Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jim Tressel and Ohio State Admit Wrongdoing—It's a Sad Day For Buckeye Football

The news that first broke on Yahoo Sports is true—Coach Jim Tressel knew about the violations that at least two of his top players had been / still were committing as early as April, 2010.

Originally, Tressel and the University said they knew nothing prior to December, after the season, and before the Sugar Bowl.

Sadly, they lied.

I'd like to believe that Tressel and Ohio State are above this, but alas they are not. In fact, similar situations very likely exist in almost every big-time DI college football program, but it should not have happened here, period.

Tressel is facing a two-game suspension to start the 2011 season and a $250,000 fine. These are self-imposed sanctions. The NCAA will get involved, and could also increase the punishment for Tressel and the program.

Further sanctions may include more suspension time, loss of scholarships, and probation. A bowl ban, however, would seem excessive at this point, but perhaps we don't know everything yet. Hopefully we do, but there's no way to be sure as of now.

Here is video from ESPN about the story and the press conference Ohio State held Tuesday evening.

Personally, I have got to be honest...I am surprised and very disappointed in Tress.

Obviously he didn't give the players money, but he knew they did this and basically said nothing...

That being said, this is nothing like the USC situation, which I only mention because I have already been hearing comparisons to USC in terms of what violations were committed and in terms of what punishment OSU should receive.

That is beyond absurd. Ohio State / Tressel did not pay the players or buy them hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts (cars, homes, etc...)

They turned a blind eye to what THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES DID, and that was wrong, but many people (fans, haters, and the media) are way overstating the "crimes" committed and the punishment that should and will be handed down by the NCAA.

I'm embarrassed and ashamed of the black eye this has given to our program, but I am also optimistic that this will not happen here ever again, at least as long as JT is at the helm.

Lesson learned?

Let's hope so.

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  1. I am not so sure I agree with the less than what USC did. In the case of USC, there was never any allegations of coverup or lying to the NCAA. Here, Coach intentionally covered up this mess until the end of the season. Basically, he knowingly let ineligible players play. He can say that it was a grey area, but he knew what happened to Dez Bryant and A.J. Green. Coach cheated.

  2. STOP TALKING ABOUT INELIGIBLE PLAYERS. To state that he allowed ineligible player to play is simply wrong. He allowed players to play who MIGHT have been ruled ineligible had he revealed what he knew and had he been able to accurately divine how the NCAA would rule on said players.

    That's stretching credulity too far. He did not allow ineligible players to play. he withheld information about a potential violation involving his players. Hardly okay, but let's not muddy the waters here, the situation is messy enough as it is.

  3. USC didn't lie to the NCAA? Are you on crack?

    They set up Reggie Bush and his family with a PHat house and cash, then denied it.

    That = lying


  4. The Buckeye Faithful are stunned. Our Coach made a mistake in direct contravention to (of?) his policies and character coaching of young men.

    His reputation is stained. The program has a black eye. The "O How I Hate Ohio State" crowd has more ammo.

    The program needs to take what the hapless NCAA dishes out, be openly and honestly contrite, show butt-loads of class, and proceed to decimate the opposition on the gridiron, out of a sense of "us vs. them."

    The players on the field, the first (5) games of the season, will have a historic opportunity to "save the program."

    That is what I believe.


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