Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Delusions Of Grandeur: Miami Hurricanes Fans Expecting to Rout Our Ohio State Buckeyes?

As laughable as that sentiment seems, at least to most astute college football fans, it is apparently true....

Hotnuke and Sanford Lazarf are the most outspoken UM flag-bearers with that opinion thus far, but I'm sure there are plenty others of their ilk just waiting to jump on the Miami "in a rout" bandwagon.

Don't be surprised when they disappear and jump back off that same bandwagon sometime around 7PM on September 11.

I guess they forgot where all the talk and chest-thumping got them back in 2002....

Well, here's a friendly reminder for them. No need to thank me Canes fans!

But let's consider something a bit more current for some true perspective here.

The 2010 Buckeyes and the 2010 Hurricanes won't be all that much different than each were a year ago.

The then-No. 8 Buckeyes went 11-2 and dominated then-No. 7 Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

The then-No. 14 Canes ended up at 9-4 after losing to then-No.25 Wisconsin. The final score of 20-14 was much closer than the actual game.

Miami could not stop Badger running back John Clay all day as he rushed for over 100 yards and two scores.

Miami, trailing 20-7, scored a garbage-time touchdown with 1:22 left in the game to indicate a much closer game than was actually played.

Ohio State beat that same Badger team 31-13, while holding John Clay to only 59 yards on 20 carries and no touchdowns.

All that being said, the 2009 season doesn't guarantee what will happen in 2010, but on paper, "the U" sure looks to be a heavy underdog on September 11 in The Shoe, so I'm not sure why Miami fans are talking so much smack, but they are.

See for yourself.

Those are just a couple of examples (for now) from one particular overconfident UM fan.

I do know a few Miami fans that can actually carry on a sensible and logical discussion about the upcoming game and who understand that winning in Columbus will be extremely difficult if not darn near impossible.

Unfortunately and undoubtedly, they are few and far between.

As the start of the season, and the Ohio State-Miami game in particular draws near, there will surely be more posts like those of Hotnuke's and you can be sure I'll post them here for all to see when I find them.

Not to toot my own horn here so-to-speak, but I am the founder and owner of a pretty well-known Ohio State blog, so without name-dropping, but in response to one of your recent comments, yes Sanford, I do have connections to, and have interviewed and spoken with, several Buckeye players.

I also have access to various other media outlets and I will be sure to continue to forward these types of postings to every one of them as well if for no other reason than pure amusement.

We Buckeyes always enjoy a good, and the last, laugh...

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  1. Wow. Surprised to see any of them talking smack. I don't see this game being a blowout either way, but I do think the Bucks will win by 10-15 pts.

  2. Did I read that correctly where you said you "dominated" Oregon?? lol Even the most superficial glance at the highlights of that game showed the Ducks sprinting by OSU defenders almost the entire game. Were it not for a couple of mistakes on offense, the Ducks could've easily won that game. Just like Iowa dropping TD passes and even little old Navy burning your vaunted defense time and time again.

    If you fools think you're going to see the team that took the field against Wisky, boy are y'all in for a rude awakening.

    Just remember....speed kills but it also suffocates. Posey would struggle to crack out starting lineup and with him by himself I'll be surprised if he catches 3 passes all day. That leaves little #12 to get shut-down by our other CB.

    Your only hope is to get the ball to one of your RBs in iso- on a LB. That's IF your OL can handle our DL.

    If not, look for a replay of USC 2008.

    You fools always crumble against big, fast, strong, pro-set offenses, or even spread offenses who can play D.

    But your heads are so far up Pryor's azz you actually think your team will be better than they were last year, which they won't.

    You've lost too many DL, and we've upgraded in size, speed and talent at every position on the field.

    Haha, you'll see. And I can't wait to see your faces when the U finishes what the city of Miami started with Lebron.


  3. And I should add, I hope and pray Pryor runs out of the backfield so Aravius Armstrong can introduce himself, and I can watch Pryor crumple like a crash-test dummy on impact. lol

    And your victory over Wisky came from two pic-six's in case you forgot. Otherwise, it's a 17-14 game.

    By the end of this game it will be clear that A) Pryor is nowhere near J-12 as a QB and is NOT a Heisman candidate...and B) OSU is once again OVERRATED. The only difference is that the nation won't have to wait until January to see all these truths. hahaha

    And talk about delusional...aren't you the same team that PURDUE handled 26-18. PURDUE. And how many points did NAVY drop on y'all?? And did anyone notice how SLOOOOWWWWWW the Iowa skilled positions were? hahaha

    I bet you all go through this every year. Hoping, praying, convincing and talking yourself in to thinking "this could be the year". How long has it been since you got that gift in 2002? 30-40 years since old Woody was doing his thing?? haha

    Unfortunately for you, past is indeed prologue, and this past leads directly to 1986 forward.

    And what we do to you this year will be gentle compared to what's coming in 2011. hahaha

    STRAP UP!!!

  4. And did I mention that we have four DEs who are as good and will be better than Heyward?? Remember where you heard it first as Pryor is tracked down like a deer by a pack of wolves on 9-11.

  5. Cane"Domination" :

    I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are.

    Ohio State by at least 2 tds. That's only because JT is nice. Miami will be out played, out coached, and out manned.

    And BTW: Oregon was indeed dominated. Nearly every one of their options was read and stuffed before they even touched the line of scrimmage. There were a few plays where they did burn our defenders, but that is going to happen when you play a team like Oregon. The only thing that matters is scoreboard.

    That is why you will be crying on September 11th.

  6. CaneDomination (my fucking ass) sounds just like every loud-mouthed cocky asshole fan from Oregon who posted their big-shit-talk on here BEFORE we kicked their fucking asses.....You'll be just like them after the OSU-Oregon game, after the OSU-Miami game.....nowhere to be found.

  7. Buckeye fans or anyone in general that thinks there are "very few" Miami fans that think they will beat, if not destroy Ohio State, be sure to check out the comments on this Miami Hurricanes site:

    Eye of the Hurricane

  8. fisrt of all who the fuck do yall PLAY???Nobody.. Ohio Cockeyes SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I understand Columbus is a tough place to play. I was engaged to an OSU alum. I have respect for the pageantry that the "Shoe" offers. But as fans the buckeyes are some of the worst. I am not in any way saying Miami fans as a whole are any better. But to think you can go man for man talent wise with the Hurricanes this year means either you have not been paying attention to the fact the 2008 #1 recruiting class are now all Juniors and most are starters or you are just in denial as to what we have been building in South Florida. Either way it should be a hard fought game. With a lot on the line for both teams. I think college football fans in general with be surprised at the sheer depth of athletes we are bring at most positions. Cant wait for 9/11. Go Canes!

  10. CaneDomination.... AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, A-MOTHERFUCKIN-MEN! You are absolutely on point with everything you said.

  11. Ohio state has no idea the ferocity of the Giant they've just awoken! Hurricane Devistation is imminent!....So much Pain!

  12. fuck you buckeye's You sorry ass mother fuckers! Im going to "DOT" the "I" with a fucking turd! FUCK YOU AND THAT BIG ASS NUT AND THAT HOMO ASS SWEATER VEST COACH OF YOUR'S!

  13. You OSU fans must be smoking crack.... I know my ass will be right back on this board on 9/12 listening to all your whining ass excuses.

    Speed kills.... get ready. And I know damn well your players are nervous as hell.

  14. 1 word stupid fucker NAVY!!!!!!!!

  15. This would have been more appropriate.

  16. This would have been more appropriate.


  17. I only have 1 thing too say you OSU fans are f**kin dumbasses

  18. You're a jackass. One Miami Hurricane fan says we're gonna blow Ohio State out, so you headline your article "Miami Hurricanes Fans Expecting To Rout Our Ohio State Buckeyes". We obviously know it will be a good game. You're a typical ignorant Buckeye fan who has the same, mostly stupid, reasons that tOSU will win and win big.

    1) Miami lost to Wisconsin and tOSU killed Wisconsin: The whole "we beat them who beat them who lost to them" is utter nonsense. Uhhh Wisconsin killed Purdue last year. You lost to Purdue. Does that mean Wisconsin > Ohio State? Clearly not, seeing how you killed them. Things happen any given week.

    2) Pryor had a monster Rose Bowl and we destroyed Oregon: 266 yds and 2 TDs is hardly a huge performance. And Oregon had tOSU's backs against the wall late in the 3rd qtr until an UNTOUCHED Legarret Blount fumbled. Single-digit wins are not blowouts.

    3) Jacory Harris throws picks all day: True, he had a lot of interceptions. Most of which came after he tore ligaments in his throwing thumb halfway through the year. Kind of tough to be accurate when you can't grip the ball correctly. His TD to INT ratio wasn't much different than your supposed god of a QB Terrelle Pryor.

    4) tOSU gonna dominate in the trenches: tOSU is stout across both lines. On the offensive side, Miami has to get better, but the size and athleticism is there. LT Orlando Franklin is projected as a 1st rounder by ESPN. And the nation's #1 recruit Seantrel Henderson (6'8 330) can step in at RT immediately. On the defensive side, Miami and tOSU are nearly identical. Headlined by a top 10 NFL pick (Heyward, Bailey) with quality depth all around.

    5) The Shoe is too tough to win at: USC last year, with a true FR QB, eight new starters on D (9 when their BEST player Taylor Mays went out early), and two new coordinators went into "The Shoe" and won.

    Keep thinking you have some monster of a team that Miami will not be able to compete against. Its gonna make it that much better when we get win.

  19. really....John Clay and a game from 8 months ago is the best argument you've got? And a sad day for BCS history called the Fiasco Bowl from 8 and 1/2 years ago?

    seems like you are the one needing perspective...

  20. These comments are awesome. I was here at the end of last season before the Rose Bowl and Oregon fans were saying the same bullshit you Miami Morons are saying, and then the Buckeyes kicked their asses and none of them were ever heard from again. It will turn out the same this year after the Buckeyes thump thug U again and you fucking douchebags pull a David Copperfield vanishing act, but by all means, please keep posting these priceless comments ha ha ha because these comments are what is going to make it that much better when the Buckeyes win easily! P.S., WilliamWallace, you suck cock ha ha!

  21. I live in Ohio, Im a huge Hurricanes fan and all i hear is from the buckeye fans is 2002 this 2002 that, and Hurricanes are weak, T. Pryor is the best QB. T. Pryor is a good athlete but not a good QB. Jacory Harris is a much better QB. They all talk the buckeyes up honestly i feel like it will be a close came but ohio state secondary cant keep up with the U's recievers. I went into a lids store to pick my girlfriends miami jersey and i all i got shit. you keep talking shit buckeye fans and its going to come around bit you in the ass. Go Canes!!!

  22. im a U alum and still good friends with some oft he guys on the team and being around them recently i dont think very many teams are going to beat them, their morale is higher and belief is better than ever. the team is at the perfect point to explode on the scene and win another title. all the team has to do now is just do it. unfortunately for the overrated pryor it will be against his team as well

  23. Wow compare last years teams to say the outcome of this year? Brilliant writing,lol! Of course Canes fans are ready to rip every single one of your heads off. 2002 wasn't yours and never will be in a lot of college football fans minds. That being said be prepared for a Hurricane to come to the Midwest its a Category Mother Fu@@@@@ Pis### Off! There is a difference from alst year three players will be playing that our all on watch lists for awards this year. Da U 41 OSU 24

  24. All I have to say: Language.....!!!!!! and naturally GO CANES!!!!!

  25. 2002 wasn't yours and never will be in a lot of college football fans minds.


    It wasn't? The crystal football is in Columbus and proves otherwise

    If you want a real fial score prediction, I'll give you one Thug fans:

    Ohio State 42
    Thug U 17

  26. Posey would struggle to crack out starting lineup.And did I mention that we have four DEs who are as good and will be better than Heyward??
    You sir are arguably the dumbest mother###### on the face of the planet. Please do yourself a favor and put down the crack pipe.

  27. i just think it's sad that scUM#2 fans have to come on this site to trash talk. you guys (or girls) are just as bad as Yankees fans...if not worse!

  28. We even have Canes fans in Mexico….we represent. OSU game will not be close. I’m more worried about FAMU.

  29. To all Cane fans,

    Your fan base was delusional in 2003 and even more delusional in 2010.

    Dont worry though, the media still loves ya. Ya boy Desmond Howard has you in the BCS National title game....Griese has you beating Ohio State....Herby has miami winning the acc...etc...

    So believe me, Buckeyes are glued to the tv and seeing this LOVE fest for the #13 team in the nation. I guess the # 2 team in this contest will have to come out with something to prove...........again.

    September 11, 2010 can't get here soon enough....come get some, Part II.

  30. Phil Steele's take:

    Miami Fla at Ohio St Sept 11.

    Miami only had one unit not in my top units in the front of the magazine and that was Oline, but they just added Henderson from USC.

    Two exciting QB's and top 6 defenses.

    My picks to win the ACC and the Big Ten.

    Shannon is 4-7 vs ranked teams and Tressel is 31-14 and Ohio St is at home for this.

    Pick: OHIO STATE 30-20.


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