Monday, November 2, 2009

Ohio State—Penn State: Week 10 Preview, Free History Lesson Included

By HD Handshoe

No. 16 Ohio State (7-2) travels to State College this week to take on the No. 11 Penn State Nittany Lions (8-1) in Happy Valley. Kickoff is Saturday at 3:30PM in Beaver Stadium.

The Nittany Lions are currently tied with Ohio State for second place in the Big Ten standings, both with one loss apiece.

PSU lost at home to undefeated Iowa, while the Buckeyes dropped a shocker on the road at Purdue.

Ohio State controls their own destiny and can with its' fifth consecutive Big Ten Championship by winning their final three games.

For Penn State to claim at least a share of the title, they have to win out and get help (in the form of a win over Iowa) from either Northwestern, Ohio State, or Minnesota.

Penn State—By The Numbers:

Quarterback Daryll Clark and running back Evan Royster are the top offensive players for PSU.

Clark has 2158 passing yards, 148 rushing yards, with five rushing touchdowns, 18 passing touchdowns to only seven interceptions, and a QB Rating of 149.

Royster has 145 carries for 859 yards and five scores. He also has 11 receptions for 145 yards and a touchdown.

The leading receivers for Penn State are Derek Moye (39 receptions, 648 yards, five touchdowns), Chaz Powell (26 receptions, 355 yards, three touchdowns), Graham Zug (30 receptions, 350 yards, five touchdowns), and Andrew Quarless (25 receptions, 340 yards, one touchdown).

Statistically, PSU has the top defense in the Big Ten but that 'D' will be tested this week as Ohio State might just be a little better than Akron, Temple, Syracuse, Eastern Illinois, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, or Northwestern.

Ohio State—By The Numbers:

Terrelle Pryor has 1543 passing yards, 554 rushing yards, with six rushing touchdowns, 13 passing touchdowns, nine interceptions, and a QB Rating of 129.

With injuries to Boom Herron and Brandon Saine, freshmen backs Jordan Hall and Jermil Martin have both earned playing time and may continue to see the field as a result of their play.

Pryor, Saine, Herron, Hall, and Martin have combined for 1612 yards on the ground and 15 rushing touchdowns. That's nearly 180 rush yards and 1.7 touchdowns per game.

Ohio State's top receivers are DeVier Posey (43 receptions, 595 yards, six touchdowns plus one passing touchdown), Dane Sanzenbacher (23 receptions, 460 yards, six touchdowns), Duron Carter (12 receptions, 164 yards, one touchdown), and Ray Small (12 receptions, 153 yards).

In shutting out the Aggies last week, the Buckeye defense held NMST to all of 62 total yards. On offense, the Buckeyes piled up 559 yards and had seven players amass more individual yards than the Aggies did as a team in 45 plays.

11/7/2009—Game 10—3:30PM Kickoff


Ohio State—Penn State History and Tidbits:

• This will be the 25th meeting between Ohio State and Penn State.

• The all-time series is currently tied 12-12-0 (the first meeting was in 1912).

• Ohio State is 5-2 overall in the last seven meetings vs. Penn State.

• Ohio State's last loss in Happy Valley was a 17-10 defeat in 2005.

• Ohio State's last win in Happy Valley was a 37-17 victory in 2007.

• Jim Tressel is 5-3 overall (3-1 at home, 2-2 on the road) vs. Penn State.

• Penn State is 5-4 all-time vs. Ohio State at home.

• Penn State has never beaten Ohio State in consecutive seasons.

• Penn State was 6-2 vs. Ohio State before joining the Big Ten in 1993.

• Penn State has one outright and two shared Big Ten titles: 1994, 2005, and 2008.

• This is Joe Paterno's 44th season as Penn State head coach.

After a missed field goal and a punt in a scoreless first quarter of last weeks game against the Aggies of New Mexico State, Terrelle Pryor and crew exploded for 28 points in the second quarter and never looked back.

In fact, most of the starters, Pryor included, did not play at all in the second half. Many second, third, and fourth stringers on both sides of the ball saw considerable action as the Buckeyes cruised to the 45-0 blowout win and their third shutout of the year.

That will not be the case against Penn State. The Buckeyes will surely need every minute and every last ounce of 100% effort they can muster from all 22 of their starters if they are to earn a revenge-game victory over a very good Nittany Lions football team on their home turf.

A year ago, the teams met under somewhat similar circumstances at Ohio Stadium, with both perfect in league play. The Buckeyes led 6-3 in the fourth quarter when Pryor fumbled on a third-down play. The Nittany Lions, with Pat Devlin taking over for an injured Clark, drove 38 yards and scored on a 1-yard touchdown run.

Ohio State had two more possessions, but had to punt after the first. Devlin then guided the Lions to a field goal for a 13-6 lead. Pryor's deep throw with 27 seconds left was picked off by Lydell Sargeant to seal the game.

I hope we see some of the wrinkles Tressel called against NMST, i.e. the onside kick, or double-reverse-pass by Posey, but I won't hold my breath.

After all, JT only goes for those kinds of plays against teams he still expects to thump even if the risks do not pay off.

This game could go either way, and it will probably be low-scoring and close.

But since it's a revenge game, and because I think the OSU defensive front can and will break through PSU's o-line and pressure Clark into mistakes, I'm going with the Scarlet and Gray.

No matter the outcome, I hope PSU fans will show some class and respect for the visiting Ohio State fans, and vice-versa.

Let's please not see another scene like this:

Final score prediction:

Ohio State 20, Penn State 16

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  1. No matter the outcome, I hope PSU fans will show some class and respect for the visiting Ohio State fans, and vice-versa.

    You get what you deserve...Ohio State's fan base is so obnoxious...they really do believe that college football starts and ends with Ohio St.

    The entire state (except me) is a bunch of delusional homers.

  2. Wow, thanks for that great (SARCASM) insight.

    Nothing like condoning that sad display...

    I'd rather be an OSU homer than a fucking asshole like you.

  3. Definitely. And Penn State fans wonder why their fan base is so hated. Absolutely class-less.

  4. Ohio State is for poor people.

  5. Ohio State for poor people? Well not every state's for the rich people in the world. I mean everyone not rich people but robs people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever.

  6. Hey JoePoo,

    Try not to shit yourself again this year when the Buckeyes lay the hammer down on State Penn.

    Oh, and FUCK YOU to the classless pussy PUS fans

  7. I wrote the initial comment...and I am not a Penn St fan...based on your reaction, the truth hurts, does it not?

    Your above comments also show how classless that the Ohio St fans are...drunken, unemployed hillbillies that don't understand the big picture in college football.

    The whole Big 10 is just there, nothing more.

  8. We knew you weren't an OSU fan you idiot. Your comment didn't warrant you any respect and by saying what you did you instigated the responses that you got and deservedly so.

  9. There are just so many haters out there. Why even come to an OSU site to "spew" your filth. It doesn't matter if you are a PSU fan or not, you are obviously jealous of OSU's historical stat's. Move on.


  10. Ohio State will win this game!! Penn State has no idea what is coming...Oh o o o ooooo oh!!!!!OHIO ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! LETS GO BUCKS

  11. penn state cant even touch ohio state tradition, the entire state backs up this team and we are proud of our state and our lives here period.

  12. it seems like penn state is trying to be our arch rival, but that'll never be...its forever going to be ohio state vs michigan...penn state is just a shadow in the big ten and will wont get the recognition it cries out for

  13. Current Pecking Order / Level of Importance:



    state penn

    Any questions?

  14. penn state cant even touch ohio state tradition

    I agree...they win bowl games and beat teams that are ranked in the top 10

  15. you are obviously jealous of OSU's historical stat's. Move on.

    beating up on the weak kids and losing in games...ya, I am jealous...

    play another home Youngstown St and the MAC again...lose to USC again...lose to a SEC team again...waste more prime time college football by losing to another top 10 ranked team...

    ya, I am jealous

  16. You do realize that the primary kid in that video went to Pitt right? Don't let a little thing like facts get in your way though.

    OSU is a great football school with tons of tradition. Like clotheslining opposing players as they are running back pick sixes. This blog, however, poorly represents even that level of class.

  17. I am embarrassed for those fans. That type of harassment has no place in college football. To say that it is isolated to PSU fans is dissemblance at best and disingenuous at worst. On behalf of PSU, I apologize for those fans. Are you willing to apologize for the transgressions of OSU fans everywhere?

    You won't allow links, but what about the admonishment from your own university about Navy?

    What about Michigan, 2002, with $135,000 in police overtime for rioting and a nine car pyre?

    The list could go on forever, and snowballs pale in comparison. Most articles pick OSU as the worst fan base. That is curious, no?

  18. WhatamattaU:

    Links can be posted in the comments here using the HTML img src= code format. If you don't know how to do that, it's not my problem. You can always just paste the URL here if you don't know how to post it as a link.


  19. It wouldn't allow me to paste at all or use source code. The coding mut be wrong for Firefox. Why the smart-assed response? I've been civil with you. I see you are just a one way dissembler, unwilling to apologize for the many transgressions of your fans.

  20. He wasn't being a smart ass, retard - just calling it as he sees it. Not his problem if you can't figure it out. If you are coming here to troll or flame OSU fans, it will NOT do any good. OSU fans are not going to jump ship because you come on here and bash us and our team. What exactly is your point by posting on here? What are you trying to debate? If OSU fans are considered "the worst" why try to stir the fire? How about this - we are the worst fan base ever that will win on Sat. Hope your fan website doesn't shut down after the game, because we can flame as much as you. Good Luck (insert heavy sarcasm)

  21. Hey, last Nonny Mouse,

    You just broke my irony meter. You do realize a flamer is a euphemism for your favorite love interest. How many red herrings can you create in one post? Actually, you've proven the point that every major sports report on the classlessness of fans has determined: You are number one. Keep up the good work. Next week we can cover The Constitution.

  22. This blog is like reading a 3rd graders English notebook. Oh yeah, and just because some douchebag frat dickheads threw shit at your fans doesn't mean the rest of the fans weren't respectful. That was horribly repulsive, but it was a single instance and in no way a reflection on the entire fanbase. Get over it. 20-13 PSU.

  23. LOL- Whatsamatta,

    Whatever, we will see in less than 24 hours. Don't have a stroke, it is only a game.
    I will admit I can be a huge HOMER, but it does not control my life in any way. You, on the other hand???? Do you need to see "someone" about the issues and obsession you have with OSU? If so, please let us know and us "po folk" will help you out.

  24. Penn State, consider yourself property of THE Ohio State University.


  25. Where did the haters go? Btw, the time on this site is not correct.

  26. OSU site on Pacific time?

  27. It's Blogger....not sure if it can be changed.


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