Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing on the Wall: Terrelle Pryor Leaving Ohio State Not Really Unexpected, or Upsetting

Just like his buddy LeBron, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is "taking his talents" elsewhere, and the state of Ohio is better off for it.

Just 8 days after Jim Tressel resigned for the greater good of Ohio State, according to his lawyer, Pryor has followed suit.

This really is not a huge surprise for several reasons:

1-- Tressel made Pryor and the Tat-5 pledge to return if he allowed them to play in the 2011 Sugar Bowl. With Tressel gone, there's nobody left to hold Pryor and the gang to that commitment.

2 -- Last week, the NCAA and Ohio State launched a new investigation into Pryor's use of several "loaner" cars and other potential extra benefits he may have received.

3 -- Missing 5 games of his upcoming senior season with no guarantee that he would return as the starting QB after his suspension ended could only hurt his draft stock next April.

4 -- If you have to sell MVP trophies and gold pants, etc, for tattoos and rent money, it was time for you to go make what you can, while you can.

5 -- Most of Buckeye Nation has turned on Pryor and blame him for the departure of coach Tressel -- and so -- another domino had to fall.

6 -- Braxton Miller

Personally, Pryor will NOT be missed and this is another fine example of addition by subtraction. Terrelle was a me-first guy who has tarnished the school and the program by putting himself ahead of both.

A couple weeks ago, I may have been alone in feeling good about Terrelle leaving, but it looks like I was right about him all along.

Don't worry, there's plenty of room for the rest of you on my "Good Riddance Terrelle" bandwagon...

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  1. I broke the story 1st on this website, see below post...Its even time stamped to prove authenticity...Trying to steal my thunder???

  2. "Pryor will not be missed"??? Are you nuts??? Did you watch any Buckeye football last year??? I bet he goes to the Dolphins next year and probably starts over Chad "Can't throw through wet tissue" Henne.

  3. To Anon1: How can anyone anonymous break the story on a website that they don't even write for?

    To Anon2: Pryor won't be missed. So what, he was a good player (not great), but with all the crap he pulled off the field, who wants him? I'm with BlockO on this.


  4. Pryor won't be missed? He was their whole offense!!! Funny how things change, last year according to Buckeye Nation he was in the running for the heisman, now you say he wasn't even that good. As for the #6 reason--Braxton Miller, got news for you all, he's no different than Pryor at least on the field. If you don't believe me then look at him on scout.com, same strengths and same weakness. I don't think he's even as good as Pryor was at this point in their careers.

  5. "He was a good player (not great)" Are you kidding me??? As lead journalist on this site I would like to apologize for my Boss being asleep on the Terelle story... He's lucky to have an ace reporter like myself to pick up the ball and break the story 1st here on this site...Once again I would like apologize to the supporters of this great website

  6. 2007 Hall Trophy (U.S. Army Player of the Year)[24]
    2007 PARADE National Player of the Year and All-American[25]
    2008 Pete Dawkins Trophy (U.S. Army All-American Bowl MVP)
    2008 U.S. Army All-American MVP
    2008 Big Ten Freshman of the Year (coaches)[26]
    2008 All-Big Ten Honorable Mention (media)[26]
    2009 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Sportsmanship Award
    2009 Big Ten Preseason Player of the Year
    2009 All-Big Ten Honorable Mention (media)
    2010 Rose Bowl MVP
    2010 All-Big Ten Honorable Mention (coaches and media)
    2010 Big Ten MVP runner-up
    2011 Miller-Digby Award

    Not a bad 3 year resume... Anon3 you don't know what your talking about

  7. I am the ONLY person that posts articles here on MY blog and unlike some "anonymous" commenters who are apparently unemployed or just have no life...

    I have a wife, 2 young children, AND a full-time day job, so allow me to apologize (sarcasm off) to Mr. Anonymous (who does not write for my site or any other) for the huge delay in my "TP is gone from tOSU" article since I was at work when all the news of his departure was breaking....


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