Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ohio State Photoshop Art, Compliments of the "Classy" Fans From Penn State Blog

By HD Handshoe

I just wanted Buckeye fans to see the classy photoshop images created by some of the Nintendo Nerds over at the Penn State blog—

Take a look at the images below, then be sure to read the "can't miss" article just published over there yesterday entitled Hate Week: Ohio $tate.

It's priceless that they take no responsibility and blame tOSU for the Big Ten's national perception, even though they get smoked practically every time they play us or any team OOC not named Akron, Buffalo, Coastal Carolina, Eastern Illinois, Florida International, Syracuse, or Temple, etc., and I didn't even mention last year's Rose Bowl where USC killed them too, but I'll digress on that, for now.

How many BCS titles does Penn State have again?

How many BCS title games has Penn State played in?

OK, now I digress.

Thanks for all the great photoshop images PSU fans.

By BSD request, here's a couple right back at ya!

The new logo helmet is fitting since everyone does it: Wear Depends, Shits on you, Shits on me, Schards all over themselves....whatever.

Well, maybe only Joe Poop does it, but the new helmet is still pretty sweet, eh State Penn fans?!


Also, please allow me to additionally offer you this video reminder of Ohio State's last visit to State College in return as thanks -- You're welcome, and enjoy!

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  1. Let's compare & contrast, shall we?

    One team has 7 national titles, and the other team has 2.

    One team has 7 Heisman Trophies, and the other team has 1.

    One team has 78 consensus first-team all Americans, and the other team has 39.

    One team has 6 Lombardi awards, and the other team has 1.

    One team has 4 Outland trophies, and the other team has 1.

    One team is part of the greatest rivalry in sports, and the other team used to play Pitt.

    Can you guess which team is which?

    You might assume that the latter team, given its underwhelming comparative accomplishments, has been playing college football for less amount of time than the former, but you’d be wrong; they began in 1887, whereas the former began in 1890.

    We don’t respect you PSU. We don’t fear you. We sometimes lose to you, but mostly when we shoot ourselves in the foot. We try to hate you, but hate requires mutual respect, and again, lacking respect for you, the best we can muster is ennui.

    We respect USC. We respect Oklahoma. We respect Texas. We even respect Michigan.

    But we don’t respect Penn State. And we probably never will.

  2. I like how they yell "We Are... Penn State" like they actually think that means something to anybody else.

  3. Just gotta let 'em talk. As outlined above, their program has very little accomplishment to tout, and their fans display as much in their absolute utter lack of class. They're good about once a decade and manage to win a big game generally when their opponent has a bad game. Definitely something to be proud of. :/

  4. Oh, the irony in your posting is so amusing. You do know what irony is, right?

    Love the blog, by the way. Your target, wait, too many big words for OSU fans...let me rephrase using simple words...(slowly) what you say in your postings makes me think you write this for 5th graders.

    Speaking of class, man, do I love your "quarterback"...what did he say? "Not everybody's the perfect person in the word. I mean, everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever."

    "Whatever", indeed. Please...PLEASE, keep these kind of quotes coming.

    Finally, gotta love your average, everyday Buckeye fan.

  5. thanks for being the first fanbase to take the "Hate Week" article, which also happens to be a WEEKLY POST, totally personal. at least it gives us lots o' laffs over at the diarreha factory.

    and for the record, scUM fans took it in jest...sooo...yeah

  6. You do have to admit that those are some pretty funny photoshops.

  7. Yeah, but that's because scUM fans are at least intelligent enough to recognize it's all in good fun. Hell, I'd love to see a Hate Week PSU version here, just to see what kind of images they'd put together...if the fucktard who runs this blog could ever figure out how to pull it off.


  9. Wow, just wow. Thank you for being the first idiot on the internet to get upset over Hate week on BSD. Truly, you are an overachiever if you beat the entire Internet to being stupid.

    The extremely sad part about all of this, is you can't even keep your hurt and anger confined to being focused at the opposing team. You try to take a cheap jab at BSD because...why? Did BSD hit your puppy with a car when you were a kid?

    You just achieved the internet equivilent of a first grader having been called stupid and responding "No YOU'RE stupid!".

    Keep up the exemplary journalism here chaps!

  10. These photoshops are awsome. I think Pryor might actually be a better passer with a leg for an arm!

  11. WOW, love the photoshops! Too bad you don't have the readers or the talent to pull something off like this on your own.

    Kepp poaching your content from other sites...see where that gets you.

  12. I tried Block O nation and it sucked...

    All I saw was stuff that was already posted on BSD.

  13. Ohio State is an over glorified community college. Yeah, you have 7 national titles, but you guys sold your soul by worshipping that sociopath Woody Hayes. Those dead tumbleweeds blowing between your collective ears wants to fire TresselBall now and soon that rivalry with Michigan is gonna die.

    But you and Michigan can keep the rivalry. I'll even pay for your room.

    Practice safe sex: use a condom.

  14. "Buckeye Football Lives Here"

    No, just a lonely ignoramus lives here.

  15. I tried Block O nation and it sucked...

    Not every blog's the perfect blog in the world. I mean, every blog plagiarizes content, is wholely unoriginal, steals from you, steals from me, whatever.

  16. I tried Block O nation and it sucked...

    The site layout is garbage, the content is all copied, and the intelligence level is way to low.

  17. I guess HD Handshoe and QB Armpunt go together in a poetic sort of way...

  18. This is the game folks. This is huge for Pryor. This one game will define his future at Ohio State. While this game is obviously important to the Buckeye season it hardly means as much as to what it will mean for Pryor's future. Some of you will say he has two more years uncontested as the OSU QB but that is not true. If Pryor fails to show improvement in this game, if he throws two pics and fumbles once he's done. Joe B. starts against Iowa, Tressel will have no choice as time has run out and he won't be able to manage the onslaught of criticism. Some of you won't think it comes down to this one game but just watch.

  19. every blog plagiarizes content

    PSU's education at it's finest I see...

    Plagiarism, as defined in the 1995 Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary, is the "use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.

    Plagiarism would refer to the writing, not the images.

    Secondly, where exactly did BlockONation say these were his images because I see they clearly stated that these images came from that piece of shit BSD blog for you Joe Poo supporters.

    Penn State sucks and so does BSD and the moron fucks who post there.

  20. Ohio State = hemroids of the Big Ten

  21. I tried Block O nation and it sucked...

    Just the random postings of a hillbilly Buckeye fuck, who spends his time blogging about the trashiest program in all of college football.

    But he tries so hard...awwww...I mean, who's a big boy? Huh? Who's a big boy with your big blog?

  22. Hey PSU fans, thanks for the comments removing all doubt about your fanbase being filled with cocky, classless jerks!

    Judging from the tone of the comments, I'm sure they were posted by PUS fans from


  23. I tried Block O Nation and it sucked...

    It was just the ramblings of Buckeye trolls who have to draw in readers from other blogs so he can get a hard on looking at his hit counter for a day.

  24. I tired them all and they sucked.

    All I heard was poop jokes.

  25. "Joe B. starts against Iowa, Tressel will have no choice"

    He will have a choice and he will choose Pryor...b/c he and the trustee's are afraid that the crybaby will go to the media if he gets benched...BECAUSE YOU PAID HIM TO GO THERE...Terrell has you by the balls for the next 2 years and you can't do anything but try to glorify the Big Ten Preseason MVP....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Now excuse me while I go and change the water in BlockO-CEO's mama's dish

  26. i think we've all learned something very valuable today. the guy who runs this site gets a hard on looking at his hit counter.

    also, i am so offended that he put poop on our helmet and called our coach old. THE AUDACITY!! /sarcasm

  27. that doesn't even make sense. you have the most bizarre turn-ons.

  28. I read Block-O-Nation and it sucked

    Now I know too much about BlockO's fetishes.

  29. BlockO-CEO...

    Hey-Ooooo, a "your mama joke". Wow, I haven't been privvy to such low-brow humor in...well, since I was 10 years old living in Ohio.

  30. I tried Block O Nation, and it sucked...

    Run by a retard with a poop fetish, and filled with yo mama jokes and cracks at the greatest legend to ever coach the game.

  31. (with reference to the aformentioned 'block-o CEO mama's dish joke')

    dear osu homer,

    please go watch chappelle show. you probably won't get any of the jokes, but at least you won't embarass yourself...most of the time.

    also, if you read what he said. he says he gets off from looking at the top of my mom's head. i get the implied reference, but he didn't say he gets off when she sucks his tiny little prick, he said he gets off by looking at the top of her head. by that statement, i can infer that anytime he sees the top of a womans head, he cums in his pants.

    please go back to your village, i'm sure they miss you...


  32. also, good call on the BTPOY in pryor and overrated player in clark. karma's a bitch.

  33. I tried Block O Nation, and it sucked.

    They actually resorted to "your mama" jokes. And the poop jokes were barely as funny as the host was intelligent.

  34. I read Block O Nation and it sucked

    BlockO does old ladies

  35. I read Block-O-Nation, and it sucked

    Too much on Buckeye shistory, not enough on them losing this weekend.

  36. Well, I'm kind of trying to not be hypocritical on this. While pictures are really not classy, these kinds of things come from all schools, it's just part of the game. You're gonna get disgusting fans and every school.

    But I still don't respect the pictures from Penn State.

    Go Buckeyes.

  37. I think the helmet is especially fitting, considering that time Joe Pa pooped his pants and had to run off the field. I don't think the guys who to the "training" jobs at Penn State thought it would be house training...

    Anyway PUS fans, hate on hate on.. The only scrimmage you guys haven't played all year you got pussy-handled, so suck it.


  38. I found Block-O-Nation, because I am a fan and wanted to view different perspectives of the game. I don't go "trolling" around to other teams to bash and insult them. I will admit I clicked the link to the "hater" thread that is going on. All teams have trashy fans, and this board has seen some of PSU's finest - glad to know they are making Jo Pa proud.

    To the Block-O-Nation Crew, please continue what you do so well. More people read than post.

    And to all the PSU haters, I hope you won't mind when we all come over and take over your hater thread Sat evening!

    Go Bucks!


  39. oh no...our massive community won't be able to handle the 3 of you pansies that will aimlessly stumble in front of the firing squad you will undoubtedly not see coming.

  40. Stay Classy, Penn State fans. You truly are an example of how classless your entire state is and why Ohio State is and always will be superior.

  41. I'm not scared of Penn State's defense, probably the most overrated defense in the country.

    If Pryor makes quick decisions and keeps mistakes to a minimum Ohio State wins, by a lot.

    The last good defensive line Clark played he got rattled early and never recovered.

    Well this will be the best defensive line he'll play all season, and this defense is every bit as opportunistic as Iowa's.

  42. You need to steel your resolve against the onslaughts, grow a set of testicles, and cultivate your sense of humor. We'd love to see Photochops of PSU. Bring them, we will laugh if they are funnier than poop on a helmet. By the way, there are more. You should drop by and see them. it is going to be a good game. I can not wait.

  43. Terelle Cryer Shirt! Haha. Funny.

  44. You've been internitt pwned! That kinda "shit" IS funny. Good luck on the hater thread saturday. Those guys are Legends.

  45. Why did somebody use my name and one of my comments from Bleacher Report?

    I'm that talked about their "We are" chant.

  46. Ohio State is for poor people.

  47. Yeah very creative b'eyes. Joe/skeleton? Original.

  48. Thanks for posting my photoshop pic. Now I am internet famous!

    Good luck Saturday, are you going to the game? Have you ever been to a game, like, in person?


  49. @Mike

    wow intelligent breakdown of the penn state defense. i love all the facts and stats that you used to back that up.

    i also like your assumption that pryor will somehow NOT make a lot of mistakes...i don't know where you'd get the idea he wouldn't do that?

    against teams with a pulse on defense:
    v. USC - 11/25, 177 yds, 1 INT
    v. Wiscy - 5/13, 87 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT

    god i can't wait for navarro bowman, sean lee, jared odrick, ollie ogbu, or jerome hayes to get a clean shot at pryor...god knows your o-line won't be able to prevent it.

  50. Why does this blog's banner have a picture from a game OSU lost? That's weak.

  51. That dude that commented about PSU's overrated defense wasn't mike, it was a poser.

    Pryor is a different player after he lost to Purdue, totally different mindset, and a much higher level of confidence. He doesn't feel the need to prove he's a great passer now. He runs harder, runs stronger and doesn't drag the play out for too long. He steps into his throws and hits the guys that need to be his. His receivers have had a total of 9 drops in the past two weeks combined. (4 against Minnesota 5 against NMSU) DeVier Posey dropped two TD passes against Minnesota (even though he had defenders on him) and dropped a 30+ yard pass after a potential touchdown catch (see above).
    So Pryor's accuracy really isn't as bad as it looks.

    But of course you wouldn't know any of that because you don't know anything about football outside the state of PA.

  52. Ohio State...still just for poor people.

  53. That, my friends, is not *just* plagerism. It's called copyright infringement. NOT all blogs practice copyright infringement. You will be receiving a cease and desist letter from the BSD army of lawyers.

  54. That, my friends, is not *just* plagerism. It's called copyright infringement. NOT all blogs practice copyright infringement. You will be receiving a cease and desist letter from the BSD army of lawyers.

    Those photoshopped pictures were actually already copyright infringed by the PSU fans on BSD, as I am sure those who created them DID NOT own the original images.

    Guess someone needs a lesson in copyright law as it pertains to fair use.

    Also, this site clearly notes that those images were created by PSU fans on

    You are a fucking moron - Good day.

  55. zomg guys, pryor has looked so much better after being embarrassed at purdue!!

    lookie lookie! he beat minnesota, WITHOUT ERIC DECKER! he beat the mighty aggies of new mexico state! so what if the offense didn't score anything in the first quarter. so what if sweatervest had to call an onside kick in the 2nd quarter. so what if he also had to call a double-reverse wide receiver pass.

    also, i don't see how referencing dropped passes helps your claim that your team is good. ok, so the passes were on target (for once), but your receiver isn't good enough to catch them? great argument...tremendous

  56. No, YOU need a lesson in copyright law, my friend. Some of those photoshops may have violated copyrights but some did NOT because the source photos were clearly marked with Creative Commons licenses, whereas all the photoshops were not marked at all but clearly original content and therefore copyrighted by their creators and cannot be used without their express permission. Fair Use? Try again...

    You must not be aware of prevalence of lawyers over at BSD. I'm a copyright law expert. I have sued and won before. People always assume if it's on the internet, it's FREE! That's the moronic assumption.

  57. Are you an idiot? I said that Posey was dropping passes when he had a defender on him, it's hard for any receiver to catch a ball in that situation, and I know the lack of a PSU secondary will make it easy for him. Want to know something else? Ray Small was the recepent of 5 of those dropped passes, and he's never been a highly passed to target because of that.

    Ohio State called trick plays because of, well, IT WAS HALLOWEEN you moron. Ever hear of TRICK or treat? How many teams do that on their halloween games? Too many to count? OK.

    Ohio State 28 Penn State 10.

  58. ok this has to be a joke. you can't be serious about that halloween thing? if it was an attempt sarcasm...well, sarcasmFAIL.

    please go ahead thinking the PSU secondary is will make it all the sweeter when d'anton lynn or aj wallace or nick sukay or stephon morris lays the hurt on your pathetic excuse for a WR unit.

  59. Wow.

    This blog blows, the only way to get traffic is to insult and steal from BSD.

    Nice work, keep it classy O$U fans.

  60. I'm certainly no copyright expert but I have read Section 107 from the US Copyright Office about Copyright Law and it seems that I've done nothing wrong here at all, especially as the poster above said.


    107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use40

    Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include —

    (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;

    (2) the nature of the copyrighted work;

    (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and

    (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

    The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.


    I said all these images were created bt PSU fans on BSD, and I know for a fact that many if not all of those original images were not the property of those who photoshopped them.

    If you guys over there really think that I am infringing your property, I disagree but will take the article down if you really feel it's that big of a deal.

  61. I am definitely confused as to how you guys can take an original photo you don't own, photoshop it, and then when I post it here, even giving you credit for creating them, turn around and say I violated your copyright? That makes no sense to me, sorry......You guys violated the original owner's copyright when you took their image from the Internet, (where you clearly posted everything is not free just b/c it is on the net) and altered it.

  62. An Ohio State University...a community college, still just for poor people.

  63. Win or lose, OSU fans still have to live in the crummiest, most economically-depressed, and backwards states in the Union.

  64. Ohio - boring, bland, irrelevant.

  65. LOL- OSU for poor people? If you do not get a schollie to the school AND are out of state- you will have a lifetime of GREAT memories and debt. Whatever PSU fans, troll on. Don't you have you own board to post on?
    These middle class kids that graduate are paying for years!

  66. Wow. Just wow.

    The Penn State fans wonder why we don't consider them a rivalry. If these comments are any representation of the avg. Penn State fan...well...just wow.

    I must say though, I like the spelling errors by the person accusing you of writing on a 5th grade level.

    But more then anything, I want a copy of the cease and desist order which I will gladly publish myself.

    As for an actual violation? BSD, Run Up the Score and I don't know who else sold out to the man a while back. If SBNation really wants to go after you, let them. Don't take anything down until you get the cease and desist. If you ever do, and you decide to take them down, let the world know why you did.

    And like I said, be sure to send me a copy of the C&D.

  67. Ohio State and Penn State's common opponents:

    Illinois: OSU 30-0; Margin: 30
    PSU: 35-17; Margin 18

    Minnesota: OSU 38-7; Margin: 31
    PSU 20-10 Margin; 10

    Winner: Ohio State

  68. Are you serious? Do you know how many coaches said that they might pull some trickery for the sake of Halloween? Why is JT not to do the same? He can be a fun football coach.

    Penn State's secondary IS Garbage, it was garbage last year, and it's just as bad this year.
    Just because Penn State has played NOBODY with a pulse on offense doesn't mean your defense is good.

    Stop, just stop.

  69. Yes, I thought that was quite hilarious too Jim and I will follow up with you about the C&D.

    My blog sucks and looks like a fifth grader writes the articles, says the guy who can't spell the "word" world.

    Over on BSD, one of the IDIOTS actually misspelled his own username.

    It was supposed to be pennstatefan, but instead it was spelled pennTatefan.

    We are..............Penn Tate!

  70. Hey PSU fans, I heard they will sell the recalled Terrelle Cryor shirts after the game.

    Even though you're going to lose, you should still pick one up.

    Lady PSU fans, believe it or not, you can get them too. They come in 2XL, 3XL, and Baby Elephant - Guys, be sure and pick one up for your girlfriends or wives!

    Fat girls need love, and a Terrelle Cryer t-shirt too!

    Bwaaaaaaaahhh haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa

  71. To the poster above - lmao.


  72. FUCK YOU state penn fucks from - I love that name BlockO came up with for you assfucks!

    Thanks for running your cocksuckers and making this even sweeter!!!

  73. LMAO - I'm sure the PSU fans will not be visiting this site anytime soon.

  74. ^^^^^^^^^^

    I wonder why? They're going to kick our asses....whoops...LMFAO!

    BSD, thanks for all these priceless comments proving you are tools!

  75. Agreed, good job OSU

  76. No reason to rub it in and act like those class-less people from Penn State. I saw some students in the stands wearing some shirt calling Pryor a failure...just wow. Seriously, Penn State doesn't even deserve to win a game.

  77. I disagree 100%. We can and should rub it in some, without being total classless d-bags like most PSU fans.

    Ohio State 24
    Replay Booth 7

  78. Haha Block,

    I read you all the time at Bleacher Report.. I was just checking out the fourth quarter thread at BSD... Quite hilarious:

    Now I can anticipate a straight week of Block O shitface coming on here and taunting us with his barely-fluent grasp of English.


    Luring recruits with my new "Posting HD" scheme since '08.
    by 06Lion on Nov 7, 2009 6:15 PM EST reply 0 recs
    It took this game for you figure out..
    there’s no Just God?

    Never mistake effort for achievement.
    by Esteban d' Amur on Nov 7, 2009 6:16 PM EST up reply 0 recs

    Mike, please, just block this dude’s IP to spare us.

    "Want a donut go to dunkin donuts, want a linebacker go to Penn State."
    - Cris Carter, NFL Draft, 4/25/09
    by kmblue on Nov 7, 2009 6:16 PM EST up reply 0 recs

    Nah, he got banned, thankfully
    was too much of a douche

    by PSUWifey on Nov 7, 2009 6:16 PM EST up reply 0 recs

    I will drink to Mike

    Luring recruits with my new "Posting HD" scheme since '08.
    by 06Lion on Nov 7, 2009 6:16 PM EST up reply 0 recs

    I'll 2nd that
    "gotta love the HD"
    by biscoiv on Nov 7, 2009 6:17 PM EST up reply 0 recs

    he set the registration so that new users have a several day waiting period before they can comment….to prevent the inevitable trolls

    by PSUWifey on Nov 7, 2009 6:18 PM EST up reply 0 recs
    7, I hope.
    by PSUinBOSSton on Nov 7, 2009 6:18 PM EST up reply 0 recs

    I think so
    by PSUWifey on Nov 7, 2009 6:19 PM EST up reply 0 recs


  79. Somewhere, in Happy Valley:

    recalled "Terrelle Cryer" shirts are being rounded up and burned in a fire-pit to heat up the crow that quite a few Penn State fans will be feasting on.


    Go Bucks!!!

  80. Is this classy enough for ya', bra?

  81. The only good thing to come out of Ohio is Chimaira. If you don't know what Chimaira is then look it up fuck bags. OSU sucks on old women's vaginas. At least someone does the fat/ugly chicks... Terelle? We know you love big bootied women!!!!!!!!!!


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