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Ohio State Football 2010 Season Forecast: Sunny And Successful, Part I

Since I've explored and correctly projected a high likelihood of failure at Michigan over the last couple of seasons, I suppose it's finally time for me to write and post this three-part companion series.

Although, Michigan fans really aren't going to like this one either, especially my projected outcome for The Game this-coming November 27th.

More on that later, but let's just say (cough, hint, spoiler alert) I see a certain recent trend, established in 2001, continuing this year—and in the foreseeable future—but for now, I digress...

Certainly we Buckeye fans have very high expectations for our team this year (just like every other year), and rightfully so—but, will our expectations ultimately meet reality?

There's only one way to know for sure, but since it's only April and the games won't actually be played for several months, you'll have to settle for some of my best educated guesswork instead...

Game One vs. Marshall—September 2, 2010

At the risk of sounding unintentionally disrespectful to Marshall, now that running back Darius Marshall has left for the NFL, I can't name one player of note that remains on their roster other than LB Kellen Harris, and he can't beat the Buckeyes alone.

This game will be played on Thursday night where highly ranked teams seem to lose quite often, but again to sound probably somewhat unintentionally disrespectful, Marshall has ZERO chance of coming into the Horseshoe and even keeping it close, let alone winning this game.

Win (1-0)

Game Two vs. Miami-FL—September 11, 2010

Following their usual tradition, the Buckeyes scheduled another home-and-home series with one of college football's all-time elite programs, this time with the Miami Hurricanes.

Coach Randy Shannon led the 'Canes to an unexpected 9-4 season in 2009, and with the athletes he has the cupboards stocked with, led by junior QB Jacory Harris, expectations, much like those in Columbus, are very high in South Florida.

This game is one of several that will be billed as the game of the week, with both teams projected to be ranked in the top 10. Harris and Terrelle Pryor are very similar in their abilities and I expect a great game between these two Goliath's.

Miami, which lost 20-14 to Wisconsin (yes, the same Wisconsin that Ohio State defeated 31-13) in the Champs Sports Bowl, will be improved squad over last year's team, but so will the Buckeyes.

In the end, experience and an ever-so-slight advantage in talent (even if not speed), along with the home field advantage will be enough for the Buckeyes to win what I expect to be a closely contested game.

Win (2-0)

Game Three vs. Ohio—September 18, 2010

The last time the Bobcats came to Columbus back in 2008, they put a scare into the Buckeyes for sure. I'm not trying to take anything away from Ohio U. in that game because they played very well and they nearly pulled off a huge upset, but the Buckeyes were absolutely looking ahead to their week three showdown in Los Angeles vs. USC. Plus, almost only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes, but not in The Horseshoe.

Without cheating, I can't name one single player from the 2010 Bobcats, although I do know their coach is still Frank Solich if that counts for anything. Eastern Michigan comes to Columbus the following week and unfortunately for Ohio, Ohio State won't be looking ahead to a team that lost badly a year ago to lowly Michigan. (See, I told you UM fans would hate this article, and I'm just warming up!)

Win (3-0)

Game Four vs. Eastern Michigan—September 25, 2010

Other than Miami, I admit this OOC schedule is very light, but if it's good enough for teams from the SEC to play four cupcakes (often including a team from the FCS) out of conference EVERY year and still be given the opportunity to play in the BCS title game, then surely it's good enough for the Buckeyes to play three (all FBS mind you) Hostess-like opponents as well then, no?

Again as was the case above with Marshall (other than Kellen Harris) and Ohio, no disrespect intended, but I can't name one single player on the 2010 Eastern Michigan roster without cheating. Wait, does Charlie Batch count?

There's not much else to say about this game really. Think Ohio State vs. New Mexico State from last season. Tressel doesn't run up the score for those ever-coveted "style points" that pollsters love, but in-spite of "Tressel-ball" it just can't be prevented that the Buckeyes will defeat EMU by a significant margin.

Win (4-0)

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  5. Miami won't be ranked top 10 for the September 11th matchup. As an ACC fan, I would like to see Miami win, but I just don't see it happening. Other than that, these first four games are snooze-ville. Take that 4-0 to the bank.
    Good read. On to part 2.

  6. It looks like you are right, but Miami will be in the top 20, and maybe in the top 15 on gameday.

    Thanks for the read and comment to Anonymous from May 17, 2010 @12:06 AM

  7. Every one forgets about the Oregon Ducks

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