Sunday, October 4, 2009

TBDPITL BlockONation Week Five Top 25 Ballot

by HD Handshoe

I am a voter in TBDPITL weekly poll.

Here is my official week five ballot.

1. Alabama

2. LSU

3. Texas

4. Florida

5. Boise State

6. USC

7. Ohio State

8. Virginia Tech

9. Cincinnati

10. TCU

11. Missouri

12. South Florida

13. Georgia Tech

14. Iowa

15. Penn State

16. Miami-Fl

17. Auburn

18. Oregon

19. BYU

20. Nebraska

21. Notre Dame

22. Houston

23. Oklahoma State

24. South Carolina

25. Mississippi

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  1. UF at #4 is an outrage, even as a gator hater I know this.
    #1 Bama
    #2 Florida
    #3 Texas


  2. I certainly did not place UF at No. 4 b/c of hate, but rather their on-field performance, and their weak schedule to date.

    The Gators have not looked great with the losses at WR (Louis Murphy and Percy Harvin), and now with Tebow banged up, and coming off a bye week, they didn't so much as drop as the teams below them that played and won (Bama & LSU) jumped ahead of them.

    Right now UF does not deserve to be No. 1, but if they go to Baton Rouge next week and whip up on LSU, they will be back to the top where I've had them almost all season so far...

  3. Anybody notice how Iowa moved up in the AP after their close call with Arkansas State when Ohio State moved down after a close call with Navy?
    And why did VT move up 2 spots after their unimpressive win against DUKE? Jesus.

    The AP is the biggest bundle of horseshit I have seen in my life.

  4. Iowa struggles against cupcake opponents, but come to life when it matters.
    Maybe the pollsters know this already.... doubt it.


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