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Michael Brewster—10 Buckeyes You Don't Know About Yet: Part V

by HD Handshoe

Welcome to Part V of this ten-part series.

As previously stated, I will continue to repost the opening few paragraphs from Part I in all ten segments in the event that a new reader who may have missed a previous segment begins to follow along so if you've been following from the beginning, please bear with me and thanks!

First off, let me say this article is not for die-hard Ohio State fans. I suspect you will know the players I highlight.

Instead, I wrote this in response to my recent preview article about the OSU/USC football matchup in Columbus this fall. A lot has been made by non-OSU fans of how USC will be reloaded as usual, and thus, many of these people believe that Ohio State will have zero chance of beating the Trojans.

Pretty much everyone who isn't a Buckeye fan seems to believe this, but the problem is, they are overlooking the fact that USC lost far more than OSU and OSU reloads just as well as USC!

They are also making a generalization about how good or how not-so-good the Buckeyes will be based on Ohio State's big-stage losses, starting with Florida in the 2006 BCS title game and culminating with their lop-sided loss in Los Angeles last September.

They are also focusing on the players OSU is losing and aren't looking at the players who are here and ready to start, including a several key guys from the last two highly-regarded recruiting classes, and that's where I come in!

To help educate those doom-and-gloom prognosticators who make those type of general statements about the Buckeyes 2009 season outlook, I've decided to create a 10-part series to spotlight 10 players who will make a name for themselves nationally and step in for Ohio State and sufficiently fill the holes left by the likes of Beanie Wells, James Laurinaitus, Malcolm Jenkins, Marcus Freeman, Alex Boone, Brian Robiskie, etc.

Obviously, no Buckeye fan, player, or coach will deny that losing Beanie Wells is beyond huge—but remember, Terrelle Pryor is an amazing dual-threat quarterback who will carry the load more often in 2009 if needed, but he's not the only potential game-breaking playmaker that will see action for the Buckeyes!

The Bucks have plenty of them on both sides of the ball!

No. 6—Michael Brewster
C/OL (6-6, 290)

Brewster, a five-star top prospect, was recruited by Ohio State and joined the incoming class of 2008 after a standout career at Edgewater High in Orlando, Florida.

He was rated as the No. 4 o-lineman in the nation and was ranked in the overall top 100 (No. 12) by all the major recruiting sites including ESPN, Rivals, Scout, PrepStar and SuperPrep.

He was the top offensive line recruit from the state of Florida in 2008.

Brewster didn't play center in H.S. but since game four of the 2008 season vs Troy, he has been the Buckeye's starting center and anchor!

When future first-round NFL pick Nick Mangold played center as an OSU freshman in 2002, it didn't happen this quickly and he had played center in high school.

Brewster enrolled at Ohio State in January for winter quarter, but was forced to sit out spring practice while recovering from right shoulder surgery necessitated by an injury suffered in his last high school game.

He participated in the 2008 U.S. Army All-American Bowl and was a Parade and EA Sports All-American.

He was also tabbed All-USA by USA Today, named to the Orlando Sentinel Top 5, the Tampa Tribune Best of the South, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Super Southern 100!

He's a very good athlete, has a lot of quickness, and good size and all those things combined are what makes him so good.

The Buckeyes didn't just make a move to more athleticism at quarterback in 2008, but they've also did it other places on the field, and Brewster embodies that.

He's still not 100% polished, but he's big and fast and confident, and now he's also experienced.

Opposing defensive linemen—BEWARE!

Fans outside of Ohio may not know it yet, but the 2009 Buckeye offensive line could end up as one of the top o-lines in the entire nation and Brewster will be an important and key component of that unit.

Part III of this series focused on Justin Boren. Do not be surprised this season if Boren and Brewster are both All-Big-Ten first team selections as well as possibly named as All-Americans.

Recently, the Buckeye O-line has been considered by many fans and the national media as soft and has been accused of not being tough, mean, and nasty. Boren and Brewster are about to change that!

I don't think I'm overstating how good Mike Brewster could be two or three years from now when I say he could be the next Orlando Pace and at the very least, the next Nick Mangold.

As always, thanks for reading—Please post your thoughts!

Part VI: Coming soon!

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  1. With Adams, Boren, Brewster, Cordle, and Browning the O-line should be loaded

  2. The Bucks OL will only improve. The number of NFL quality OL's at TOSU continues to grow, with 5 star Norwell in the 2010 class and several high quality recruits giving the Bucks a look. The future is very, very bright. GO BUCKS

  3. To whoever made and runs this blog, I love it! A+++


    I agree with you and the 1st guy both!

    The rich will get richer with Marcus Hall and Johnny Simon in the 2009 class and in 2010, Norwell already, and if Sentreal Henderson comes to tOSU in the 2010 class too, that would just be AWESOME!

  4. Michigan fans pretend they didn't care that Boren transferred but they did. It burns them up!

    Why else would they call a guy who was their best lineman a fat lazy piece of shit?

    What does that imply about the rest of the fucking losers playing OL for Meatchicken when he was their best lineman before leaving and transferring to OSU!?

    Muck Fichigan!

  5. Bucksandbulls: the same could be said about the linebacker position for the Buckeyes. Think in a year it will be Moeller at the Sam, Sabino at the Mike, and Rolle at the Will. Thats a pretty good group especially when youve got guys like Kline, Sweat, Bell, and possibly Hicks on the bench.


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