Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Few Post-Nebraska-Game Thoughts on the State of Ohio State Football...

Ohio State Shocked the World -- if only for 2 & 1/2 quarters in Lincoln, Nebraska last night -- then, they got shell-shocked as the Cornhuskers came back from a 27-6 third-quarter deficit to defeat the Buckeyes 34-27.

Ohio State was an 11-point underdog, so in a lot of ways, this performance was above and beyond what many expected from the Bucks. That being said, we don't play for moral victories at The Ohio State University -- this ain't Ann Arbor people -- it's still a loss.

Why/How OSU Imploded and Ultimately Lost

1. Braxton Miller injured his ankle midway through the third and he was unable to return

2. The coaches brought in the incapable Joe Bauserman -- to replace the injured Miller -- who has proven he is, well, incapable.

3. After having success running the ball most of the game and with the previously noted incapable Bauserman in under center, the coaches mind-blowingly decided to pass more than run (10 passing plays vs. eight running plays). Bauserman proceeded to go 1 for 10 for 13 yards with a sack and an interception. Several of his passes looked like they would have been over the head of the Jolly Green Giant.

4. For the game, Jordan Hall had 17 carries for 49 yards (2.9 ypc) and no touchdowns. Carlos Hyde has 13 carries for 104 yards (8.0 ypc) and two touchdowns. So why in the world did Hyde only get two more carries than Hall (nine to seven) in the third and fourth quarters? Have our coaches never head of "going with the hot hand"? And again, why were we passing more than running with the lead and with Bauserman in at QB? Bauserman isn't the one who must shoulder the blame for the loss. He's not a good QB, which is painfully obvious to everyone not named Fickell or Bollman, but he didn't put himself in the game when Miller came out, Luke Fickell and Jim Bollman did, and that's where the real blame falls.

To Sum Everything Up

The Buckeyes had this game in the bag, had Miller not gotten hurt. After that, our chances of winning evaporated because of a lack of planning by the coaches. There's no excuse for not planning ahead for just this type of situation, period.

Simply put, Ohio State was owning Nebraska until the Miller injury, and the appearance of Bauserman instead of Kenny Guiton or Taylor Graham deflated the team and stole the momentum.

It would be nice to have answers to all of these questions and explanations on these repeatedly unwise coaching decisions -- not to mention how nice it would have been to get a huge win in what can be justifiably deemed as a very winnable game

Too bad the coaches got in the way.

Important memo to the OSU coaching staff:


"To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when no one else will" - Sugar Ray Robinson

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  1. Its true..i woukd have loved to KG in there because he is duao threat as gameplan change! Hopefull LF and JB are satisfied that bauserman can't do the job. LF has seen bauserman over the last how many years? Coaching is the problem... boys played their hearts out and were deflated with bauserman. All we needed was a couple firat downs to keep the clock going and kill off the game, but instead we went to air attack? Sorry lf enjoy your last few weeks as buckeyes head coach.. the other coaches better get your resumes polished up! Thanks @nick_weav

  2. angiemariex3/TwitterOctober 9, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    This was a well played game until Miller was injured. The Ohio State Buckeyes were living up to the reputation of Buckeyes! When Fickell was named Interim Coach, I wasn't too nervous. I thought Fickell had observed Tressel first hand enough that OSU would carry on safely. Obviously, after yet another train wreck, this is sadly not the case. Our team played hard, earned the lead, and our coach replaced Miller with Bauserman. From the outside, it looks like Fickell put Joe in because he bet all his chips they would lose... And you don't want to get those "bookies" angry, I hear. In a fight they call it "Taking a dive," or "Throwing the fight." What other explanation can there be for intentionally placing an incompetent Quarterback in winning game play? There were other choices. What could happen? We would LOSE? Surprise! I agree with what you've said here except for one thing... Joe Bauserman IS also responsible for the loss to Nebraska yesterday, not just the coaches. Bauserman should have said "I'm sorry Fick, it's not me tonight," after his first couple passes out of bounds. There is a time to be man enough to step aside. As for now, we can pray for a speedy recovery for one of our Buckeye Heroes, Mr. Braxton Miller. We can also pray that Miller can coach his 3rd and 4th in his style. Braxton has tweaked his passes- sharp and more impressive. Also, regardless of people complaining about his constant running of the ball, I happen to admire Miller's fancy footwork on the field, and look forward to more of his running and passing game ASAP!

  3. you guys are retarded. youre giving no credit to the nebraska side for playing their heart out and taking advantage of opportunities that were given to them. ohio state was playing better during the first half of the game, but in case you people didnt know there is four quarters in a football game. the point is, Nebraska overall outplayed ohio state and deserved to win this game. HUSKER NATION BABY!!!!!!!

  4. Nebraska didn't quit, but Ohio State was the better team and if Miller doesn't get hurt, the Buckeyes would have won easily. Unfortunately, when BLOWSerman came in, the wheels fell off and Ohio State threw in the towel, b/c he sucks and everyone except the OSU staff knows it....SMDH.

  5. @angiemariex3 /TwitterOctober 15, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    Well Slick, I'm far from retarded, but you must be blind as Bauserman not to see that your dear Shuckers were handed the game in a gift box.

  6. @angiemariex3: handed the game? yeah the biggest comeback in school history was handed to them. get outta here, you just cant accept that ohio state is far from the team theve been in the last 5-10 years.


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