Thursday, April 1, 2010

Around The Big Ten: Michigan Stadium Turf Hit by Vandals

A section of the block "M" logo was removed from the turf by unknown suspects over the weekend. The incident is under investigation and U of M police are asking that anyone with information come forward.

The stadium, which is undergoing significant renovation, is closed and locked on weekends during the off season so it may have been an inside job.

I can't help but wonder though—who in their right minds would actually want that?

Personally, I'd rather shoot myself in the face at point blank range with a sawed off shotgun than to possess the block "M" from UM's field, but to each their own.

Maybe those responsible could auction off the section of turf they stole on eBay.

Given the economy in Michigan these days, and the low level at which their football program has performed recently, they should easily be able to cash in.

Let's start the bidding at say, two bits...


Anybody willing to bid two bits?

OK, how about a small stash of pocket lint instead...?


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