Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ranking The Big Ten Quarterbacks Top To Bottom Heading Into Week Five

By HD Handshoe

There has been much debate so far this season as to which QB is the best in the Big Ten.

Is it Big Ten preseason POY Terrelle Pryor of Ohio State?

Or could it be true freshmen Tate Forcier from Michigan?

Or veteran Daryll Clark from Penn State?

How about less-heralded guys like Adam Weber from Minnesota, Ricky Stanzi from Iowa, Mike Kafka from Northwestern, or Ben Chappell from Indiana?

I'm going to rank them 1-11, using two different methods.

Method No. 1—Statistically
(ranked 1-11 by stats/QB Rating)

1. Scott Tolzien—Wisconsin

67% pass completion, 884 pass yards, 8 pass TD, 2 INT, 164 QB Rating

2. Tate Forcier—Michigan

62% pass completion, 671 pass yards, 127 rush yards, 7 pass TD, 2 rush TD, 2 INT, 149 QB Rating

3. Kirk Cousins—Michigan State

61% pass completion, 850 pass yards, 7 pass TD, 2 INT, 148 QB Rating

4. Mike Kafka—Northwestern

72% pass completion, 1049 pass yards, 5 pass TD, 1 rush TD, 3 INT, 146 QB Rating

5. Daryll Clark—Penn State

60% pass completion, 958 pass yards, 9 pass TD, 6 INT, 136 QB Rating

6. Terrelle Pryor—Ohio State

58% pass completion, 695 pass yards, 235 rush yards, 5 pass TD, 2 rush TD, 4 INT, 134 QB Rating

7. Joey Elliot—Purdue

60% pass completion, 963 pass yards, 74 rush yards, 7 pass TD, 2 rush TD, 2 INT, 127 QB Rating

8. Ben Chappell—Indiana

65% pass completion, 944 pass yards, 3 pass TD, 1 rush TD, 4 INT, 127 QB Rating

9. Adam Weber—Minnesota

58% pass completion, 879 pass yards, 5 pass TD, 5 INT, 120 QB Rating

10. Ricky Stanzi—Iowa

56% pass completion, 779 pass yards, 5 pass TD, 5 INT, 113 QB Rating

11. Juice Williams—Illinois

59% pass completion, 256 pass yards, 94 rush yards, 0 pass TD, 0 rush TD, 3 INT, 88 QB Rating

Statistics can be misleading however, especially given the level of competition some of these QB's have faced, so here's my other (possibly more reliable) angle.

Method No. 2—Realistically
(based on stats and my personal s.o.s. per team through week four)

1. Kirk Cousins

2. Terrelle Pryor

3. Daryll Clark

4. Joey Elliot

5. Tate Forcier

6. Mike Kafka

7. Adam Weber

8. Scott Tolzien

9. Ricky Stanzi

10. Ben Chappell

11. Juice Williams

I won't claim that these "realistically" rankings are perfect, as much as they are subjective, but if I had these 11 quarterbacks to choose from to start my own team, this is the order I'd pick them in, as of right now.

Ultimately, these rankings are very fluid. A week or two from now, they could be drastically different, or they could be unchanged. Feel free to post your own thoughts.

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