Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If You've Seen One Buckeye Hater, You've Seen Them All—But Check This Ridiculous Trash Out Anyway

Written by Lisa "The Whiny, USC Homer, Pot Meet Kettle, I'm a Hypocrite" Horne

"Not everybody’s the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever."

You would think whoever said that quote has a warped view of life and is pretty uneducated, wouldn't you? Maybe it's just a line from a gangsta rap song?

Hold on to your Buck nuts, football fan.

Terrelle Pryor said this in response to why he liked Michael Vick.

Are you kidding me?

I would expect that response from Vick—before he was busted for torturing dogs, of course—but not from the Ohio State Buckeyes' sophomore quarterback.

Classy stuff there, Terrelle.

You pay a tribute to him with your eyeblack in the game against Navy. And after the game, when asked about why you like Vick, you come up with this nutty, inane, and utterly classless remark.

You admire a dog torturer. A dog killer.

Indeed, we all deserve a second chance. So why not go with Charles Manson as an idol? Ted Bundy? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? Were they not available for your eyeblack? They must be okay dudes in your book, because after all, everyone kills.

I checked my agenda books from the last decade, and so far, I haven't lived up to Pryor's proclamation. Nope, haven't killed anyone. Haven't murdered anyone. And believe it or not, haven't stolen from anyone either. Someone ripped off my favorite pen, would that count? I'll go yell at my kids.

I'm getting warm fuzzies just knowing that the future of America is in the hands of students like these who are allegedly receiving a higher education. It's good to know that people like Terrelle Pryor choose their role models because of what "everybody does." They choose a role model like Vick because he deserves a second chance, even though he's shown in the past he has no compassion for living things.

Here's a thought Terrelle—how about putting Vick on your "naughty" list, and if he doesn't screw up in the next 10 years, then put his poster above your dorm bed. Until then, Vick deserves no role model status.

Tila Tequila might be more your style.

More importantly, someone needs to keep a microphone away from your mouth.

This is embarrassing for Ohio State.

Adding insult to this disaster of a public relations crisis was their coach, Jim Tressel. Yes, the Senator.

Any elite coach in Division I football knows that the University of Southern California does not like being called "Southern Cal." It's in their press guides. It's in Wikipedia. It's a well-known fact.

Except in the Midwest.

Tressel referred to USC no less than three different times as "Southern Cal" in a recent press conference. We get that it's USC vs. Ohio State week. We get there is some trash-talking going on. What we don't get is your continued disrespect of the school that has made it clear what its name is.

Perhaps Pete Carroll should start calling Ohio State, "O State"? Or just "Ohio"?

How would that go over in O-H-I-O?

Final thought: USC 37, OSU 17.

Fire up that hot seat in Columbus.

My response:

The saddest part of the article is that Lisa Horne is a Senior Writer on Bleacher Report, and she was hired last year by FoxSports and publishes a blog on their website.

Being a Senior Writer and employee of FoxSports, one would think Lisa could and should be unbiased and neutral, but obviously, she is anything but.

Then, there's a supposed Alabama fan who goes by the handle Lee Roy Jordan, who never posts on any Alabama articles, trolls the Ohio State articles, and constantly verbally assaults the Buckeyes, and their fans.

His comments towards Ohio State on B/R are always horrible and hateful, and he didn't pull any punches in the comments section of this article on B/R.

He has been asked on many occasions about sanctions versus Alabama, wins taken away, and Tide players beating their girlfriend's to a pulp. He never addresses those issues.

Anyway, it's funny he has such harsh words for Terrelle Pryor and Buckeye fans on an article entitled stay classy and then I discovered this little gem featuring a redneck Alabama fan.

Check out this pathetic, offensive, racist video:
(Warning: video includes very offensive language)

I'd like to go down to Alabama and personally knock out his tooth.

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  1. i want to punch this arrogant bastard in the face, but that would be mean and make me a bad person, so nevermind.Plus, I wouldn't care the slightest bit if they said O State or Ohio really.

  2. you gotta be kidding me, pryor doesn't idolize vick for being a dog killer, he idolizes him for blazing a new path where an athletic black quarterback can become the face of a franchise and show that athletes can play QB. vick served his debt to society and pryor is merely showing support for his idol who made a mistake but is doing his best to make up for it. and as for calling USC southern cal it's the same thing as calling OSU ohio state, all your doing is dropping the university and shortening California to Cal, sorry there is no abbreviation for Ohio.

  3. USC's true freshman, Matt Barkley, looked solid at home last weekend against San Jose State but now enters one of college football's loudest and most intimidating dungeons.

    "I don't care, they can bring 500,000 people," Barkley said. "I've got my guys. We could be playing in Alaska in the snow, and I have faith that we'll be able to win."

  4. Kid is arrogant and cocky, can't wait to see him get hit a million times.

  5. The kid is confident, which you expect in your starting QB. He did take some pretty good hits and was hurt, yet he still lead his team to a game-winning touchdown.

  6. While I agree Lisa was unprofessional and biased, which she shouldnt be as a reporter and consequently has no credibility, her thoughts were accurate. Idolizing such a monster that systematically knocked the teeeth out of dogs mouths with a hammer, drowned dogs, hung them, shot them and left them to rot is no role model for a D-1 quarterback to be praising during a game.

    The over-rated quarterback needs to keep his personal opinions off the field, especially when hes proven NOTHING!


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