Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Ten Media Day: PSU Fans on BSD Up In Arms AGAIN Over Writer's Selections

Ohio State has been picked to win the Big Ten by the writers, who also selected Terrelle Pryor as the preseason offensive player of the year.

Penn State was picked to finish second and PSU fans on BSD are once again fuming about that, and the fact that their vastly overrated quarterback Darryl Clark was not chosen as the preseason POY.

Sorry PSU fans but if Clark was that great, he would have been recruited heavily by Ohio State since he's from Ohio and I'm sure he wanted to play for Ohio State since he's from here and since Ohio State is the class of the Big Ten.

The fact that he wasn't is the proof in the pudding.

Try and dispute it if you want, but facts are facts. Penn State has a good season about every four to five years and a lot of mediocrity in between.

If you want to look at overall talent compared to Ohio State, you lose again, and in a landslide.

PSU recruiting pales in comparison to what Coach Tressel and company have accomplished since 2001.

It's funny that you PSU guys have a 3-star QB from Ohio who wasn't very highly regarded and Ohio State stole away Pryor, the top 5-star QB of 2008, right from your backyard in Pennsylvania.

In the famous words of Ron Burgundy, "Stay classy COUNTRY Penn State!

Do you agree with the Ohio State and Pryor picks? Let us know!

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  1. Celebrate your pre-season accolades. The ones that come in the post-season are much,much more gratifying.

  2. Yes, you are correct and make no mistake...

    We at OSU will enjoy the preseason AND post-season accolades too!

    Yet another Big Ten trophy will come home to C-Bus AGAIN.

    What's that, 5 straight now...?

    Thanks for your input "Anonymous"!

  3. Pryor will redeem himself this year with a huge win against overated Penn State in Happy Valley!

    Clark is average as a QB at best so the Penn State fans who are mad need to get over it.

    Pryor > Clark
    OSU > PSU

  4. PSU fans are so abhorrent. They wanted their QB to be POY and he couldn't even beat OSU. He just hung in long enough for the Freshman OSU QB to beat himself with a youngster's mistakes. How do they expect PSU to compete this year with an older, more experienced QB with an even more talented receiving corps? PSU fans just kill me.

  5. My ex-roommate is a PSU fan so I have first-hand knowledge that they are all the same.

    He thinks he's better than others and he always has lame put-downs for OSU and talks about Paterno and PSU as if they are Gods.

    Well, if they are so great, why does PSU only have 2 or 3 NC's and while they've had some good players over the years, have they even have one lousy Heisman winner?

    I believe the writers picked OSU to win the Big Ten b/c frankly, PSU lost all their WR's, a couple good O-Linemen, and several defensive starters and based on recent recruiting.

    Ohio State controlled the game last year until Pryor tried to freelance and fumbled and gift-wrapped the winning TD for PSU.

    Sorry Lions fans but he won't lose to PSU again in his OSU career; book it!

    Thanks to those who have commented for your input!

  6. Okay I'm a Buckeye fan 100% and I disagree with you guys. Daryl Clark is a good quarterback. He may not be as good as Pryor, but to say he's overrated is rediculous. He led his team to the Rose Bowl for Christ's sake. And forget about that 3-star rating, because AJ Hawk was also a 3-star along w/ many other good/great players. And stereotyping the class of PSU fans isn't cool. Pryor will play great away at Penn St. just as he did at Badger stadium last year. This will be Ohio States toughest matchup this coming season.
    OSU 35 - PSU 31

  7. Clark is not a bad QB but I think he is overrated.

    To me, Royster and the PSU defense led them to the Rose Bowl.

    Clark was like Trent Dilfer when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000.

    He wasn't great, but he was sufficient and didn't make too many mistakes.

    Yes AJ Hawk was a 3-star who turned out to be great. That doesn't mean all 3-star recruits do that.

    Most do not...

    Thanks for your comment 100% Buckeye fan


  9. Wow, hilarious to read this four months later. Terrelle Pryor sucks balls and Daryll Clark is undeniably the best QB in the Big Ten. Fuck all of you ignorant Buckeye fucks.

  10. WE ARE..........STATE PENN

  11. WE ARE................PUSSIES

  12. Could I please have the last three minutes of my life that I wasted reading this garbage back, please? K Thx.


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