Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flash Forward: November, 2009—A Brief Look Into the Future

by HD Handshoe

If you haven't seen ABC's new show, Flash Forward, you are missing out. It is very good, so far.

To borrow the premise of the show, let's look ahead past the next three games/wins, and take a peek into the future, sans you having to blackout for two minutes and seventeen seconds.

Ohio State, barring Hell freezing and over, and pigs flying, should all but be guaranteed victories in their next three games, at Purdue in West Lafayette on October 17, then back home vs. Minnesota on October 24, and New Mexico State on October 31.

Some of you might not think it's a good idea to overlook these potential "trap" games, but I'm not a coach or player. I'm a fan with a blog, so those "do not look ahead rules" don't apply to me, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

A year ago, Terrelle Pryor made two key freshman mistakes and gift-wrapped PSU's first win in Columbus in 30 years.

Flash Forward to November 7, 2009:

Ohio State will be 8-1, and in Happy Valley to face Penn State, who should also be 8-1 by then, unless they slip up in Ann Arbor on October 24, in which case they will be 7-2.

Terrelle Pryor and the Buckeyes will expose Penn State. The Buckeye defense will once again dominate the Nittany Lions, just as they did in 2008.

Pryor will connect with DeVier Posey, Duron Carter, and Dane Sanzenbacher for a total of three passing touchdowns, and look for Pryor and Dan Herron to also add a rushing touchdown apiece. Aaron Pettrey will also add a 38-yard field goal.

The defense will hold PSU to less than 20 points, and the Buckeyes spit in the face of the "white out" with the victory.

Final score in my Flash Forward:

Ohio State 38
Penn State 17

Flash Forward to November 14, 2009:

Ohio State will be 9-1, and back home to face the Iowa Hawkeyes in Ohio Stadium. Iowa will be 10-0, or 9-1 by then.

The only game they may be at risk of losing will be in Madison to face the Wisconsin Badgers on October 17. The rest of the schedule looks to be smooth sailing up until the game in Columbus.

Both teams are solid defensively and this game will be low-scoring because of the stellar defensive play by each team.

Protecting the ball and playing the field position game will be the keys. Therefore, this is actually one time when fans will come to appreciate Tressel-ball, as the Buckeyes win the field position battle, and turnover margin, and ultimately the game.

Aaron Pettrey will end up being the MVP on this day as he boots five field goals. The defense will hold Iowa to less than 17 points, and the Buckeyes will prevail, but close.

Final score in my Flash Forward:

Ohio State 23
Iowa 16

Flash Forward to November 21, 2009:

Ohio State will be 10-1, and in Ann Arbor for THE GAME vs. TTUN, aka, TSUN, aka, Meatchicken, aka Meeechigan, aka scUM, etc...

Michigan will be 7-4 or 8-3. I'm going to go with 7-4 as I expect them to drop two more games before the season finale with Ohio State—October 24 vs. Penn State, and November 14 at Wisconsin will both be losses for UM.

The Wolverines started the year with four home games versus three cupcakes and an OK, but not great Notre Dame team. They went 4-0 over that stretch. Then reality set in.

Tate Forcier came back down to Earth, as UM fans realized he was not Superman. His play was shaky at times in UM's first two road games, and losses, to Michigan State and Iowa.

Losing by two points in Iowa City against a very good Hawkeyes team is nothing to be ashamed of, but the loss to the 1-3 Spartans, aka little brother as UM fans call them, was absolutely something to be embarrassed about.

So now we know Tate is good for a true freshman, but he's not great or perfect. We also know that UM's defense is not very good at all.

Ohio State's top-tier defense will force Michigan into many three and outs, and turnovers. I don't see UM scoring more than two or three times against the stout Buckeye "D".

Conversely, I do see the Buckeyes being able to move the ball, and score often.
Look for Pryor to have two or three passing touchdowns and one or two scores on the ground. Herron and Saine may get in on the act as well, and it will be Deja Vu all over again for the Wolverines.

Final score in my Flash Forward:

Ohio State 48
Michigan 17

In the TV show, the characters that had ominous visions of their futures believe that having this flash forward glimpse may help them change what they saw.

To the players and coaches at Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan, and to the fans of each team respectively, it's just a TV show for crying out loud.

You have no chance of avoiding or changing the fact that you will all lose to the Buckeyes in the coming weeks.

Face it, it is your destiny.

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  1. Woah now I'm as pumped for the 3 game stretch in November as any Buckeye fan, but Penn State's front 4 on defense is still pretty damn good. If they're healthy the O Line may very well struggle against them as they did last year. PSU's offensive line is garbage so I can't see them scoring 17.
    Ohio State 20, Penn State 10.
    I'm agreed mostly with others but Iowa's defense is pretty overrated. I like that guy on B/R who thinks Iowa's front 7 is actually better than Ohio State's lol!

    You have an error in the Iowa flash forward, your final score says Penn State instead of Iowa.

  2. Thanks for the read and comment, & the heads-up on the Penn State instead of Iowa score error.


  3. Then they will get whipped by who in a bowl game?

    It is not if, it is when they lose another game on a big stage.

  4. They will beat whoever they play in a bowl game unless it's Florida or Alabama.

  5. An outright win or a moral win?

    you don't want USC do know USC was without 4 startes on 09/12/09...and they only get better as the season goes on

    this is from a fan base that is happy with punting and moral victories...they will lose their bowl game, again.

  6. How do you figure? Ohio State should have beaten USC. The inexperience in the offensive line, the receivers and RBs, , along with the conservative playcalling is why Ohio State beat USC. The experience didn't really matter though, Ohio State could have won by 2 or 3 TDs if the playcalling wasn't half assed.
    Now, do you honestly think JT will make that same mistake?
    To add to that, do you really think the previously inexperienced WRs, CBs, O-Line and RBs will still be inexeperienced? Ohio State won the battle up front on BOTH sides of the ball with an inexperienced O-Line, just imagine what another 10 games added to that would do.

    The only thing that USC will have changed on offense is their experience in their Quarterback, which probably won't matter since Ohio State (with inexperienced corners) pretty much contained the experienced USC receivers all day, and Corner is a posistion that usually requires a lot of experience.


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