Friday, November 6, 2009

Leaked Picture Posted by 11Warriors Shows Entire Ohio State Throwback Uniform, White Helmet and All

Here's the image that was first posted on

I personally think this uni is BADASS!

Here is a photoshopped image from, featuring Terrelle Pryor in the 1954 throwback uniform.

Looks pretty sweet to me Dave!


  1. Hilarious. This is SUCH a pathetic blog.

  2. They look nice, except for the numbering on the shirt.
    It erks me that the numbers have the Oregon look to them. Id prefer the real throwback numbers.

    Its like someone building up a 50's/60s Chevy but pimping it out so that it doesn't look like an original Chevy

  3. Actually this blog is pretty good. It's something I look forward to during the day...bastard.

  4. Don't mind the State Penn fans. They know this blog is cool, unlike them, and their shitty team.

    "Please be our rivals.....please?"

    We would, except that State Penn just isn't good enough to be considered our rivals.

    About once every 10 years the PSU game means something, so ya, no thanks State Penn, we're good.

    You need/want us, but we do not need you as we stand well all on our own.

    7 NC's
    7 Heismans
    9 Undefeated Seasons
    33 Big Ten Titles

    etc, etc...

    "We are...........GARBAGE"

  5. LMAO....So the BSD morons can call you a**hole and douchebag, but when you call them IDIOT or QUEER, you get the ban hammer...PUSsies!

    Here's the message I received on my latest visit to Black$hitDiarrhea:

    You are banned from Black Shoe Diaries.

    You can browse the blog, but you can't participate.

    Dude, what's wrong with you? Why can't you just talk football with calling people names like idiot and queer? It's all good until you go down that road. Don't ever come back to BSD. I gave you a second chance and you blew it. Next time I'll ban your IP address so you will be banned from all SBN blogs. Try to represent your school with a little more class.


    I am the one who needs to show some class?

    Pot, meet the f**king kettle!

    F**K YOU BSD, you hypocrite bastards!

  6. Even Better, an 8-5 record for UM guaranteed by blind-homer UM fans!

    Yes, they "will beat Wisky, Ohio State, and whoever is unlucky enough to face them in their bowl game"


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