Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terrelle Pryor Isn't The Next Vince Young - He's the Next Terrelle Pryor

by HD Handshoe

The comparisons were inevitable, but physical attributes and sick, almost freakish athletic ability aside, I believe that Terrelle Pryor and Vince Young could both go down as two of the best quarterbacks that college football has ever seen.

Of course, Young is already in that club. Pryor's reservation is pending.

His 2005 season was statistically outstanding, and capping it off by nearly single-handedly beating USC to win the BCS Championship turned Young into a college football legend as one of the best to ever play.

While Pryor is not a legend as of yet, he could very well be on his way to achieving such status.

If you disagree, or aren't sure one way or the other, perhaps comparing the two will help with your conundrum.

Young started 25 games for Texas in his second and third years in the program as a redshirt sophomore and junior in 2004 and 2005.

Pryor to date has had 19 career starts at Ohio State—nine as a true freshman in 2008, and 10 so far in this, his sophomore season.

Texas went an amazing 24-1 with Young at quarterback, including the 13-0 title season of 2005. Pryor is 16-3 as a starter for the Buckeyes.

I get the feeling that not everyone believes that Pryor's stats measure up to Young's. I'm not sure if it's just bias against Pryor or Ohio State, or if they are just forming their opinion without the facts.

Fact finding can be a time-consuming, and sometimes bothersome chore, so allow me to do the work and make it simple for you.

Vince Young

Year Comp/Att/% Pass Yards/TD/INT Rating Rush Yards/TD's
==== ============ ================= ====== ===============
2004 148/250/59.2 1,849/12/11 128.4 1079/14
2005 212/325/65.2 3,036/26/10 163.9 1050/12

Terrelle Pryor

Year Comp/Att/% Pass Yards/TD/INT Rating Rush Yards/TD's
==== ============ ================= ====== ===============
2008 100/165/60.6 1,311/12/4 146.5 631/6
2009 121/224/54.0 1,668/15/9 130.6 604/7

Obviously, you can see Young rushed and passed for more yards, but their QB ratings are similar when combined and Pryor has a better touchdown to interception ratio than Young (2.07/1 vs. 1.81/1).

Plus, Pryor still has three games left this season, so he will close those gaps heading into year three.

I'm not saying that right now Pryor is as good as Young was—he's not and it's not even close at the moment.

I am saying given the fact that Young had an extra year in the program at Texas to learn the system, and settle into college life without the pressure of being the guy before taking over helped him immensely.

The hype and expectations surrounding Pryor did not afford him that same luxury.

Three games into 2008, Boeckman was struggling, the o-line stunk, and the fans wanted Pryor, so he was shoved into the deep end to sink or swim. Overall, he's been able to tread water, but now the time is rapidly approaching for him to prove that he can swim.

Next year for Pryor could, and hopefully will, look a lot like Young's 2005 campaign—BCS title preferably included.

Maybe he even does something Young didn't do in 2005, like win the Heisman.

Stats can only take you so far though. I don't care if Pryor ever puts up huge numbers like Young did in his third year.

If he can lead the Buckeyes to a BCS title in 2010 or 2011 (as I believe he can and will), he won't be the next Vince Young. He will be Terrelle Pryor—quarterback; leader; champion.

His legacy at Ohio State will forever be secure, and his career as a Buckeye—absolutely legendary.

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  1. your right nice words there at the end.

  2. While I enjoy watching Pryor play, his accuracy and fundamentals are really lacking.

    Main problem with those stats....Vince's improved while Terrelles regressed.

  3. Terrelle's regressed? Really?

    I hope you come back and elaborate b/c if you look at 2004 for Vince, his redshirt sophomore year, and 2009 for Pryor, his true sophomore year, Pryor's #'s are better than Youngs' were.

    You can't compare TP's 2009 to VY's 2005, b/c that was VY's 3rd year in the Texas program.

  4. Also, forgot to add that next year, 2010, will be the year to compare TP to Vince's 2005 season stats.

  5. What does one fairly well managed winning game change in that was clear from the series of previous games, that TP lacks instinctive QB skills and is well behind the curve compared to others in their positions?
    We all want the kid to grow & become a man that doesn't have to feel the need to run 10 yards over to taunt the PSU student section after throwing a big TD toss. Does one game against what might be a highly overrated PSU team in an awful Big Ten mean a damn thing nationally? Never-the-less I'm with ya in hoping for the best and thanks for the comparisons, it will be interesting to see what evolves.

  6. I have been asked about the title of the article, as it has seemed to confuse some people, so allow me to clarify:

    I just meant that he won't need to be compared to VY because he will be able to stand on his own accomplishments when his career is over, not on the comparisons to VY based on his sheer potential, which he has obviously not achieved yet...we hope.

    Hope that helps!

  7. From just a fan, I don't see the comparison to be valid- JUST YET. IMO, TP's career this year has given all fans a "roller coaster" effect. We all wonder which TP will be in the game on any given Sat. I would personally like the slow and steady progess vs. what we have seen this season. TP's growth is in his own hands, what he does the next 2 weeks and next year will determine his fate in the NFL. I wish him the best. He has been overcoached, but hopefully has learned from the mistakes and will just RUN BABY RUN when he has a chance, as we all know that is what he does best. Now.... if he can combine that with the passing game he did last week - who the heck knows? He has the traits to be one of the "Greats" and also the traits to be one of our "failures". I can only imagine the pressure he is enduring.


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