Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crap-shoot Time—My Week 10 Top 25 Ballot

by HD Handshoe

TOP 10

1. Texas - I'm not sure any of the top teams want to be #1 but I guess the Longhorns have looked the best on both sides of the ball to me as an entire team so that's how they got here, for now...

2. TCU - I know the SEC homers are going to die when they see this (TCU ahead of UF and Bama) but TCU has offense and defense and to me have looked better than most every other team. I swear, I almost put them at No. 1, seriously...

3. Alabama - They keep winning and McElroy finally came back to life after a few weeks on hiatus. The LSU win gets them back into my top 3.

4. Florida - They didn't blow out Vandy like I thought they should and their offense continues to look average, but they are 9-0 so I can't justify moving them out of the top 5, but if Cincy would not have won so close, they'd be here instead.

5. Cincinnati - Like 'Bama, the Bearcats keep winning, and with a backup (Zach Collaros) I might add, who might just be their new starter in place of Drew Bledsoe (see Tom Brady), er, I mean Tony Pike.

6. Georgia Tech - They might be overrated here, but when it's 4th and 1 and you are down by 3 in OT and you go for the glory instead of kicking the tying FG, you are a man, 40 years old or not, and on sheer ballsiness alone, and the 9-1 record, you earned this slot this week! (Play of the week nominee)

7. Pittsburgh - The Panthers are a 7-point early season road loss away @ NCST from being 9-0 and even higher in the rankings. True freshman running back Dion Lewis is the truth and has Pitt fans forget all about LeSean McCoy. A showdown with the Bearcats is coming in a couple of weeks, and I really hope both teams win all of their games leading up to that one!

8. Boise State - The Broncos are 9-0, but the one team that was keeping them near the top 5 was Oregon. The Ducks comeback bid fell short vs. The Cardinal and Toby Gerhart had a career and record-setting day running the ball-shades of "Touchdown" Tommy Vardell. The weak conference schedule is their biggest enemy, but as long as they win out, they are nearly a lock for a BCS Bowl, just not THE BCS NC Game.

9. Ohio State - I almost put Houston, or Utah here but I just couldn't convince myself that either of them could beat the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes to me had the best win of the weekend and their defense looked UNBELIEVABLE. So did Terrelle Pryor, finally! I am not a homer in my poll, but I'm sure I will hear that from some of you. If so, I won't lose any sleep over it, just so you know.

10. Houston - What a year Case Keenum is having. They say the eventual Heisman winner needs to have that "signature highlight moment" during the year that propels them on to winning the award. Keenum has had more than one in my opinion, and for me, he is the Heisman winner if the trophy were handed out today. People talk about Tebow willing UF to victories...If you missed the end of the Houston-Tulsa game, then you missed Keenum refusing to quit -- refusing to let his team lose. His stats are unreal (3,815 pass yards, 28 TD's, only 5 INT's, 158.9 QB Rating) and if Houston wins out, Keenum should deservedly win the hardware.

The Rest (11-25)

I put them in a hat and drew them one at a time (kidding, or am I?)

11. Utah - Might be too high, but maybe not

12. Miami-Fla - Not sure if i trust them or not

13. LSU - Only 2 losses are to Florida and Bama but I think the SEC is overrated so...

14. USC - Won and looked bad doing it and I considered dropping them out of the top 15

15. Oklahoma State - Keep on keepin' on without Dez Bryant which surprises and impresses me

16. Iowa - The other shoe finally dropped and Stanzi is out for OSU next week--oy vey

17. Arizona - Wildcats are half a win behind Oregon in the Pac-10 and even though it won't be easy, they control their own destiny in the conference

18. Wisconsin - I never thought the Badgers would be 7-2 at this point, let alone ranked in the top 20 but they are decent and Clay is the best RB in the Big 10

19. Stanford - Toby Gerhart has been awesome this year as has freshman QB Andrew Luck and rest assured, the Cardinal will have a say in who wins the Pac-10

20. Penn State - The Buckeyes finally exposed what we all may have suspected -- PSU was overrated and their soft schedule was why

21. Oregon - Despite a late comeback bid that fell short, the Ducks laid an egg most of the game vs. Stanford and maybe they are who I thought they were after the Boise loss

22. BYU - Max Hall and Dennis Pita are pretty good, I guess...

23. Clemson - CJ Spiller is the only reason Clemson made my poll

24. Navy - Middies should be 8-2 but lost last week without stud QB Ricky Dobbs -- Notre Dame's BCS hopes are dead and their coach may join me in the unemployment line soon. That "close call" for Ohio State in week one is looking better and better.

25. Troy - Why not? They've won seven games in a row after a surprising week one loss to BGSU and an expected week 2 loss to Florida. I guess I could have put WVU or Rutgers here but WV didn't impress, and Rutgers had a bye so like I said, why not?

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