesn't even have the skills to play. QB isn't about being big and fast it's managing the game and getting the ball to the right players. Redneck Rocker like Buckeye Nation is just about fed up with this shit.

  4. Well if I looked like the Redneck Rocker, I wouldn't be putting videos of myself on the internet.

  5. HAHAHAHA that was the best. I loved it when he said. "When I was a child" I think he needs to look in the mirror cuz he is sure acting like one!


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