Friday, August 20, 2010

Ohio State's Three Game Season on the Road to the 2010 BCS Title

Miami, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

When looking at the Ohio State 2010 schedule, those three games vs. those three teams are what will make, or break, the season for the Buckeyes.

Sorry to those other nine teams and their fans.

Sorry to the countless Buckeye haters who think we fans are cocky and our team is overrated—take a number.

We're good and we know it, and we're not afraid to show it. Now that I have all that out of the way, let's dig in to the meat of this article.

Ohio State almost certainly must go 12-0 to control their own destiny and to ensure their chance at another BCS title. Just one loss will likely derail the entire season, one in which the coaches, players, and fans all believe this really is our year.

EA Sports thinks this could be the year of the Buckeye too!

While I think it will be a tall task to win all three of those games, I do not believe that we will lose all three as ESPN's Brian Griese and Eric Kuselias (both Michigan guys by the way) predicted on Thursday's edition of College Football Live.

I do however believe it will prove to be very difficult to go undefeated, but it could happen and here's my take on each game.

9/11/2010 Vs. Miami

I believe Miami is good, but they are also being a tad over-hyped and overvalued by the sports media, their fans, and possibly themselves, just as Oregon was prior to the 2010 Rose Bowl.

Oregon was a better team last year than Miami will be this year. I don't personally subscribe to the transitive property but for what it's worth, last year Ohio State beat Wisconsin 31-13 and Wisconsin beat Miami 20-14, and that game was not as close as the final score.

As for the Buckeyes, too many people are predicting or expecting or hoping perhaps that their "D" will not be as good this season, when in reality, it will be as good and might actually be even better than last years.

I believe it could be close in the first half, but the Bucks will pull away in the third and fourth quarters and beat Miami by 14-17 points. 33-17 sounds about right in this one.

10/16/2010 At Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the game I expect to be our toughest.

John Clay is a great RB, although we held him down last season, but they also have a good QB in Scott Tolzien, and a solid O-line and pretty decent receivers too.

Plus it's in Camp Randall. I know we can win, but we could definitely lose this game just as easily. I'm expecting it to be much closer than last years game, so I am hoping for another finish to this game like the one in 2008 where we won in the final minute.

Then again, maybe our offense just overwhelms their defense and we win going away....

Wouldn't that would be sweet?

The key will be our offense not sputtering out as it did in 2009 against their defense, which is not nearly as good as their offensive unit.

Our "D" saved the day last year, but let's not take any chances this time around.

I'm going with the Buckeyes to win by less than 10, so 27-21 is my guess.

11/20/2010 At Iowa

Iowa will be another tough game, but it's their defense that could give us fits and a low-scoring close game could be on tap.

I must admit I'm much more confident that we can beat Iowa in their place than I am about playing in Madison, but I am not overconfident either.

Iowa is a good team and they didn't lose much from last year's squad. And remember, we needed O/T to beat them at home last year.

I think we will win this year, but it will probably be very close just like last season. Or maybe Stanzi is healthy and does what Stanzi does and our "D" turns 2010 OSU/Iowa into 2009 OSU/Wisconsin regardless of any potential woes we have on offense.

I think it will be a relatively low scoring, defensive battle with the Bucks pulling out a hard fought "W" by a score of 24-13 or something close to that.

BONUS: 11/13/2010 Vs. Penn State

Just in case anyone is wondering about Penn State being a legit threat to the Bucks this season, go ahead and stop now.

The Nittany Lions should be improved by the time they come to Columbus, but not enough to beat the Buckeyes in The Shoe—Not this year.

They were much better in 2009 and OSU went to Happy Valley and beat them up to the tune of 24-7.

This year's meeting could be an even bigger blowout. 38-13 sounds about right to me.

Then again, there's always Tresselball, so a modest ho-hum 28-13 win could be more realistic, but a win nonetheless.

We Are the Champions...

With the wins over those four teams, that's a 12-0 perfect season and another trip to the BCS title game for the Buckeyes!

Of course I know after reading this, there are many of you that hate Ohio State and me even more now than you already did.

That's why there's a comment section.


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  1. HD, I love your blog, I visit it every day along with the ESPN blog. I think think that the wisconsin game will be higher scoring than you think, sort of like the 2006 OSU UofM game. I think that some backs (Saine and Clay will have a couple of breakout runs) I think OSU wins in a nailbiter.

  2. Unless Clay suddenly became much faster, lost some weight and changed his running style in the off season he won't be having any breakout runs.
    His longest run last year against Ohio State was 8 yards, I think that speaks for how his style fits up against a Jim Tressel defense.

  3. In 2009 vs Ohio State, Clay only had 59 yards on 20 carries (less than 3 ypc) and no TDs

    He might do a little better but he also might not...

    Either way, he will not get 100 yards rushing against the Buckeyes and you can consider that a "take it to the bank" guarantee.

  4. I agree with the comment about Wisconsin, HD.

    Wisky has an NFL sized offensive line, much like Michigan used to get back in the Schembechler/Moeller/Carr days. What do they feed those guys in Wisconsin?

    And then they usually have the big bruiser back, to wear down defenses. I just hope that when we play Wisky, we score and score quick. Nothing demoralizes a team more, especially if the Badgers are able to consume a lot of time with the pounding running game.

    I believe the Buckeye D is going to need to substitute a lot in this game to keep our guys fresh.

    Iowa. Adrian Clayborn. I hope that guy doesn't get close to TP, because I'm afraid of him getting hurt(TP). I just say that out of respect. The dude is a beast.

    I agree with your comments on Miami also, HD. Although they seem to be heading in the right direction(unlike TTUN), this isn't their year. Maybe next year. But boy, you know it's been a long time for the Canes, because their obnoxious fans are out in full force, trash talkin'.

  5. love your posts HD. agree with you completely. i think the wisconsin game is going to be brutal, but in the end it will be a "w". when we play wisconsin and iowa, i think that they will both be in the top 5. good year ahead for the bucks

  6. Let's not forget these are kids we're talking about. Not professionals. They will always be susceptible to a loss to an opponent who simply wants it more (i.e. Northwestern in '04, Illinois in '07, Purdue in '09). Agree that The U, UW and Iowa will be the toughest games, but the others are not gimmies.

  7. Anonymous said...

    "Let's not forget these are kids we're talking about. Not professionals. They will always be susceptible to a loss to an opponent who simply wants it more (i.e. Northwestern in '04, Illinois in '07, Purdue in '09). Agree that The U, UW and Iowa will be the toughest games, but the others are not gimmies."


    Sorry, but I disagree 1000%

    I get it that nothing is an absolute guarantee, but the other games not against Miam, Wisky, and Iowa are pretty much gimmees.

    Those other 9 teams have kids, not pros, as well, and Ohio State has better, more talented kids than the other 9 teams IMO!


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