Monday, May 30, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Jim Tressel Officially Out as Head Man at Ohio State

Memorial Day, 2011—A day that will live in infamy for every fan of Ohio State football.

It's the day former-Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel's resignation from THE Ohio State University became official.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jim Tressel is no longer the head coach of Ohio State.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, after nearly three months of speculation and multiple reaffirmations that he had no intention of stepping down, it seems apparent now that Jim Tressel has been forced to tender his resignation.

Perhaps the school had finally had enough of the daily revelations and ESPN lead-ins of more news of potential violations swept under the rug by coach Tressel.

No immediate information has been released on a coaching search, but the general consensus for now seems to be that Luke Fickell, whom had previously been named the coach for the first five games of the upcoming season, may very well coach the entire 2011 season before the position is evaluated and a national search begins.

Let the Urban Meyer and Jon Gruden to Ohio State rumor-mill start spinning....

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  1. Jim Tressel is a man of honor. That it has come to this is a tragedy for the University, for Tressel and for anyone who has done any homework whatsoever about the integrity of this man. I wish him nothing but the best in whatever role he pursues and I consider it a sad day for the University and its alumni when we can't make the distinction between someone taking a misstep and someone maliciously exploiting their role. Jim Tressel will always be the best Buckeye coach we've had (and I was there in the Woody Hayes days). I hope he flourishes in his future.

  2. Men of honor don't lie and cheat. BEATING MICHIGAN IS NOT HOW YOU MEASURE THE WORTH OF A MAN! A misstep? Are you effing kidding me? Wait till all the details about what he did at Youngstown State come back to the surface (you have all conveniently forgotten what he did there). He is the worst kind of liar and cheat. One that hides it under a fake cloak of faith and honor.

  3. Charles from IndianaMay 30, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    As a life-long Husker fan, I am sincerely disappointed with the decision to force coach Tressel to resign. I felt the actions which had already been self-imposed were sufficient for the "crimes" committed. Now that we are on the witch hunt to "clean up college football", I predict there will be hearings in the U.S. Senate so people can blow this even further out of proportion. If there were criminal charges imposed on the over-zealous "fans" who flash cash, cars and special benefits in front of easily impressionable 18-21 year old "men", there may be less of this going on. To pretend this is NOT a common occurrance across the landscape of college football is probably ludicrous. I hope that scumbag tatoo shop puke is happy with his signed jerseys. His temptations, along with other pukes like him, brought down a GREAT man. I pray coach Tressel will be given a chance to vindicate himself in the future.

  4. Tressel lied to the NCAA about not knowing about it and not reporting it. He signed a written NCAA form that he was unaware of the infractions. That's why he was forced to resign.

  5. 106-22-0…TRESSEL will be NEVER FORGOTTEN! Check out this GREAT T-shirt TODAY–>

  6. That’s a sad story to lose a long time coach but that’s life, you can’t help the changes every time. The thing they must do is to move on and find another better coach. And focus to the team’s goal.

  7. I don’t know the guy, but from the facts that have come out, he doesn’t seem like a good dude. He let players receive improper benefits, and then lied to the NCAA about it. Now the reports say as many as 40 players were breaking the rules. 40 out of what? 80 players? That’s half of the team. Now i know that OSU is not the only team that breaks the rules, but they got caught, so they got to pay. They should be banned from bowl games for 5 years, and lose scholarships. Also i suspect the terrelle Pryor situation will get ugly.


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