Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bowl Mania: 34 Games, 34 Short But Sweet Predictions

by HD Handshoe

Here's our take on this seasons 34 bowl games. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section.

December 19, 2009—4:30PM
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fresno State (8-4) vs. Wyoming (6-6)

Projected Winner
Fresno State

December 19, 2009—8:00PM
St. Petersburg, Florida

Rutgers (8-4) vs. UCF (8-4)

Projected Winner

December 20, 2009—8:30PM
New Orleans, Louisiana

Southern Mississippi (7-5) vs. Middle Tennessee State (9-3)

Projected Winner
Southern Mississippi

December 22, 2009—8:00PM
Las Vegas, Nevada

No. 18 Oregon State (8-4) vs. No. 14 BYU (10-2)

Projected Winner
Oregon State

December 23, 2009—8:00PM
San Diego, California

No. 23 Utah (9-3) vs. California (8-4)

Projected Winner

December 24, 2009—8:00PM
Honolulu, Hawaii

Nevada (8-4) vs. Southern Methodist (7-5)

Projected Winner

December 26, 2009—1:00PM
Detroit, Michigan

Marshall (6-6) vs. Ohio (9-4)

Projected Winner

December 26, 2009—4:30PM
Charlotte, North Carolina

No. 17 Pittsburgh (9-3) vs. North Carolina (8-4)

Projected Winner

December 26, 2009—8:30PM
San Francisco, California

Boston College (8-4) vs. No. 24 USC (8-4)

Projected Winner

December 27, 2009—8:30PM
Nashville, Tennessee

Clemson (8-5) vs. Kentucky (7-5)

Projected Winner

December 28, 2009—5:00PM
Shreveport, Louisiana

Texas A&M (6-6) vs. Georgia (7-5)

Projected Winner

December 29, 2009—4:30PM
Washington, D.C.

UCLA (6-6) vs. Temple (9-3)

Projected Winner

December 29, 2009—8:00PM
Orlando, Florida

No. 15 Miami-Fla (9-3) vs. No. 25 Wisconsin (9-3)

Projected Winner

December 30, 2009—4:30PM
Boise, Idaho

Idaho (7-5) vs. Bowling Green (7-5)

Projected Winner
Bowling Green

December 30, 2009—8:00PM
San Diego, California

No. 20 Arizona (8-4) vs. No. 22 Nebraska (9-4)

Projected Winner

December 31, 2009—12:00PM
Fort Worth, Texas

Houston (10-3) vs. Air Force (7-5)

Projected Winner

December 31, 2009—2:00PM
El Paso, Texas

Oklahoma (7-5) vs. No. 21 Stanford (8-4)

Projected Winner

December 31, 2009—3:30PM
Houston, Texas

Navy (9-4) vs. Missouri (8-4)

Projected Winner

December 31, 2009—6:00PM
Tempe, Arizona

Minnesota (6-6) vs. Iowa State (6-6)

Projected Winner

December 31, 2009—7:30PM
Atlanta, Georgia

No. 11 Virginia Tech (9-3) vs. Tennessee (7-5)

Projected Winner
Virginia Tech

January 1, 2010—11:00AM
Tampa, Florida

Northwestern (8-4) vs. Auburn (7-5)

Projected Winner

January 1, 2010—1:00PM
Jacksonville, Florida

Florida State (6-6) vs. No. 16 West Virginia (9-3)

Projected Winner
West Virginia

January 1, 2010—1:00PM
Orlando, Florida

No. 12 Penn State (10-2) vs. No. 13 LSU (9-3)

Projected Winner
Penn State

January 1, 2010—4:30PM
Pasadena, California

No. 7 Oregon (10-2) vs. No. 8 Ohio State (10-2)

Projected Winner
Ohio State

January 1, 2010—8:30PM
New Orleans, Louisiana

No. 3 Cincinnati (12-0) vs. No. 5 Florida (12-1)
Projected WinnerFlorida

January 2, 2010—12:00PM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

South Florida (7-5) vs. Northern Illinois (7-5)
Projected WinnerSouth Florida

January 2, 2010—2:00PM
Birmingham, Alabama

Connecticut (7-5) vs. South Carolina (7-5)
Projected WinnerSouth Carolina

January 2, 2010—2:00PM
Arlington, Texas

No. 19 Oklahoma State (9-3) vs. Mississippi (8-4)
Projected WinnerOklahoma State

January 2, 2010—5:30PM
Memphis, Tennessee

Arkansas (7-5) vs. East Carolina (9-4)
Projected WinnerArkansas

January 2, 2010—9:00PM
San Antonio, Texas

Michigan State (6-6) vs. Texas Tech (8-4)
Projected WinnerTexas Tech

January 4, 2010—8:00PM
Glendale, Arizona

No. 4 TCU (12-0) vs. No. 6 Boise State (13-0)
Projected WinnerBoise State

January 5, 2010—8:00PM
Miami, Florida

No. 9 Georgia Tech (11-2) vs. No. 10 Iowa (10-2)
Projected WinnerGeorgia Tech

January 6, 2010—7:00PM
Mobile, Alabama

Central Michigan (11-2) vs. Troy (9-3)
Projected WinnerCentral Michigan

January 7, 2010—8:00PM
Pasadena, California

No. 1 Alabama (13-0) vs. No. 2 Texas (13-0)
Projected WinnerTexas

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  1. I agree with all the dudes picks expect the rosebowl because OHIO sTATE SUCKS AND PRYOR CAN'T THOW THE O LINE CAN'T BLOCK AND THE d-LINE CAN'T TACKLE WITHOUT ROSE AND CARTER WHAT ALAUGH i SAY OREGON 48 osu 3

  2. Maybe you should take a look at how much Rose actually played this season before you comment. He got some time in but he wasn't in on every down. Carter is still learning...I honestly would have red-shirted him but I'm not the coach.

  3. Lol @ the D-Line not being able to tackle without Rose, he was 3rd string DE lmao. Ohio State 33 Oregon 10

  4. Where I differ is it's hard for me to imagine Alabama not crushing Texas, Iowa can win their game, LSU should crush Penn St, the Rose Bowl will be most interesting. The Buck's are loaded with talent but I don't think Tressel hasn't shone much fight since he peaked as a coach in '06, sure Ohio State won their last last three games and everyone thinks they have some new offensive running scheme but they looked lazy doing, can the Buck D really stop a fast paced Duck team that put up 613 yards on Pete Carrol?


    This is a much more intriguing matchup than some might believe. Ohio State's notorious conservatism and mistake avoidance masks the fact that they are a very opportunistic football team. Just look at the box score from this year's Wisconsin game. The Badgers kicked OSU's butt five ways from Sunday and still lost by almost twenty points. Why? Because OSU made them pay for every single one of their mistakes. Oregon can't just rely on firepower alone to beat the Buckeyes. Jim Tressel has a way of making you play Tresselball whether you want to or not.

    -- Mark Hasty

    This is a dream matchup for Oregon, facing a change-of-pace opponent in Ohio State, a team more talented and defensive-minded than most Pac-10 foes. Oregon is better defensively than gets let on, and, just the same, Ohio State has a better offense than observers realize. But the real star for Oregon is their offense. The Ducks' bread-and-butter is their ground attack which has 36 touchdowns on the year and can beat you with power (quarterback Jeremiah Masoli), speed (back LaMichael James) or both (LeGarrette Blount). Ohio State will almost certainly sell out to stop it and on the year the Buckeyes have been tremendous against the run. Its the classic unstoppable force meets immovable object showdown that showcases the Rose Bowl at its finest, pitting Pac-10 against
    Big 10.

    -- Brian Grummell

  6. @Mark Hasty

    Tressel relies on his talent to win games, it's not like he has a scheme unless you call taking the game out of Terrelle's hands these past few games an offensive strategy, you can call it Tresselball or anything you want but the defensive plays made against Wisconsin or the kickoff return by Small was talent alone. When I think of Tresselball it relates more to the 36 total yards of Buckeye offense on their first 5 possessions of that game.

    @Brian Gumble

    "OSU has a better offense than observers realize" are you kidding me? What a laugh I think by now everyone has observed they have an inadequate QB, uneducated for the most important position on offense. Pryor might have a future in the NFL but it isn't at QB. This turnover machine was unplugged a few games ago if you hadn't noticed to focus on the offensive line, results = dramatically less turnovers.

    The only thing interesting in this game will be to see if the Duck offense can be stopped.

  7. HOLY CRAP -- I AM 0-6 after SMU clobbered Nevada tonight...



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