Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking Back—Michigan Football 2008

Written by HD Handshoe

Who doesn't love a wonderful trip down Memory Lane?

Well, a Michigan fan for one, when the walk leads them back to reliving the nightmare that was their 2008, three win, nine loss season.

Yes, you did have three glorious wins a year ago (Miami (OH), Wisconsin, and Minnesota), but what fun would it be for me to revisit those?

Exactly right—none.

So, that being said, I'm a Buckeye fan and this is a Buckeye site, so allow me to lead the choir as we rejoice in the pain and suffering that was 2008 Michigan football.

Yes, Utah ended their great 2008 season at 13-0 and beat former No. 1 Alabama 31-17 in the Sugar Bowl.

But that doesn't change the fact that before this game, UM fans were predicting that their Wolverines would win in a rout.


Notre Dame barely qualified for a bowl game and they lost to lowly Syracuse.

There was also lots of talk about Charlie Weis being fired before, during, and after the season, yet they still dominated the Wolverines 35-17.

Illinois took a few steps back in 2008, losing a total of five games, including losses to Minnesota, Wisconsin and National Powerhouse Western Michigan.

That didn't stop them from taking UM to the woodshed in Ann Arbor.

Juice Williams had a career day vs. the marshmallow Michigan "D".

Another home game—another huge home loss, this time to MAC doormat Toledo.

Prior to this embarrassing loss, UM had a perfect 24-0 record vs. the MAC. If there is a silver lining, at least the Rockets are technically a DI / FCS team, but this still put another black-eye on the Big Ten, courtesy of the Wolverines.

Oh wait, the Big Ten's national perception is all the fault of the Buckeyes for losing to top five teams.

My bad...

This game featured Michigan's finest half of football all year as they actually led the Nittany Lions 17-14 at halftime.

That short-lived lead quickly evaporated as this game truly was a tale of two halves.

Penn State took over the game and ultimately crushed UM, 46-17.

Many Michigan fans will tell you that Michigan State, not Ohio State, is their true and most hated rival because they are from the same state.

If that is indeed true (which it's not), then the 35-21 defeat to your "biggest rival" must still sting, huh?

At least this was a road loss, but still, an epic fail. Purdue was worse than Michigan was last year. I mean, c'mon. No matter how you slice it, they are still Purdue.

I know that some UM fans are sure to fire back that Ohio State almost lost to Purdue. Really, because last I checked, the final was 16-3. Ohio State.

Certainly it was far from a great performance by the Buckeyes offensively, but Purdue scored three points and gained less than 300 yards, while against UM, they scored 48 points and gained over 500 yards. Not to mention this was UM's fifth straight loss

The home field at Michigan Stadium wasn't all too kind to UM last year.

Northwestern came to town and while they didn't blow Michigan away, they pulled away in the second half, holding Michigan scoreless.

The Wildcats left Ann Arbor with a 21-14 win in the Big House.

Even in a down year for UM, Pat Fitzgerald still loved adding that to his resume.

I mean, you are still Michigan,........aren't you?

What can I say that hasn't already been said? The Bucks currently own UM, period. I will give Michigan credit for hanging in there in the first half of this game, as they only trailed 14-7.

But then, much like the Penn State game, the Buckeyes unloaded on UM in the second half and the wheels came off en route to their fifth straight loss to the Buckeyes and their seventh in eight years to Jim Tressel.

2001—Ohio State 26, UM 20
2002—Ohio State 14, UM 9
2003—UM 35, Ohio State 21
2004—Ohio State 37, UM 21
2005—Ohio State 25, UM 21
2006—Ohio State 42, UM 39
2007—Ohio State 14, UM 3
2008—Ohio State 42, UM 7

I know UM fans want to believe that they will beat Ohio State again, sooner than later, but I honestly just can't see it before 2012 or 2013.

I can't wait for the hate!

Here's a couple pre-2008 oldies, but goodies!
Who says you can't kick them when they're down?

Sorry UM fans but I already stuck the knife in. I may as well give it a twist while I'm at it for good measure.

Hopefully you enjoyed this flashback.

If you didn't, you're most likely a thin-skinned UM supporter who must have forgotten about the 2-10-1 "John Cooper for UM MVP" years.

I must admit, I have very little no sympathy for you.

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  1. who the hell ever said M$U was MICH's biggest rival? Get your shit straight man, O$U $uckeye$ are our biggest rival, always will be. NOZZLE.

  2. buckeyes r all babies...u love braggin but don't man up when u get blown out in a national championship!troy who?the most corrupt heisman ever!accepted booster money,found gulty,and still win the trophy depicting the best overall player,and best student athlete....ha! ha! ha!he's a p.o.s. just like clarette...what class buckeyes!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!lets go cheatin u!!!!

  3. ohio state sux
    best of the worst
    howd that purdue game go for ya?
    or just about any bcs game you ever played in?
    choke!!! choke!!!

  4. or just about any bcs game you ever played in?


    Ohio State is 5-3 n their 8 BCS Bowl games

    You are a moron

    The end


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