Saturday, November 14, 2009

Open Letter to Rich Rodriguez—From UM Fans on a Popular Michigan Message Board

by HD Handshoe

I just had to share this gem. The sky is falling over Ann Arbor. LMFAO!

On behalf of the Maize 'N Blue Nation, I would just like to personally say, THANK YOU for single-handedly destroying over 125 years of Michigan football in only 2 short years.

Your astounding feat is beyond comprehension and the legacy you have left will never be forgotten or dare I say repeated. With back to back embarrassing losses to both Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin and soon to be Ohio State and lets not forget those mighty Toledo Rockets, you have sank the Wolverine program to an all time low.

However, there are bright spots.....we sure did show those Delaware State Hornets who's boss! That'll teach them!

Your ego and audacity to make sweeping changes to the most honored and prestigious college football programs in the nation as if before you the program was nothing is simply disgusting and has been an absolute flop.

Michigan did not win its multiple national championships, countless numbers of Big Ten championships, set the all-time winning percentage and all-time wins record on a fluke and you act as if we just didn't have what it takes to return to glory without you.

Well, the experiment is over and I am counting the days until this horrible nightmare of your existence is OVER! Do the right thing, cut tail, admit defeat and flee with the white flag waving high and let someone take the reigns that will restore Michigan's pride, honor and distinction as one of the greatest programs in the nation!

Than you have the other side of the coin. Completely clueless, homerific, Meechigan fans predicting the 2010 season already, which will somehow include a BCS bowl appearance...

Read on for a good laugh!

At any rate I'm going to go ahead and say it—I know everyone is tired of all the "next years" but I can easily see this team going to a BCS bowl game in 2010.

Yes that is a very bold statement, but I wouldn't put it past them. It takes 9 wins to qualify for a BCS bowl, Not very likely if they had the same team next year. but with the guys returning and the guys coming off redshirts this will end up being a different team. Besides after a year of experience the QBs should be playing a lot better. So yes it is possible and I could see it (especially considering their schedule), I'm not expecting it, I'm not sure if it will happen but I can see it as a possibility.

Week 1: UConn (I'm pretty sure this Michigan team won't be giving up another loss in a home opener) - Win

Week 2: @ Notre Dame (I'm sorry but I just don't see Weis or whomever replaces him pulling this one off, especially since I think Clausen and Tate are leaving after this year) - Probable Win

Week 3: UMass (not even going to explain this one) - Win

Week 4: Bowling Green (see UMass) - Win

Week 5: @ Indiana (I'm not going to buy into this being the same Indiana team, besides our Defense will be better, not great, but better) - Win

Week 6: Michigan St. (lol, I think this is finally the year... lol) - Win

Week 7: Iowa (That one is a tough one to figure out, so I'll go ahead and give them that one since I don't know) - ?

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Week 9: @ PSU (No Darryl Clark, No Royster, No Lee, No Bowman, and only one retuning
starter on the D-Line, I think UM takes this one) - Win

Week 10: Illinois (No Juice, probably No Benn, No win) - Win

Week 11: @ Purdue (I think Rich Rod will have his guys fired up or this one) - Win

Week 12: Wisconsin (Again I honestly don't know, UW won't have Schofield but Clay is only a So. so I just don't know so We'll give them that one) - ?

Week 13: @ OSU (Finally, this is another one which I just don't know about, I think it'll come right down to the wire and I have no Idea who comes out on top, So since I'm giving away all the ones I don't know about I'll give u guys this one) - ?

Final tally in my mind: 9-3 (Decent for a UM team, enough to qualify for a BCS game, but probably won't make one) That's why I can see them making it to one.

You can disagree with me, but I will defend that... I wouldn't put it past them.

I can disagree? Really? Thanks for your permission douche.

I do disagree. Looking at that schedule, I see a solid 7-5 season.

Considering the state of scUM football, 7-5 will be like winning the Superbowl.

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  1. You know, the first letter is deadon. But, there is no group of fans that deserve the hell they are going through than the wolverweasel fans. Arrogance at its highest brings humility at its lowest.

    Todd (not Boeckmann)

  2. In Ann Arbor is Rodriguez, Rich,

    Too bad he can't find his niche,

    Screams night and day,

    When things don't go his way,

    Not beating the Bucks is a $itch.


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