Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week Nine Top 25 Ballot For TBDPITL

by HD Handshoe

You may have noticed, there were numerous upsets this week. This top 25 ballot was the hardest one for me so far this season, especially from 16-25. Feel free to comment below.

1. Texas (8-0)

2. Florida (8-0)

3. TCU (8-0)

4. Boise State (8-0)

5. Cincinnati (8-0)

6. Iowa (9-0)

7. Alabama (8-0)

8. Oregon (7-1)

9. LSU (7-1)

10. Penn State (8-1)

11. Georgia Tech (8-1)

12. Houston (7-1)

13. Pitt (7-1)

14. Ohio State (7-2)

15. Utah (7-1)

16. USC (6-2)

17. Wisconsin (6-2)

18. Notre Dame (6-2)

19. South Florida (6-2)

20. Miami-FL (6-2)

21. California (6-2)

22. Oklahoma State (6-2)

23. Rutgers (6-2)

24. Arizona (5-2)

25. Boston College (6-3)

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  1. Looks good to me but I can honestly say there are about three teams ranked below OSU that are clearly better than the Buckeyes but a little homerism is fine.

  2. Three team below tOSU that are better?

    OK, so could you post them please....

  3. Notre Dame is too high.

  4. @BuckeyeNut

    Sure I'll take a stab at it. Three teams is actually only two cause USC all ready proved it. Utah clearly cause they lost to Oregon by only a touchdown @ Oregon and clearly Oregon rips the Buckeye's apart at home. Arizona or California cause they play in a strong PAC-10 this year but granted it's not clear, but the Golden Bears have a stong offense losing only to Oregon besides USC and the Wildcats seem at least equal to OSU losing @ Iowa by ten but we'll have to see how strong Iowa is at the Shoe.

  5. Ohio State would beat Cal and DESTROY Arizona, lol that's a stupid comment.
    Ohio State would probably beat USC now. Pryor is running much faster and with MUCH more authority after Ohio State lost to Purdue. He doesn't shy away from contact (unless he's outnumbered) and takes off to run much faster now instead of waiting for a receiver to get open for way too long.

    Yeah, Ohio State would beat USC now, not sure about Oregon though I think you're right about them, Ohio State has a better D than USC.

  6. That's cool but one thing, this Buckeye team has to prove it. Pryor has never won an important game in his entire career and OSU is on a major losing streak in games of importance. What would make anyone believe that is going to change. I'd be shocked if Penn St doesn't win by 20+ points this weekend.

  7. So you won't be surprised if PSU beats OSU by 20+ but they couldn't even score 20 vs. Iowa, and OSU has a much better "D" than Iowa and PSU combined....

    Hope you come back here for a plate-full of crow after OSU wins Saturday.

  8. How does a 15-3 record as a starter equate to a major losing streak in big games at tOSU?

    Surely you know he has played against more than 3 ranked teams in those 18 career starts.

    He lost to PSU last year, and USC and Purdue this year...That's it.

    Before you say it, he didn't start the Texas game, Boeckman did.

  9. I'm sorry, I quoted you as saying surprised when you actually said you'd be SHOCKED if PSU doesn't win by 20+

    What an IDIOT!


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