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James Louis: "Around The Block" With The 2010 Buckeye WR Recruit

Most Buckeye fans that follow recruiting closely know that WR James Louis is one of the top prospects in the Ohio State 2010 class based on rankings from sites like Rivals and Scout.

But we here at Block-O-Nation thought you might like to know a little more about James in his own words (and other players coming soon).

We were fortunate enough to catch up with James recently, and assumed that Buckeye fans would be interested in what he had to say about his path to Columbus, among other things.

Q:    James, thanks for taking the time to do this for the site. You originally verbally committed to Florida, then changed your verbal to Ohio State. There were some rumors as NSD neared that UF or Minnesota could still be options, but in the end you signed your LOI with Ohio State, and we are THANKFUL! So, what made Ohio State the right choice for you in the end?

A:    Yes, at one point I was very interested in Minnesota and Florida. Both were in my top. But Florida was always my number one. It was just that I really didn't want to be far away from home, but I came to realize leaving the state would be best thing for me and my family. So I stuck with Ohio State and I really loved the atmosphere over there and the coaching staff and the players are all great.

Q:    What coach, or coaches were most involved in recruiting you? Did you get an in-home visit and if so, with which coach or coaches?

A:    The coaches the were really involved in recruiting me were coach Hazell from Ohio State and coach Hightower from Minnesota.

Q:    Were any of your new teammates trying to recruit or sway you to pick Ohio State, and if so, care to name a name or two?

A:    No, not really. I am really good friends with Duron Carter, but he never really told me to come and he never told me not to. He just said that it's a great place and that I would love it and that they would be happy to have me.

Q:    It looks as though the Bucks will have some decent depth at WR, so do you have any sense yet as to whether or not you will redshirt or play in 2010?

A:    As of right now, I am looking forward to heading to Columbus to play as a true freshman. Redshirting isn't on my mind. I think I have a chance to make a difference in the offense and to help out with an undefeated 2010 season.

Q:    The Miami Hurricanes come to Columbus this year and it could very well be a game where both teams are ranked in the top 10. Being from Florida, do you have any inside scoop on how good they will be, and do you personally know some of the guys on their team?

A:    That's actually one of the games I'm looking forward to next season because I have a lot of family members who grew up Miami Hurricane fans so I'm excited. I have one good friend from that team and his name is Orlando Franklin. He plays on the O-Line.

Q:    Do you have a favorite Buckeye player of all-time?

A:    Cris Carter is my favorite all-time Buckeye, but I compare my game right now to Santonio Holmes, another former Buckeye favorite.

Q:    Who's your favorite NFL team?

A:    My favorite NFL team is the Cincinnati Bengals because Chad Johnson is my favorite WR in the NFL right now.

Q:    Do you have a favorite NFL player of all-time?

A:    My favorite NFL player of all-time has to be Jerry Rice.

Q:    What is your favorite kind of music? Who is your favorite artist or group?

A:    Rap, and my favorite artist has to be Gucci Mane.

Q:    Have you, or do you ever visit any Ohio State blogs or message boards online to see what Ohio State fans are saying?

A:    No, I really don't. Not really sure what websites to check out.

Q:    Are you in any videos on YouTube that you know of?

A:    I have one video on YouTube that I know of. It's my junior season highlight tape.

Q:    Any favorite TV shows you like to watch?

A:    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Q:    What were you thinking the first time you were in Ohio Stadium, aka the Horseshoe?

A:    I couldn't believe it... It was so packed in the Horseshoe and the fans were crazy. I had never been in an environment like that before.

Again, we want to thank James for his time.

I think I speak for all Buckeye fans when I say welcome into the Buckeye Family James.

We can't wait to see you on the field!

In case you don't follow recruiting or don't/didn't know much about him before now, James is a very talented WR and an excellent addition to our team.

Here's that YouTube video from his junior season that he referred to in case you haven't seen his on-the-field skills.

Bookmark us, and/or check back soon.
We have more player interviews coming soon!

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  1. Nice interview and article guys! I too am excited to see James maybe as a return guy and would like to see him get on the field at wide out too.

    Seems like a good kid. All the best to him,

    Welcome to Buckeye Nation James!

  2. Truly he has the best chance to play in 2010 out of all the offensive recruits. R. Smith is a great RB but our depth is just too deep. Hope he redshirts.


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