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2010 Rose Bowl—Ohio State vs. Oregon: Preview, History Lesson, and Prediction Included


It is official—the stage is set.

Oregon outlasted Oregon State in "The Civil War" and will now face the REAL OSU.

That's right—The Big Ten champion vs. the Pac-10 champion in the grand-daddy of them all.

The No. 8 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-2) will face the No. 7 Oregon Ducks (10-2) on January 1, 2010 in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl presented by Citi.

The Ducks are a very talented offensive team, and to this point have proven they can score plenty of points to win games—especially in the clutch.

The Buckeyes aren't quite as flashy, preferring to pound their opponents with their unrelenting and very successful running game while boasting one of the top defensive units in the nation, yielding less than 11 points per game.

Will the experience and leadership of junior QB Jeremiah Masoli be the difference in leading the Ducks to victory and another big-stage loss for Ohio State, or will youth win out as sophomore QB Terrelle Pryor looks for the first bowl win of his Buckeye career after a narrow, near-miss-loss to Texas a year ago?

One thing is certain—When these two teams meet in Pasadena, something must, and will give.

They say defense wins championships and Ohio State gets the edge on that side of the ball—but it remains to be seen if defense, or offense, will ultimately win the 2010 Rose Bowl.

Oregon—By The Numbers

Jeremiah Masoli has 2,066 passing yards, 659 rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, 15 passing touchdowns, five interceptions, and a QB Rating of 138.

Masoli, LaMichael James, and Kenjon Barner have combined for 2,437 yards on the ground and 29 rushing touchdowns. That's an average of 203 yards and 2.4 touchdowns per game.

After missing 10 games due to suspension, LeGarette Blount is also back in the mix and may have an impact against the Buckeyes for the Ducks.

Oregon's top receivers are Jeff Maehl (52 receptions, 686 yards, six touchdowns), Ed Dickson (42 receptions, 551 yards, six touchdowns), D.J. Davis (22 receptions, 230 yards, two touchdowns), and Jamere Holland (13 receptions, 199 yards, two touchdowns).

Ohio State—By The Numbers

Terrelle Pryor has 1825 passing yards, 707 rushing yards, seven rushing touchdowns, 16 passing touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and a QB Rating of 128.

Pryor, Brandon Saine, Boom Herron, and Jordan Hall have combined for 2,207 yards on the ground and 19 rushing touchdowns. That's an average of 184 yards and 1.6 touchdowns per game.

Ohio State's top receivers are DeVier Posey (52 receptions, 727 yards, seven touchdowns plus one passing touchdown), Dane Sanzenbacher (27 receptions, 506 yards, six touchdowns), Duron Carter (13 receptions, 176 yards, one touchdown), Ray Small (15 receptions, 175 yards), and Brandon Saine (15 receptions, 165 yards, one touchdown). Small is also a solid contributor as a punt returner.


1/01/2010—Game 13—4:30PM EST—TV: ABC


History Lesson
Ohio State—Oregon Tidbits

• This will be the eighth meeting between Ohio State and Oregon.

• Ohio State leads the all-time series 7-0 (1958, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1983, 1987).

• Ohio State is 6-6 all-time in the Rose Bowl.

• This will be Ohio State's first Rose Bowl appearance since their 1997 win over Arizona State.

• The first ever meeting between the two schools was in the 1958 Rose Bowl, a 10-7 Ohio State victory.

• This will be the first meeting in which Ohio State and Oregon are both ranked in the top 10.

• Oregon is 1-3 all-time in the Rose Bowl, the programs only win coming in 1917 over Penn—no not Penn State, just Penn.

• Oregon's last Rose Bowl appearance was a 38-20 loss to Penn State in 1995.

I seriously doubt that Ohio State's defense, as good as it is, will hold Oregon to less than 11 points.

That being said, I do not believe Oregon's defense will be able to contain the Buckeyes running game, nor will they be able to keep the Bucks from scoring.

Clearly Masoli has better statistics and would be considered the better QB of the two right now, but I do believe Terrelle Pryor will have more success vs. the Oregon defense than will Jeremiah Masoli against the Buckeye defense when it comes to scrambling away from pressure, and finding open receivers down the field.

Much like the 2009 Fiesta Bowl (Texas, Ohio State), I fully expect this game to be one of the best, and most entertaining bowls of the season, and also like that game, this one could come down to the final seconds as well.

Call me a homer if you want, but the Buckeyes are due for a big-stage bowl game win, and the Big Ten rep finally gets to play a game in Pasadena in which its' opponent is not essentially playing at home 10 minutes from campus (cough, USC, cough).


Ohio State 24
Oregon 17

The Ducks WILL NOT blowout Ohio State, if they even win -- which is NOT a given.

P.S. to the Duck fans posting the cocky, disrespectful, classless comments in the comment section below, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Your fan base and your players are clearly birds of a feather...

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  1. Masoli is a Junior not a Senior

  2. 17 point? Good f'n luck jack. We schooled the USC team that beat you at home.

  3. Are you a complete idiot? A few numbers you left out.....18-15 and 226-18..the scores when Ohio State Lost to two teams the Ducks beat... as well as the ducks are scoring over 40 a game and you predict 17 points with a month to prepare? Bro..lay off the Kool Aid.

  4. 17 points? less than half the Ducks average? Put down the crack pipe...hurry.

  5. Looking forward to this years Rose the way,
    Masoli is a junior and will be back next year.
    Oregon is going to score!!!!!

  6. Hello ,what about the fact that your beloved Bucks lost to both perdue and USC? the deucks beat perdue one week after a melt down @ bosie state. They also beat the tar out of USC 47-20 a team that beat you at your house despite the fact that they were playing an 18 year old true freshman at QB I realize you have to predict a tOSU win for your blog fans but the fact is the ducks will pound tUSU 35-14 or something close to that. also Masoli is a JR not a sr so if by some stroke of luck you make the rose bowl again next season he and the other 38 out of 44 returning 2 deeps will get a chance to make the series score 7-2 ( unless of course we are in the NC game.) GO DUCKS!!

  7. Hahahahaha. Oregon only scoring 17 points? You buckeye fans are in for a long day if you think thats going to happen. Good luck. Go Trojans!

  8. You screwed up on your prediction. You put Ohio St. final score and you put Oregons score after the first quarter. You better change that before the rest of the nation thinks you are a complete idiot for posting that prediction.

  9. Ok..i will...You're a HOMER!

  10. Pay attention Bucks, the Ducks are going to be favored in this game. I've got a strong feeling TP and the Vest are going to get a very costly lesson in how to execute the spread. I don't care if tOSU has 11 NFL draft picks on their starting D (which they don't, though there is some legit Sunday talent among the front seven) - Oregon is going to score.

    I think this will be a very entertaining game and don't know if I can deal with nearly four weeks of hype before kick-off. However, when they're rolling, the only team that can beat the Ducks is the Ducks. Looking forward to some high-octane offense leading to the dispatching of the third of three "OSU's" in a one year period. Go Ducks!

  11. wow, despite lopsided out of conference losses, Big 10 arrogance and ignorance still exists. Ducks by a bunch.

  12. You faggot duck fans don't know what defense is but you're about to find out come 1/1/10

    Buckeyes will probably pitch another shutout.

  13. Hey anonymouses

    This is a different Buckeye team cause Evil Jim will take over to defend the ego...must defend the ego... thus a new innovative defensive scheme glimpses of which seen these past few games will virtually halt the Duck offensive run & gun juggernaut.

  14. This is the dumbest shit I've seen in a long time...

    The ducks beat BOTH the teams which beat OSU this year, crushing one in particular.

    Typical Big-10 arrogance.

    Watch your team get destroyed.

    "You put Ohio State's final score and Oregon's after the first quarter." pretty much says it.

    A lot of people are going to pull on Boise States miraculous 8 point defense of the Oregon offense for hope, but don't be so content to do so. Look at the heat-to-heads between the Pac-10 and other conferences, and then look to what the ducks have done to those same teams.

    Chip Kelly is pretty right when he says the only thing that can beat the Oregon offense when it's rolling is itself.

    The only other thing that's got a chance of beating the ducks is the OSU D-line. And after last night, I've got this strange inkling that Kelly is creative enough to make that a non-factor.

    'Pac-10 offensive prowess is a myth.' Just look at the head-to-heads, for the last time.

    Ducks by a bunch. Not a lot of reason to think otherwise.

  15. 'You faggot duck fans don't know what defense is but you're about to find out come 1/1/10'

    You seem kinda worried. But don't worry. Your Pac-10 superiors will make that worry disappear; replace it with humility. You arrogant, ignorant, sheep-fucking Big-10-ers will be put in your place soon enough.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA fucking ridiculous.

    Dumbass Big-10 arrogance again.

    Good luck with those 24 points!
    Even the beavers would crush this overconfident bunch of dill-weeds.

    Ducks by 40,000.

  17. Jeremiah Masoli is going to show TP the man he could be right now.

    It's too bad, too, he had so much potential...

    OSU 31, Oregon 42


  18. Oregon 10 Ohio State 33. Oregon has not played one good defense all year.

  19. Oregon 10 Ohio State 33. Oregon has not played one good defense all year.


  20. Oregon is going to suffer from shell shock after their first drive. Ohio State's defense is like NOTHING they have faced all year.
    Better than every defense they have played.

    Oregon's offense requires big plays to form any kind of success, it won't happen against Ohio State.
    Why? Well check out the stats.
    Ohio State's defense nationally:
    Fewest plays allowed of 10 and 20+ yards.
    Fewest rushes allowed of 10 and 20+ yards.
    Fewest passes allowed of 10 and 20+ yards.
    Most interceptions (23)
    2nd in total turnovers (33)

    All Oregon does is face the weaker pac-10 defenses which won't prepare them for Ohio State's. Why they are so confident is beyond me. They haven't put up 40 on any respectable defense besides the USC team which has gotten significantly worse throughout the year.

    Don't they remember Ohio State put the 3rd highest scoring offense Texas last year to their season low in total points? A team many thought should have been in the national championship game?
    Ohio State 30, Oregon 21, final.

    I'm surprised at how utterly classless their fan base is by the comments here. Every Oregon fan that has posted thus far should be absolutely ashamed.

  21. My apologies for my fellow feathered friends who your myopically obtuse comments have led to some ruffling and posturing.

    So let me articulate it with a little more diplome.

    We're going to take your self inflated sense of entitlement out behind the wood shed, where we're then going to open a catering grade can of whoop ass on your corn fed dillusional asses.

    As for THE real OSU, they'd beat you like a red-headed stepchild on a rented mule. In closing, you'll be crying for the gentle hands of a USC D line.

    We're so bringing it!

    Big Duck

  22. The only delusional people posting here are you Dicks, I mean Ducks...No, I mean Dickheads!

    Oregon fucking sucks assholes.

    You dumb fucks scored 8 points vs. Boise State and OHIO STATE is INFINITELY greater than the Broncos, so do us a favor Duck-Dickheads, and suck on our Buckeyes nuts!

  23. Ashamed? Ashamed? Ashamed of what? One guy up there got vulgar and said some unprovable things; I apologize for his rudeness.

    We've got some players. They work hard and work together. They aren't mouthy (like some of our fans, and some of every one's fans really) and they respect their opponent (I wish our fans would learn how to do that.)

    The Ducks are VERY fast and not just fleet afoot; they play fast. The only things that slow them down are the referee's placement of the ball and re-adjusting to the defensive alignment on-the-fly. As in the Civil War game, the 4th quarter belongs to the Ducks because they are in such superb condition as the result of how quickly they practice. And, there is no adjustment that tOSU can make at this stage of the season to change the status quo. It is a done deal. This is not arrogance; it is fact.

    Do not blame your coaches or your players. You can call us names. You also have the opportunity to see the future of college football firsthand, right in front of you in sunny southern California.

    If the Ducks play relatively error free football it will be a blowout. If they play loosey-goosey it will also be a blowout. If tOSU gathers in a handful of Oregon turnovers, it will be close but Oregon still wins.

    Let's make an agreement to come back to this site (I'll Bookmark it after I post) the day after the Rose Bowl. If I am wrong, I will publicly bow and scrape to the might of your team, coaches and fans.
    If I'm right, I have no doubt that you will remember this post and the information contained therein and consider giving us an 'atta-boy.'

  24. this is for that Ohio State Fan,

    Did you not read your own ohio state fan at the beginning of this blogging? talk about classless! What are we 10 years old again? How can you ohio fans think that all of a sudden you'll be a great team when you haven't been all year. Granted you guys have found ways to win games but to say you have any continuity on offense is an over statement. If our team wasn't producing but some how made it to the Rose Bowl I would be honest with myself and other people and just say if were not that good right now. But no, you guys are living or hoping for some miraculous turn around in performance. 42-10 Ducks!!

  25. Oregon might score more than 17, but so will Ohio State. Oregon has ZERO DEFENSE, so even our conservative offense will score 30+ on your pathetic excuse for a defense.

    Ohio State 38
    Oregon 24

  26. Common opponent is the only way to project what MIGHT happen on January 1. For that reason alone, Ohio State coaches, players, and yes, fans are concerned about this match up.

    USC 18 Mighty Ohio State 15
    USC 20 Oregon 47


    Read it and weep.

  27. quackers only arguments are "we beat two teams that beat you."

    worst argument in football. period. people make this argument every year and every year it proves to be meaningless. once the ball is kicked off do you really think anyone on the field is thinking, "we beat team X who beat these guys, so we are gonna win."?

    this is a classic example of a powerful offense vs a dominant defense. history has shown that defense usually wins these games (not always tho). OSU fans are use to this. 2005/2006 OSU played ND in the Fiesta. Same story: great offense vs great defense. OSU torched the domers in that game.

    I dont bring that up to say it will for sure happen again, only that we Buckeye fans have heard the same crap from you Quackers in just a different pill. We know you have a great offense, and we know how to shut down great offenses.

    But keep making yourselves feel good by reminding the world about the USC and Purdue games. However, I dont think they will comfort you much after OSU drives the ball down your throat.

    Bucks 31 Ducks 24

    PS: How did your mighty offense do against BSU?

  28. Has Oregon ever won anything? God I cant remember the last time I saw such shit talk from a 2nd Tier program. Hell you would think that since this is their 1st rosebowl since Clinton was in office they would act like they had been there before instead of acting like a bunch of 13 year olds.

    See you on the 1st ducks

  29. tOSU hasn't been very good on the big stage lately. I think Tressel is tired of the criticism, and opens up the offense. For OSU that means passing on 1st down once in awhile. If the Bucks turn the ball over alot, they are doomed, if not, I like their chances.

  30. Agree with Anonymous Dec. 5 2009 12:36 AM.

    Oregon is a 2nd tier program, and in comparison to Ohio State they aren't even FBS quality. Ohio State has the players and athletes Oregon could only DREAM of having. A good offense (not great, but good) and a defensive line and secondary like no other in college football.

    I can't honestly believe you quacks are talking trash. Remind me, what has Oregon ever done in football before?
    Oh yeah, nothing.
    Oregon is irrelevant and they will find out on Jan. 1 what it's like to play a real defense.

  31. Big Duck....type in where it takes you.

  32. As great as the Bucs think their D is, they have been playing against inferior Big-10 offenses all year, not to mention playing a very suspect OOC schedule with only 1 good team (USC). Toledo? New Mexico St.? Seriously? No FCS teams available? Beware of the Big-10 bubble you seem to be living in.

    Oh, and what's up with the vulgarity? Isn't exactly helping your cause.

  33. We aren't Tampa Bay....its the BUCKS...tired of the disrespect already...

  34. Yeah um as far as im concerned the ducks will kick the shit out of Ohio State.

    Oregon and Ohio State schedules are like night and day differences. Ohio State puts up good stats against second rate team like Toledo, Ilinois, New Mexico State, etc. while oregon plays a round robin schedule in the pac ten against good teams. like Stanford, Cal, USC, Arizona, Oregon State.

    Ohio States Defense will get spread out and picked apart by oregons Spread offense attack. There is a reason we averaged 40 points a game in the Pac-10. Pac-10 always beats itself up because of the type of schedule they run and thats why we never get national recognition because the stupid fucked up BCS system looks at records not schedule strength.

    Back to the Buckeyes vs the Ducks

    The buckeyes say they have a good defense but look at the shitty ass teams they have played.
    And Oregons defense, which is compared to the "Gang Green" defense of the early nineties, will shut down ohio states offense. Stanford runs a similar offense and the ducks only lost because of the 1-2 pass run threat of toby gerheart and Andrew Luck. granted ohio state has a decent backfield, but it cant be complimented by an equaly good passing attack. Oregon should have no problem shutting down the run without having to worry about the passing attack as much like with the Stanford game.

    My prediction ducks win 44-21

  35. The big ten is every bit as tough as the Pac-10 top to bottom. Are you kidding me?
    Ohio State 35 Oregon 17. Oregon's offense is so overrated it's a joke. They haven't played ONE respectable defense all year. They will be 3 and outed all game only for Ohio State to pound it down their throats and their weak defense to score.

    To poster above: The ducks have a good offense but look at the shitty ass defenses they've played, don't be a hyproctite you stupid quack. What are you talking about with shutting us down? Oregon's defense sucks. The pac-10 in general is a weak defense conference. Pryor doesn't need to be a good passer to pick apart Oregon and their defense. He is a great passer at times and he has a HUGE arm, get over yourself.
    Remember what the other guy said.
    OHIO STATE IS THE BEST BIG PLAY DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY. Oregon's offense NEEDS big plays. Ohio State's defense is too fast and too smart for Oregon, sorry. You might score off a turnover but you will score 10 points MAXIMUM if Ohio State doesn't turn the ball over close to their own goal line. That's only if Masoli doesn't get the **** knocked out of him by one of our Defensive linemen that will pressure him on EVERY down.


    OHIO STATE 35 QUACKS 17 (If they're lucky)

  36. For some reason I can't thelp but think this:
    Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart won the Heisman (undeservedly)playing weak defenses. How good they truly were was exposed in the NFL where they became 3rd rate players. This applies to some other players (like Lendale White). They played one top 20 defense in that long USC win streak from 03-05. The only top 20 defense they played in their tenure was an OOC game.

    It's like Oregon, they have played no real defenses whatsoever and they will be exposed like the 3rd rate team they are when they play a REAL defense against Ohio State

  37. Oregon is going to get shutdown by the Buckeye defense. Whether or not Ohio State can score 24+ remains to be seen, but there is no way in HELL Oregon scores more than 20-24 MAX

  38. The transitive property means nothing but since you morons from Oregon want to talk about USC and Purdue, how about we talk about Navy, who beat Wake Forest, who beat Stanford, who beat the crap out of Oregon...

    So that means Ohio State will win, right?

    They might, but saying they will win b/c they beat a team that beat a team etc. is IDIOTIC.

  39. In the lead-up to the UO - OSU game, a number of irrelevant facts need to be mentioned and disposed of:

    *the OSU win/loss record against UO is ancient history and all occurred before the 85 scholarship limit
    *the number of National Championships and Heisman recipients by OSU
    *all of the head-to-head comparisons bandied about by both sides

    Here’s a little history lesson about NCAA D-1 football: prior to the 85 scholarship limit, programs with huge amounts of money – state money and/or donor money – could provide many more scholarships (100+) for their programs………these programs are the “traditional” powers – OSU, Nebraska, Michigan, USC, ND, to name a few, which ran up big win/loss numbers against the poorly funded programs (Oregon was fodder for many of these teams)……with the scholarship limit in place, the traditional programs still get their share of the best athletes – but not all of them – and, as a result, programs like Oregon have become competitive on a national level……now, with the talent distributed more evenly, good coaching and modern facilities make a huge difference, and again, Oregon has had good coaching and improved facilities over the last several years……these facts make the traditional programs (and their fans) edgy… they have to compete with every other program for athletes, coaches, and, of course, wins……Oregon has steadily established itself as a program worthy of yearly national recognition……it is far from an “upstart” program…..that being said, I believe that the UO – OSU game will be entertaining and I like Oregon’s chances……this isn’t the Oregon program of the past.

  40. Oregon is still a 2nd rate program, Ohio State wins by 3 touchdowns.

    - From an Alabama fan.
    Roll Tide

  41. Everybody needs to chill. It's going to be an awesome game. Both teams playing in the Rose Bowl for the first time in over 10+ years. Let's just appreciate the fact both teams overcame adversity through out the season to be where they are now, in the granddaddy of them all THE ROSE BOWL.

  42. At the time they played them, the Ducks faced 4 top ten defenses with 2 more in the top 20. On the other hand, the OSU defense has not faced anyone better than ranked 34 (Oregon is currently ranked 25), no rushing offense better than 15 (Oregon is ranked 6th) and no scoring offense in the top 20 (Oregon is ranked 7th).

    For those that say Oregon has no D what so ever, if that was the case they wouldn't be ranked 32 in total defense. While 32 is not great, it's not pitiful either.

  43. Do you dickeyes not understand, Pryor runs outta bounds while Masoli runs over people.

  44. Ohio State's what hasn't faced anybody ranked higher than 34? Their offense? Iowa is top 10 and so is Penn State (Iowa #11 YPG #10 PPG)and they ran for over 225 yards against both of them. Their defenses ARE FAR AND AWAY better than Oregon's.

    And you didn't really say "at the time they played them" to make Oregons ound better did you? LMFAO that means NOTHING. The only thing htat matters is where they eventually end up.

    Oregon is playing in a conference that plays NO DEFENSE whatsoever, their offensive stats are inflated beyond belief. Ohio State had to play against defenses like Iowa, Penn State, even Wisconsin is top 20.
    Ohio State has played offenses like Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin.

    Ohio State in a total blowout.

    "Do you dickeyes not understand, Pryor runs outta bounds while Masoli runs over people"

    If Masoli tries to run over a defender from Ohio State's team he will get his head ripped off. He might be able to do it agains the soft pac-10 defenses but it won't happen against Ohio State.

  45. If Masoli tries to run over a defender from Ohio State's team he will get his head ripped off. He might be able to do it against the soft pac-10 defenses but it won't happen against Ohio State.


  46. That one guy was right. In the Big10, there are no offenses ranked by the NCAA better than 34 in total offense.

    And yeah, where they are ranked at the time is important. To oversimplify, if you play a defense in the middle of the year who is ranked #1 and they lose all their starters to injury and end up #50, then it makes a big difference because you played the #1 D, not the #50 D.

  47. No, where the were doesn't matter. It's where they end up that counts, only moronic homers would actually say that.

  48. Well if that is the case, then tOSU lost to the 58th and th 53rd ranked offenses and couldn't score against the 48th and 90th ranked defenses.

    That's moronic.

  49. What's moronic? It's completely true. Ohio State lost those games because of their offense, not their defense. You not knowing that because you don't know anything about football besides Oregon's program, that's moronic.

  50. Really, OSU lost to the 58th and 53rd offenses because of no defense? but rather it was their offense?

    Now that's really moronic.

  51. LOL kid you are an idiot. Please stop trying.

    In the USC game the offense was completely anemic and the defense dominated throughout the game, the offense was given great field posisition on THEIR SIDE OF THE FIELD multiple times and they still had to punt. The defense forced 3 and outs all game. If the offense had just a LITTLE momentum throughout that game Ohio State wins by 2 touchdowns.
    In fact USC was stopped on their first touchdown on 4th down but the booth was too lazy to actually review it and USC got it anyway.

    In the Purdue game Ohio State's offense turned the ball over 5 times and Pryor had the worst game of his collegiate career thus far, turning the ball over 4 times on 2 INT and 2 lost fumbles (3 total fumbles).

    Neither of those losses were because of the defense. It was because of the offense's ineptitude and complete lack of concentration and execution.

  52. Come on everyone lets just calm down a little bit. This game will be one of the Best Rose Bowls in History. The Pac-Ten Against The Big-Ten. Like it has been for tens of years. Baring lots of turn overs the best team will win. I am giving the points and betting the farm on the Quackers. Buck-eye fans you'll get to see why recruiting team speed, not size, pays off in WINS.

  53. I am giving the points and betting the farm on the Quackers. Buck-eye fans you'll get to see why recruiting team speed, not size, pays off in WINS.

    WOW, looks like you're going to be one poor bastard after Ohio State not only covers, but wins by 3 scores.

    That's too bad...

  54. To all oregon fans:

    Your thoughts and comments about the upcoming Rose bowl are great.......


  55. You Buckeye fans are just as passionate as the Ducks. Bottom line is the Ducks have 2 losses, the Buckeyes have 2 loses. Neither team should have lost to those teams.

    The only difference in the two losses is that the Ducks didn't lose at home and one of the losses is to a team with a top 5 Heisman contender.

    And considering that tOSU's passing offense is ranked 106th in the nation, tOSU has to depend on the run, which the Ducks aren't quite as good at stopping. Still with the 69th ranked total offense, the Ducks will probably have an easier time of stopping tOSU than tOSU will have stopping the Ducks O.

    This is especially true when one considers that the Ducks are 6th in rushing and 25th in total offense. While the Ducks aren't a defensive powerhouse, they are ranked 32 in the nation, which is still respectable against the kind of offenses they've faced and considering the injuries they've suffered on D.

    If tOSU can get the passing game going to keep the Duck D honest (ala Stanford), tOSU should not only keep it close, but perhaps pull out the upset (I say upset since the Ducks are favored by 3.5). On the other hand, if tOSU has to run the ball, the Duck LB's may be too fast - especially when you consider that the leading rusher for tOSU is TP.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  56. Ohio State could be ranked higher on the offensive side of the ball, but unfortunately you stupid quacks seem to completely pass over the fact that this team doesn't care about offensive produciton. It's about taking care of the football when it matters and winning with defense.

    You want to talk about fast LBs? Ask Brian Rolle about that. Speed doesn't matter when Ohio State is on offense, they go for consistent small gains, the speed Oregon has on "D" is only good for preventing the big play but not the consistent 3-4 gainers JT likes getting in the run game. You also want to talk about speed? Brandon Saine runs a 10.3 100m dash at 6'1 216 LBS and has a load of power. This cancels out any "speed" Oregon might have on defense. They can't stop the power and speed at the same time because they don't have the talent or depth. JT goes for small 5-10 yarders to stay consistent and to chew clock off. After dealing with all the small stuff all game JT likes to go for a deep ball and this has been throwing defenses better and just as fast as Oregon's off all year, and has almost always worked.
    Then they have to deal with a man named Terrelle Pryor. At 6'6 238 LBs has a load of power (see stiff arms) and speed, a huge arm and a good deep-ball. Oregon has nobody on defense that is as fast as either TP or Saine. Pryor outruns angles and can make ANYBODY and ANY DEFNSE look stupid.

    Oregon just doesn't have the talent, depth, or brains to deal with Ohio State, sorry.

  57. That last post must have been done by a 4th grader, not as smart as a Oregon 5th grader.

    “Oregon, that is one explosive offense,” linebacker Austin Spitler said. “It seems like within two plays, they’re in the end zone or within striking distance. With a dual-threat quarterback like Masoli, you’ve got to try and make him one dimensional, but it’s tough because he’s like a running back when he runs the ball and he seems really accurate when he throws it. They have a ton of talent out there and it’s going to be a test for us.”

    "The Oregon Ducks are really fast", Tressel said, "We'd better get in shape right away".

  58. Please use correct grammar the next time you try to insult someone's intelligence.
    Also, what player / coach doesn't try to compliment the other opponent so they don't look like a dick or get the opponent angry?

  59. "Also, what player / coach doesn't try to compliment the other opponent so they don't look like a dick or get the opponent angry?"

    Oh only about 95 percent of them.

    Sorry, that's the sound of you getting the question wrong.

  61. I just learned about a non-serious fire which swept through one of the OSU football study halls. Luckily no one was hurt. Appearenty the biggest downer was that out of a large number of text books that were destroyed, most of them had yet to be colored in. ;)

  62. Do any of you Big-10 homers realize that everyone but you thinks the Big-10 conference is weak? Outside your little mid-west bubble it goes SEC, Pac-10, Big 12, Big 10...

    And to whoever talked up TP up there - Duck fans know who has the better quarterback. Keep Pryor - please.

  63. Ohio State will dominate Oregon, and the Big 10 is definitely better than the VASTLY overrated pac.
    Pryor will be better than Masoli on Jan. 1st, that's all that matters in college football. This is a sure-thing repeat of VY's rose bowl against Michigan.

    -Mark, an Alabama fan.

    Roll Tide!!! 13th National Championship here we come!

  64. None of you are right the big ten is way overated and we won't win go ducks by a bunch 58- 0 btw we really suck

  65. Lol nice try, moron. Ohio State by at least 20.


  67. BEST DEFENSE vs. NOT the BEST OFFEnse wat do the ducks know buckey nation talkin bout my boy tp and ray small GO BUCKEYES! DUCKS SUCK MY prediction BUCKS 38 DUCKS 10 watch ohio states defense of line dominate that offensive line we are a better team then we were before buckey nation is tired of the critics! buckeye nation is a famiy we got yo back tp LETS GO BUCKS we gotta beat this over confident oregon team SEE YA IN THE ROSE BOWL


  69. This game is going to be competitive, I honestly can't say I have a good prediction on it, these teams are both really good.

    Prepare for one of the best bowl games of the year.

  70. Like the Ducks did to USC,

    Oregon 45
    tOSewe 19

    Bucks have no offense - don't even know what the forward pass is (ranked 106 out of 120 - LOL).

  71. Osu gonna choke big time like we always do and if they do and if they choke in every big game from here after tressel will finally be fired


  73. #%$@#% EYES are a highly overated bunch of wingdings... OSU needs to move to WAC Maybe they can be undefeated there. Oregun will have easy time with lyer and his inability to pass the ball. If we can beat them so can the Ducks.
    GO PURDUE......

  74. The real key issue here is QB. Masoli is a blue chip athlete as is TP. On the brains side, TP is a slow learner and that has been the difference all along. This Ohio State team is a good one, but the mistakes by Pryor have cost OSU every loss since he has been there. He suddenly is not going to wake up either. If the Buckeyes could overcome his tendency to stand there with his mouth open saying wha. . . .? they are likely to win big. Otherwise, it will be Oregon in another bowl loss for Tressel and company. OSU needs a quarterback and Pryor could be the greatest wide receiver the sport has EVER seen, but it isn't going to happen. It will be one more year before Pryor jumps to the NFL because he can't pass basketweaving. After that, OSU might have a resurrection, but don't count on it.

  75. I would love to hear all of these Oregon fans comments the day after they suffer a beat down at the hands of OSU

  76. This Ohio State team is a good one, but the mistakes by Pryor have cost OSU every loss since he has been there.

    All 3 of them?

    Well, Terrelle Pryor is 18-3 as a starter you fucking dumbass, so maybe do some fucking research next time bitch-ass duck fan.

    Oh, and suck my Buck-NUTS!

    Ohio State 38
    oregon 16

  77. The ducks are mellow-yellow gay! wooo---hoo!

  78. Every loss since he has been there? No.

    Texas loss - Defense's fault, gave up a TD with 16 seconds to go by missing an easy tackle.
    USC loss (2009) - Jim Tressel's ridiculous super-conservative play calling cost us that game.

  79. Great prediction. I saw this being a low scoring game with a slight edge to Oregon (I thought they would run Blount at the defense more to set up more third and two type of situations, but I guess Chip Kelly was thinking otherwise). Anyway, Oregon D is severely lacking.

    They have decent line backers, but need to invest some time in recruiting a Haloti Ngata type of DT as well as some cbs. Otherwise they are going to continue to get ran over, and giveup deep balls.

  80. So, I predicted 24-17 and the Oregon fans called me out and said Oregon was going to score 24 in the 1st quarter and crush the Buckeyes.

    Now that the game is over, anyone seen an Oregon fan anywhere?

    All I can seem to find here post-OSU-victory (as predicted) is a plate full of crow waiting on the Duck fans, and plenty crickets chirping away......

  81. FUCK bill plashke, FUCK mark may, & FUCK all of douchebags at espn and FUCK all the BUCKEYE haters nationwide!

    We are the 2010 ROSE BOWL CHAMPIONS and as always, it's GREAT TO BE A BUCKEYE!

    2010 National Championship Game, here we come!

  82. Heard from any Ducks lately ?? Seems they are hiding under their wings. WAY TO GO, BUCKEYES !!! We love ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Congrats to tOSU on a fine win. This Duck fan had the "buck" balls to come back.

  84. Thanks for manning up - That makes one of you Bob...

  85. There must be a lot of occupied rocks today, those quacking trolls disappeared as fast as their conferences bowl dominance.

    The quack is whack!

    -NorCal Buckeye

  86. Not a huge OSU fan - but the comments section of this article is absolute money, lol. Wow, talk about being exposed! The media pundits are still jocking the Pac-10 so hard even today as they hold the second worst bowl outing of all the conferences in the nation. It's something to marvel at.

  87. These comments are classic.

  88. to all of you haters who said oregon wasn't gonna be held down. That they weren't gonna be held to 17 points. I just have two words. WHAT NOW? O-H!

  89. to the purdue fan that said osu should move to the WAC. Have you even looked at your teams performance?
    They beat us. That was a out it. O but you also beat michigan so congrats on a great season. You should really be proud of your boilermaker football. Dumbass!

  90. And to whoever talked up TP up there - Duck fans know who has the better quarterback. Keep Pryor - please.


    So now i guess Ole Miss has the better QB?


  91. to the purdue fan that said osu should move to the WAC

    I guess that Purdue fan was unaware of this:

    Ohio vs. Purdue all-time
    37 wins, 13 losses, and 2 ties

  92. These ducks fans should get a life, no reason for all these rude comments.

  93. Wow. I just found this by mistake ... LOL. Looks like everyone in the state of Oregon is named "Anonymous" and stepped far far away from their computers in the days after OSU POUNDED them and forced Masoli to flee the state.

  94. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

  95. Oregon fans are great, their way of excitement is really awesome!


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