Saturday, October 17, 2009

LIVE In-Game Chat -- No. 7 Ohio State (5-1) @ Purdue (1-5) Today @12 Noon

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  1. Post game comment: Guess finally were all in agreement now... this is Tressel's last season! I don't think he can rebound from this loss it's just too devastating to the program. Sure you can't win every game but it's not about that, it's about how the kids are taught. Today highlighted the fact that most of the successful plays were the results of broken plays not anything they were taught and that my friends is the bottom line.

  2. god hates us. I mean, i just don't understand how this could happen. Tress, pryor, posey, so much talent. I just can't look at ohio state the same way without tressel though. I think the last thing us buckeyes should do is turn our backs on someone who has brought ohio state football back into the spotlight after so many bad years. I just don't know...

  3. "I feel that sometimes the man upstairs sort of likes us. Maybe he was testing us, saying 'Let's see what kind of people are at Ohio State. Do they take defeat lightly? Can they come back from adversity?" Woody Hayes

  4. It isn't about getting rid of Tressel and it is far from his "last season" as the Professor said. Coach just needs to realize as the leader of this team that he needs better coaching around him. A modern offensive coordinator and offensive line coaching along with a better quarterbacks coach. Great leaders throughout history have recognized the need to surround themselves with other talented people. It is time for Tress to recognize the obvious weakness and correct it. This was easily the worst loss for the program since the Air Force debacle. Things aren't getting better on the O line or from Pryor. Lack of improvement means something is missing in the coaching ranks. The evidence has been mounting all season. When you consistently fail to punch it in from the 2 yard line something is frightfully wrong somewhere. From today this season will either be sparked for improvement or we will see more of the same. I'm not sure I'm up for witnessing more offensive impotence.

  5. Anonymous, it's comments like that I just don't get, you act like we owe something to FG Jimmy, like he's irreplaceable, believe me there are plenty of good coaches out there looking to move up to big time college ball. JT has had a several years to get his act together in regards to your questions on his offensive coordinating. Listen this guy works for us, he has a virtual recruiting monopoly the envy of every Big Ten coach yet he can't even get it done against Purdue. Purdue a team that has to recruit against 4 other major neighboring programs, geezz you thick heads just don't get it. So you guys don't think this all gets back to the coach and his Pop Warner play calling, it's embarrassing, he's got a QB that continues to throws Hail Marys without ever seeing the bench. But you little poodle dogs can't can't bear life without Tress.

  6. Coach Tessel has lost his focus and is doing what all of you so called fans of the high power spread offense wanted. The problem is that offense needs to be scraped and we need to go back to what the team practiced all fall which was the I-formation. Tressel needs to go back to what he knows and take the decision making away from Terrell there is too mush pressure on him when things aren't going well. Everybody needs to get involved not Terrell trying to make a big play every down. It is alot easier to run block when you know it is a run not a run pass option that freezes
    the Oline from doing there job which is firing off the ball not standing up and not aware of what is going on behind them.


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