Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Ohio State vs. Penn State

by HD Handshoe

To all PSU fans that think you had the better team and that you dominated and beat Ohio State in Columbus in 2008, and those who say Ohio State was never close to winning that game.

You are truly convinced of that because you think PSU was the better team, but you are all wrong!

I'm sure you all remember when Pryor fumbled and then PSU scored what ultimately was the game winning TD, right?

Here are two things you may not know about that play.

No. 1—It was 3rd and 1 and Pryor was supposed to run up the middle or off tackle and just get the first down, but instead he saw an opening and tried to break a big one.

No. 2—You are so lucky he barely fumbled the ball PSU fans.

Here is a screenshot of the exact moment when he lost control of the ball.

Please take note of the field from where he is and then look down field all the way to the endzone.

Had he not fumbled, there is no doubt he would have scored on that play.

Seriously, thank your lucky stars that your team lucked into a win over the Buckeyes.

They will not be so fortunate this season. That's right, I'm already letting you know that Ohio State WILL win in Happy Valley this coming season.

I know some of you like to mouth off that you played better vs. USC.

Well either way, it was a thumping at the hands of Trojans and your team was completely healthy, and all your best players were on the field.

Remember, Ohio State lost to USC in Los Angeles (not Pasadena) without Beanie Wells and with Todd Boeckman at QB.

Your "We are, State Penn" chant won't save you and it is a day game.

So sorry Nits, there will be no night game whiteout either to help your clawless lions.

This year the young but mighty and talented Buckeyes are going to bring you back to reality and best of all, on your own field!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I can't stand Penn State (even less-so than Michigan, can you believe that?, and have the same outlook on their team and their lucky win last year. I like how Tressel is pretty respectable to other teams in terms of not running scores up, but Penn State is one I'd try to put 70 points on if I could, every year.

  2. Another thing that should be pointed out is that it shouldn't even have been 3rd and 1. It was a horrible spot and Beanie clearly got the first down the previous play. Go look at the play on youtube. The ones that have the play are of the 9-10 minute variety. How things would have been different with the same field position with 1 and 10.

  3. go cry me a river..."barely" a fumble....and PSU "barely" beat OSU in 1994

  4. I've never seen anyone take a loss so poorly.... in July.

    Get over it. Nobody EVER said that PSU dominated in that game and it was not a "lucky win." The teams played evenly until OSU's Freshman QB screwed his team... twice.

    That's it. There was no "lucky win," it was a close game and PSU won. End of story.

  5. I wonder what he thinks 1994 has to do with today.
    If memory serves OSU blew out PSU twice in 2006 AND 2007 (in their own backyards in 2007, too).

    Not even PSU's best player Darryl Clark could win it against us, he was sitting out on PSU's game winning drive!
    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind PSU gets beat in their own backyards (again).

  6. Next time try decaf.

    Somebody needs a little perspective. That was an exciting old school football game that could have gone either way. It was just Penn State's day.

  7. looking at that picture, it looks as if TP is running east/west not north/south, by the time he changes directions there are two nittany lions that would have surely tackled him. anyway, i have one qoute for you.....IF if's and but's were candy's and nut's we would all have a merry christmas.

  8. Well he wasn't running east/west.

    He was turning up field when the ball came loose and what you see in the picture is TP turning back looking for the ball as it came lose from his hands.

    If he hadn't fumbled, it was a 50-yard touchdown for OSU and lights out for State Penn.

    If you disagree, then go watch the video and you will see that he was turning upfield with nobody in front of him and with 4.33 speed, nobody from PSU was going to catch him.

    So, you're wrong and if you watch the video, you realize that too but thanks for voicing your opinion!

  9. Ohio State - still just for poor people.

  10. Who boasted that Penn State "dominated" Ohio State last year? I am a Penn Stater and have never heard anyone say that. The truth is that every close football game can be picked apart and analyzed and reduced to a few plays that, if they went the other way, could have changed the result.


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