Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Team's OOC Schedule Can Beat Up Your Team's OOC Schedule

By HD Handshoe

So I'm guessing you figured out the title of this piece is a play-on-words taken from the old "My Dad can beat up your Dad," argument.

I know in the past, the Buckeyes have, and still continue to work hard at scheduling out of conference games verses other quality BCS teams.

And sure, they also have played some cupcakes along the way—But who hasn't?

The bottom line however here is that I dare any fan of any other program to provide me with evidence that would suggest that their team has scheduled, and played in as many big-time OOC games as my team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here is every OOC game Ohio State has played since 2000, as well as the OOC games from 2009 and those that have been scheduled so far, all the way through 2019. That's a span of 20 years.

Bowl game opponents (**) are also noted, and included.

2000 - Fresno State, Arizona, Miami (OH), **South Carolina

2001 - Akron, UCLA, San Diego State, **South Carolina

2002 - Texas Tech, Washington State, Cincinnati, San Jose State, **Miami (FL)

2003 - Washington, San Diego State, NC State, BGSU, **Kansas State

2004 - Cincinnati, Marshall, NC State, **Oklahoma State

2005 - Miami (OH), Texas, San Diego State, **Notre Dame

2006 - Northern Illinois, Texas, Cincinnati, BGSU, **Florida

2007 - YSU, Akron, Washington, Kent State, **LSU

2008 - YSU, Ohio, USC, Troy, **Texas

2009 - Navy, USC, Toledo, New Mexico State, **Oregon

2010 - Marshall, Miami (FL), Ohio, Eastern Michigan

2011 - Akron, Toledo, Miami (FL), fourth OOC game still TBD

2012 - Miami (OH), Cincinnati, California, UAB

2013 - California, three OOC games still TBD

2014 - Navy, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Kent State

2015 - Virginia Tech, three OOC games still TBD

2016 - Oklahoma, three OOC games still TBD

2017 - Oklahoma, three OOC games still TBD

2018 - Tennessee, three OOC games still TBD

2019 - Tennessee, three OOC games still TBD

Now, I know Ohio State hasn't won every one of these OOC games, nor will they win all of those yet to be played.

That is not the point here. The point is they are scheduling big games verses top notch opponents like no other school in the country and have been for a very long time.

There have been rumors the Ohio State has been trying to schedule home and home two-game series with other SEC opponents such as Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and LSU but I have no confirmation as of yet.

I had actually heard that the home and home in 2018 and 2019 with Tennessee was supposed to be Georgia, but UGA didn't want to play in Columbus.

If you wish to dispute me on this, that's fine, but you better bring an arsenal of knowledge with you and plenty of big time OOC games for any team you claim is doing a better job at going out and playing other top-level teams.

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  1. Try looking at USC's OOC...just the notable games
    2002 - Auburn, Kansas St, Colorado, Notre Dame and Iowa
    2003 - Auburn, Notre Dame and Michigan
    2004 - Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and Oklahoma
    2005 - Arkansas, Notre Dame and Texas
    2006 - Arkansas, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Michigan
    2007 - Nebraska, Notre Dame and Illinois
    2008 - Virginia, Ohio St, Notre Dame and Penn St
    2009 - Ohio St, Notre Dame and another Big 10 wanna-be in the Rose Bowl.

    ...and USC is 24-2 in the above games...

    Ohio State's OOC schedule is a joke compared to USC...combine that with the average at best Big 10 and you can appear to better than you really are.

    I heard that Cleveland St. Ignatius declined a home / away series with Ohio State.

  2. Georgia declined a home and home series with Ohio State, as did numerous FBS teams including Oklahoma State and LSU, and St. Ignatius is a high school you idiot.

    Oh BTW: Nebraska was average 2006, In 2007 they sucked. Auburn was average at best in 2002 and 2003.
    Notre Dame hasn't been good for years, you should have excluded them they make your OOC schedule look worse.

  3. yes, I am well aware that St. Ignatius is a high school (I went there) is a joke...just like Ohio State's OOC schedule.

    You are defined by what you repeatedly do...Ohio St plays 7-9 home games per year and is insulated by the weak Big 10...when they play someone they lose.

    You want credibility?...beat someone with a pulse...

  4. dude, you're a troll. And a tool.

  5. Comparing the Big Ten to the Pac-10, nice!
    The only reason USC schedules good OOC opponents is because they are the ONLY powerhouse team in the Pac-1+9 others, and they can't even get through THAT Schedule undefeated!

    It's funny how you said "beat someone with a pulse" and not even USC can do that, lost to Washington of all teams lmao.

    USC's entire schedule outside of the 1 good team they play every year OOC is trash.

  6. That is what I love about Ohio State. They will schedule and play with the best of them. But at some point, you need to start winning some of these tough OOC games. As long as Tressel plays for FGs and the punt, beating the cream of the crop will be few and far between.

  7. Ohio lives off of the MAC and YSU...the Pac 10 has been rated better than the Big 10, top to bottom, almost annually this decade - check out the Sagarin ratings. Better yet, count the bowl wins over the years for the Big 10.

    I would rather win games on a big stage and slip up once in a while than continually lose in primetime. How many 'game of the century' contests on national TV can be wasted with Ohio St?

    Ohio St is a good team...not a great team and certainly not an elite team.

    Remember, quantity does exceed quality...and Ohio St has 0 quality wins in the past few seasons.

  8. The fact of the matter is the Pac-10 has 1 good team, that's USC. Penn State vs. Oregon or Cal I would take Penn State anyday. Same with Iowa over Oregon or Cal. Then who's next best in the Pac-10? Oregon State? Stanford (so far)? I'd take Michigan over them any day of the week.

    Then it's a toss up the rest of the way. After Michigan gets things rolling in the next few years or maybe even next year the Big Ten will have four good teams in the conference. 2 elite being Ohio State and Michigan, and Penn State will continue their being elite once every few years.

    The Pac-10 will only still have 1 elite team, that being USC. The rest of the way down at best will be average.

    Ohio State is an elite team, what you just said was foolish and you are misinformed. Ohio State is second in the country in NFL caliber talent only next to USC. Look at the Draft numbers from Florida, they don't produce much NFL talent at all.

    The Pac-10 had by far the weakest bowl schedule last year of the BCS conference, they play 9 conference games in their own weak ass conference and they only play 1 good team (with the exception of the elite OOC team some play every year) and that's USC.

    So it's not hard to understand why people would think the Pac-10 is better than the Big Ten.

    The Big Ten on the other hand you have to play Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa is always a sleeper to be a great team.

    So why don't you take your misinformed ass and leave this blog.

  9. Oregon would have won the Big 10 last year and probably would this year as well.

    Go look at the Sagarin conference ratings - top to bottom - for this decade. The Big 10 has been the 5th or 6th best conference over the past 3-4 years.

    Big and physical translates to fat and slow vs the Pac 10.

  10. People who use sagarin ranking and stats are people that don't know how to argue and don't actually know anything about football themselves.


    The Big Ten has been 2nd fastest in all NFL combines for the past 11 years running, only behind the ACC who has been the fastest at NFL combines for the past 15 years. So there's falsifying the "fat and slow".

    Oregon would have finished with 3 guaranteed losses to Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa last year in the Big Ten, get over yourself.

  11. Ohio State plays a great non-conference schedule each year. We always play one or two outstanding programs compared to other major football programs. I also find it to be messed up that TCU pulled out of the first game of the year against Ohio State. If they wanted to play for the national title they should have taken the money like Navy and seen if they could beat a real team. Way to think that one through TCU......


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