Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ohio State "D" Overrated, Buckeyes to Drown in the River Knile… ?

Hey gang, HD here again.

Another "writer" named Brad Audrain (what is it with that site and guys named Brad hating on OSU?) on the SEC Football Blog, Saturday Down South has posted yet another gem of an article that we felt needed some attention and rebuttal from Buckeye fans.

Please forward a link to this article to every Ohio State football fan you know!

Copyright Brad Audrain / Saturday Down South

Since Knile Davis arrived on campus at the University of Arkansas, life has been frustrating for the 4-star back from Texas.

Soon after committing to be a Razorback, his entrance was trumped by the transfer of Broderick Green from USC, and the signing of a more highly touted running back in Ronnie Wingo Jr.

Davis graduated early and moved to Fayetteville in January to be ready for Spring practice. Unfortunately, after a week of practice, Davis broke his collar bone and had to sit out until the fall.

Davis never wavered in his decision to be a Hog, but with Michael Smith, Wingo, Green, De’Anthony Curtis, and Dennis Johnson all sharing time in the backfield with him, Davis knew it would be very difficult to see much playing time in his freshmen campaign.

Davis played through some more injuries his freshmen year and always ran hard when his number was called, but he received only 33 carries and averaged right around five yards a pop.

Once Michael Smith had graduated, the backfield opened up a little more. Dennis Johnson was lost for the season only a few games in, and Knile Davis was finally able to get his much needed carries.

For some reason, Bobby Petrino stuck with Broderick “chubby” Green for the first half of the season, and it ultimately cost the Razorbacks at least one win (possibly two because Green had a miserable game against Auburn that included a game altering fumble that lead to an Auburn TD return).

Davis did not complain even though anyone that watched Green take 8 seconds to hit the hole, knew he wasn’t worth the “charmin that he wipes his butt with.”

Knile finally had a big run against Texas A&M, and he never slowed down. After compiling 82 yards on 10 carries against the Aggies, Petrino continued adding to his work-load with fourteen carries for 91 yards at Auburn and 22 carries for 176 against that sweaty son of a bitch Houston Nutt.

Knile finished the season with 4 straight games gaining over 100 yards against some of the nations' top teams (3 of these 4 teams are currently ranked in the BCS Top 25, and they were all ranked in the Top 18 when the game was played).

The Buckeyes and E. Gordon Gee believe that they have faced a real schedule this season, and that their defensive statistics aren’t a complete joke to this point.

Ohio St. continues to brag about their defense against the pass and how it’s so highly ranked.

Well, Ryan Mallett and crew are up for the challenge, but the two-headed monster directed by Bobby Petrino is more than Ryan Mallett, Joe Adams, Greg Childs, Cobi Hamilton, and DJ Williams.

Ask LSU and their number one ranked run defense, which saw Arkansas two days after Thanksgiving. Knile Davis compiled 152 yards on 30 carries only one week after thrashing Mississippi St. for 187 on the same number of touches.

Arkansas finally has its' running back, and that is not good news for the Buckeyes and their overrated defense.

Arkansas does not intend to drop the ball on the SEC’s undefeated record against Ohio St. in bowl games, and Knile Davis is the reason the Hogs are confident.

The Sugar Bowl will be rocking on January 4th, and the River Knile will be running all over those Buckeyes.

I just wish E. Gordon Gee were on the field to take a stiff arm from the River Knile on his way to the end zone.

As we stated before, we'll keep an eye out for any future garbage from either of the Brads and Saturday Down South. We can always use, and share, a few more good laughs. It should also prove GREAT to revisit these articles AFTER the January 4th Sugar Bowl...

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  1. Same shit different day, IE: Oregon last year.

  2. Yep....I agree 100%

    Did you happen to see the comments Duck fans were leaving on our Rose Bowl preview last December/January? They were PRICELESS!

    It was great to revisit that article and comments after the game, and I'm pretty confident this article will be Buckeye gold after the Sugar Bowl.


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