Friday, May 18, 2012

Troy Smith and Howard "Hopalong" Cassady Autograph Session TONIGHT!

Former Ohio State QBs and Heisman winners, Troy Smith and Howard "Hopalong" Cassady are both signing autographs TONIGHT (5/18/12) at The Buckeye Room in the Polaris Mall from 6-8PM.

Here are the 8x10's I made to have each sign — although I have since decided to have Smith sign my Ohio State #10 jersey that I bought in 2005 — however, it's still a sweet image worth sharing!



— HD


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Around The Block: BlockONation's Buckeye Bits, Volume 2 — May 16, 2012

By HD Founder

Hello again all — I only have a few bits to share with you today, but I trust you will enjoy them thoroughly, so let us dive right in.

— First off, two former Ohio State Heisman Trophy winners, Troy Smith & Hopalong Cassady, will each be signing autographs at The Buckeye Room this Friday in the Polaris Mall, Columbus, from 6-8PM. Event details and info can be found here.

— I'm assuming there might be moderate interest in Ohio State's post-Spring depth chart that was just released. Click here to view the current two-deep. Although not listed yet, Noah Spence, David Perkins and Jamal Marcus should also all be expected to have an impact in 2012 according to coach Meyer.

— BTN's Tom Dienhart takes a look at Ohio State's 2012 schedule in his ongoing schedule analysis series.

— Ohio State AD Gene Smith spoke with ESPN B1G Blogger Adam Rittenberg regarding potential playoff models that the B1G conference favors.

— Yahoo's Dan Wetzel writes about the B1G's undying devotion to the Rose Bowl and the conference's decision to stay true to that tie-in tradition rather than fighting for potential near-future Midwest playoff games.

— Lastly, you may know of Robby Donoho and the Ohio State movie trailers he has created and posted on YouTube over the past several seasons. He just released his first video for the upcoming season today, simply titled, 2012 Ohio State Football Movie Trailer Prequel — Give it a look!

See you next time, around the Block — HD


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Friday, May 11, 2012

Around The Block: BlockONation's Buckeye Bits, Volume 1 — May 11, 2012

Today I'm introducing a new series here on BlockONation, called Around The Block: BlockONation's Buckeye Bits.

It's a chance for me to share any pertinent Buckeye news and/or links with the fans and my followers without having to spend several hours researching, writing, editing, and posting a full article, as time spent at work and with my family have made that seem a daunting and nearly impossible task recently.

So, without further ado, let's kick this baby off!

— Defensive backs coach Kerry Coombs, has been busy this week on the recruiting trail as evidenced by this recent Twitter update.

— Ohio State wants one more RB in their 2013 recruiting class, and that spot appears to belong to either Derrick Green, or Dontre Wilson. Most believe the Buckeyes would prefer Green, but it could come down to who verbals first. Green just received an offer from Alabama and plans to visit there over the summer. Regardless of who Ohio State wants more, the bottom line is they believe they must land one of them.

— In a recent ranking of the best backup QBs in the Big Ten, Buckeye QB Kenny Guiton was ranked No. 5 out of 12 in the B1G by BTN's Tom Dienhart.

Sporting News released their list of the top coaches in college football. Urban Meyer is listed at No. 3, behind Alabama's Nick Saban, and Boise State's Chris Petersen.

— Former Buckeye and current Oakland Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor opened up about selling awards at Ohio State to "help his Mom pay her rent and other bills" in a recent Sports Illustrated article. He even referred to that act as, "doing God's work." Maybe he should have sold the 350Z to help her out and driven a used car instead.

— Former Buckeye and Minnesota Viking Cris Carter admitted that he offered bounties against certain defensive players that he felt targeted him during his NFL career. Carter said he did it as a form of protection for himself from players who were targeting him. Carter specifically noted putting a bounty out on former-Bronco, Bill Romanowski.

— Lastly, pretty much everyone knows by now that there was a sexual deviant contacting Ohio State players, coaches, and recruits using Facebook and/or Twitter by messaging them with "inspirational quotes", and while he may have had innocent intentions, his past and status as a registered sex offender makes us all cringe just a bit — understandably so.

Former Ohio State verbal commit Alex Anzalone retracted his commitment to the Buckeyes after a picture of him with Eric Charles Waugh, aka @BDubsTriviaGuru on Twitter, went viral.

Joey Bosa, who was also in the same photograph with Anzalone and Waugh, reaffirmed his commitment to the Buckeyes, despite rumors that he might follow in Anzalone's footsteps.

Waugh has since been arrested for violation of his parole, his Twitter account has been suspended, and Anzalone's father, Sal — after initially lashing out at Ohio State for not, in essence, babysitting Alex duing his unofficial Spring game visit, has backed off of his negative comments and said Alex is still considering OSU.

Thankfully, the situation was monitored and resolved quickly, and without incident.

Nobody needs Internet creepers submitting hundreds of inspirational or motivational messages to them on Twitter or Facebook, or anywhere else for that matter.

Instead, I'd recommend listening to Reach by Eve To Adam, if you're seeking out motivation. It's about reaching your goals and dreams, and it's one of my favorites — check it out!

See you next time, around the Block — HD


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Day Dawning At ESPN? College Football Live Roundtable: Ohio State At No. 20 For 2012

ESPN is not shy when it comes to their lovefest with the SEC and hatred of Ohio State and the B1G. Nobody can convince me otherwise on either account — period, end of story.

So, as an Ohio State football fan and blogger, you won't be too surprised to know that I'm not a huge fan of ESPN — quite the opposite most of the time, in fact — however, I was surprised at their recent feature on, and ranking of, the Buckeyes for the upcoming 2012 season.

I think we can assume a lot of their "attitude change" toward tOSU has plenty to do with former ESPN college football analyst Urban Meyer, who is now in his first season in Columbus.

In just over six months, Meyer has revitalized the program and pulled in a top five recruiting class for 2012, and is already on his way to more of the same with regards to the class of 2013.

There are still lingering question marks about this team and about just how well Urban Meyer's spread/zone-read/option offense will work in the B1G — not all that surprising when you consider the bad taste left in the mouths of B1G fans (specifically those who support the team from Ann Arbor) after the failed Rich Rodriguez spread experiment.

The problem in Ann Arbor had nothing to with the spread not working. Denard Robinson and the Michigan offense had been pretty successful moving the ball and punching it in the end zone. The real problem was Michigan's defense.

I've often said that referring to the Michigan defense during RichRod's tenure as a wet paper towel was an insult to wet paper towels everywhere...

The Defense WILL NOT be a weakness at Ohio State in 2012, or in any other year for that matter — they aren't known as the Silver Bullets because of mediocrity.

But enough about the epic failure that is Michigan, at least for the next 206 days.

We'll save further discussion of the Ann Arbor-ites for when Ohio State and Urban Warfare Choke The Hokes come November!

Let's get to the meat and potatoes — i.e., ESPN's take on what to expect from the 2012 Buckeyes.


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