Monday, September 28, 2009

BlockO Asks, You Answer: Is Terrelle Pryor Afraid to Run?

By HD Handshoe

Sure, sometimes he runs, and he makes a lot of big plays when doing so.

But then there are other times, more often than not recently, when it seems that Terrelle just doesn't want to run—Almost as if he is afraid to get hit.

If so, he needs to go the the school of taking hits, Craig Krenzel style. If Krenzel had the athleticism of Pryor, he would have been one of the greatest QB in college football.

How many times did we see Krenzel sacrifice his body for a pass, run or score. That guy took some of the worst hits in OSU football history.

Pryor needs to play with this same attitude, and heart. He also needs to make his on-the-field decisions much more quickly, instead of dancing around with happy feet, before eventually getting sacked.

We've all seen him stiff-arm defenders to the ground, so, why doesn't TP run more?

Is he afraid of taking a hit?

Or does he want to become an NFL-prototype pocket passing QB so he refuses to run until it's too late?

Now, please post a comment, or comments, and tell us what you think!

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  1. My sense on it is that he's really trying to force himself to go through reads and find a receiver before deciding to take off running.

    In scramble situations, he does seem rather careful about how he takes hits, etc.

    There are likely 2 things at work here then:

    1) His forcing himself to learn to become more Troy Smith like (no small feat)

    2) Fear of injury

  2. He isn't afraid to run. I think he is just trying to stay behind the line and make something happen with his arm rather than his legs. Last year he made big things happen with his legs, but I don't think his arms are ready for anything spectacular

  3. Broken plays where the QB picks up big yardage has consistantly masked JT's inept offensive schemes for a good part of his tenure at OSU, his offense is so bad he practically needs a QB that can duck and run to save his bacon. Krenzel and Troy Smith and now TP but shockingly to Buckeye Fans, Pryor isn't getting it done and now very few think he'll ever be pro QB material. For JT not to have a junior or senior QB leading this team is unfortunate, it's not like he's got Pete Carroll's problem.

  4. Pryor needs to take it slowly, he's trying to move WAY to fast in his progression.

  5. Your absolutely right but Buckeye Nation has run out of patience after being nationally humiliated six straight times. Tressels program in player selection as well as game management have now come under increasing scrutiny and we have seen him buckle for the first time. That is promising and a reason to look forward to more changes that can only help the program. Lets hope this all helps Pryor find himself before he's benched.

  6. Peyor did not get any better compared to last year. His pocket presence is ugly at the most. How did he become the nations top prospect without the basic footwork??
    We all gave him enough slack already. Enough is enough. Basically he needs to explore groundgame.. That will create opportunities for passing.

    About the fear of injury..that should not limit agressive playing. If you think so, you dont belong at this level of playing.

  7. You are absolutely right. With the amount of talent we have on the offence, we always find a way to lose. ( Can we call them LOSERS??? lol)

    Seriously though, the offence needs to realize where they are going wrong. I have seen a few good things happening in Illini game. But we are still far away.. Run Pryor RUN!! You have all the time in the world to be a better pocket QB. Run first & Explore opportunities as they present to passing. NO MORE STUPID INTERCEPTIONS PLEASE..


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