Wednesday, June 8, 2011 EXCLUSIVE: A Different Take on Pay-For-Play at Ohio State

By HD Handshoe — Founder

A very reliable source relayed some information directly to me today that I found very interesting given the current situation at Ohio State involving players and cars, memorabilia, autographs, tattoos, alleged money-handshakes, and the like.

The term pay-for-play has been mentioned this offseason -- not just in discussions pertaining to Ohio State -- but across the entire college football landscape more times than Tiger Woods lied to his ex-wife in the past 2 years about which hole his club was really in during his multiple Las Vegas "exploits".

Here's a twist none of us saw coming -- Reverse pay-for-play. What does that mean you might be asking yourself? It is just what it sounds like.

Cheryl Krueger, co-founder of Cheryl and Co. sold her company to 1-800-FLOWERS in 2005 for millions. In the words of one of the coaches (who remains anonymous), she has been a big-time donor and philanthropist to the University for well over 20 years. She is also a board member for Bob Evans restaurants.

Here's the meat of the story -- Her son Cavin Green, a redshirt freshmen from New Albany, Ohio is a member of the Ohio State football team. He is listed as a DL and wears #94.

So what's the problem?

Well, the problem is that there is no record of Cavin Green ever playing prep football, or any sport for that matter during his high school days at Columbus Academy -- so how and why is he on the 85-man roster at Ohio State, one of the nation's most elite DI football programs?

From Krueger's Wikipedia Profile
In January 2003, when The Ohio State University won the national football championship, Krueger teamed up with OSU coach Jim Tressel to raise money for cancer research through sales of a commemorative, autographed cookie jar. Tressel lost both of his parents to cancer.

"We’ve now donated over a quarter of a million dollars to the Tressel Family Fund," Krueger says. "For a company our size to donate that kind of money, that’s a big deal. It’s a very big deal. We’re really proud of it."

It's unlikely that Green is on scholarship (hopefully not), but it seems very clear as to why and how he "earned" a roster spot -- Thanks to his Mom.

Coincidentally, Krueger and Green were listed and invited guests of Ohio State for the 2008 BCS National Championship Game against LSU -- Thanks (again) to his Mom.

Also according to my source, how Green "made the team" ($$$) isn't exactly a secret around the program among those in the know behind closed doors, but apparently, he and his situation are not to be talked about.


I looked on Ozone, ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, and Google among other sites, yet couldn't find 1 lousy picture of him anywhere online, and although he is listed as a member of the roster on the Buckeyes official site, there's no picture or bio for him.

Looks like who you know (Tressel) and having a few million to spare can get your son a jersey and a position on the team at OSU -- and the clout and prestige that brings to you on campus and around Columbus -- even when you have never played a day of competitive football in your whole life.

Wonder if he will lose his bought-and-paid-for roster spot now that JT is gone and the story has been uncovered...

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  1. Wow...Are we the dirtiest Ncaa team in the nation???

  2. So if I dispell your "breaking News" as a nothing story you erase my comment? Seriously anyone can be a walk-on even your granny if she is willing to go to practice and get beat up week after week. This is a NON-STORY quit trying to make it something it isnt.

  3. I take it we wont see him on NCAA 2012! lol

  4. Sorry, but nobody erased any comment by you Jer - Try actually posting it next time!

  5. HD Handjob said...

    i guess there are fans that would trade in their colors for a headline or story!!! pathetic!!!

    LMFAO, that oh-so-clever name change you did there definitely made me laugh even if it was obvious and unoriginal!

    Thanks for that...

  6. Handshaft!!??? Why are you pulling dirty laundry out on our beloved Buckeyes??? I thought this was a Pro Buckeye website??? First you bash Pryor and show racist videos of him, all this hate for a man that won the Rose bowl for us

  7. Larry Lobcock returnsJune 8, 2011 at 10:48 PM

    What's next? Are you gonna key Eddie Georges car?

  8. Ha!!! Things a little tense over there right now? Go DUCKS!

  9. Son of Larry LobcockJune 9, 2011 at 10:38 AM

    Holy Cow!!! A Block O Nation Exclusive!!! Thats some good investigating reporting. How long did you spend on the case???

  10. Larry Lobcocks half-wit nephewJune 9, 2011 at 5:52 PM

    As a major contributor to this website, I think perhaps it is time I take over the reigns or maybe promoted to Editor and Chief...Clearly this website is lacking in any vision for the future. I, Mr Lobcock accept the job

  11. Why don't you lob some cock into your mouth you fucking faggot, and drink a big load of cum?!

  12. This is a pro-Buckeye Football blog, but that doesn't mean every story out of Ohio State is always positive.

    This isn't a violation or anything but when it was forwarded to me from my source, I felt it warranted mentioning it.

    Anyone wanting to defend Pryor is no true Buckeye fan. He is an embarrassment to our program and our University and I probably didn't bash him enough.

    Great he won the Rose Bowl and 30 other games. That doesn't make me want to overlook the NCAA violations, the cars, the $$$ he took.

    How do you not understand that we are probably going to get nailed as bad (or maybe worse) than USC did all b/c of Pryor???

    Get a clue "Larry"

  13. Larry Lobcocks borderline gay uncleJune 9, 2011 at 8:56 PM

    Wait a minute...It said in the headline that this article was a Block O Nation exclusive, but as you stated in your above post that it was forwarded to you...So you didn't write the above piece??? Plagiarism has no place here, as the New Editor and Chief your gonna have to get run your articles past me for approval 1st (No Exceptions) As far as Mr. Pryor goes I think we should get a grass roots campaign to get a statue erected by Jesse Owens. Mr Handshoe I for one think you owe Mr Pryor, the good people of this website, and especially me (Your new Editor and Chief) a very big apology.

  14. Listen and listen good bozo Larry,

    The info was forwarded to me. The article is an original written by me.

    Stop being way-past borderline gay and retarded, would you? I mean unless you can't b/c it's who you are...In that case, my condolences.

  15. Editor and Chief LobcockJune 9, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    Mr VD Handshoe, The above post was not approved by me or anyone on my staff. Please have all publications and or articles on my desk for final approval. Let's not forget the Pryor breaking news fiasco and how I saved your bacon!!! If you have any questions or are unsure of something feel free to contact my secretary Ms. Cumstein. Regards.....LL

  16. A stunned Larry LobcockJune 10, 2011 at 9:34 AM

    So, in less than a week you have not only offended me. You have promoted Nazism, showed a racist video, made fun of homosexuals and the handicapped. This isn't a Buckeye football website, this is a fourm for your hate vehicle. Shame on you.

  17. Here is Cavin de la douche.

  18. Well this kind of stuff always happen in sports in every part of the world and also the laundry money happen a lot in everywhere, for me personally this is not weird at all.


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