Thursday, December 15, 2011

Urban Meyer Landing Some Big Fish In The Ohio State Recruiting Net

by Nick Weaver - BlockONation Contributor

Urban Meyer is doing what he does best — setting fire to the recruiting trail.

A great movie phrase comes to mind here -- “If you build it they will come”.

Urban has built a great reputation with Florida and it has carried over to tOSU. I have to insert my props to Coach Tressel for building a super foundation that Urban can just step in and run with.

I know what you are thinking, what about Luke? I know many think he did a good job, but me, I am not so sure.

I believe with the structure that was set up anyone could have went 6-6 with this Buckeye team. Let me get back on point, however. Urban has swooped in and made an impact in recruiting in just a couple weeks.

Meyer has been robbing the cradles of the other power house B1G teams.

With the verbals received from Tommy Schutt and Se'von Pittman (pictured at left), both Penn State and Michigan State have already felt the intoxicating effects of Urban, while Wisconsin is next up to get robbed. I can't wait to hear Biliema's remarks afterwards.

Running back Bri'onte Dunn realized his future will be better at Ohio State instead of going up north to scUm, and reassured the Buckeye Nation that he is 150% Buckeye!

Meyer has been able to do all that along with staying in tune with the fight going on over the baby bearing Urban as his middle name in Florida. Urban has developed a simple pitch that he tells the recruits -- “Not a Big Ten championship, not a national championship, but multiple championships”.

I really believe there are several top-notch guys yet to change their allegiances out of the top 150. Urban has now locked in his coordinators and the two-week Christmas break could see a couple other Christmas presents under the tree for Buckeye fans.

The Meyer camp has already started to turn down WRs because the team is practically overloaded at the position -- Urban recently added a couple of height and speed guys to our already fast receiving core.

While many complain that it is unfair for tOSU to have two separate coaching staffs, I say rubbish! It's an NCAA rule that many other schools have been granted use of.

Over a few thousand dollars in tattoos, the NCAA launched an investigation that has almost totaled one-million dollars (in my Austin powers voice) in costs.

I didn’t hear those critics feeling sorry for OSU during the season, amazingly enough. I can’t imagine the bill to investigate the “U” when that gets going.

The way I see it, the NCAA owes Ohio State this much, seeing as how they came in and took our lunch and ate it right in front of us, i.e. Hall, Howard, Herron, and especially Posey (excessive) suspensions.

I know everyone is as excited as I am to see what will happen the next couple months right up until NSD in February. I have already talked to many folks that wish it were Spring, 2012 NOW!

It can't get here soon enough.

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  1. I agree 100%, spring 2012 and NSD can't get here soon enough. Go Urban Meyer, Go Bucks, these next few years are nearly guaranteed to be legendary in every sense of the word.

  2. Couldn't agree more about Luke. I love Luke, he's a great Buckeye, and I hope Meyer can teach him a lot about being a head coach, but going 6-6 with the talent on this team is just an atrocious performance in my opinion. Anyone could've coached this team to 6-6. We had more talent than any team we played this year and that is nowhere near an exaggeration.


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