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Five Top 10 Teams—Five Strongest 2009 OOC Schedules

by HD Handshoe

This is the follow-up to my "vastly popular" Five Top Teams—Five Pathetic OOC Schedules.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak.

These teams I have selected here, once again must be a projected top ten to fifteen team heading into the 2009 season.

There were some other teams close but that just did not quite make it.

You can't do a worst-of, without a best-of can you?

Of course not!

No. 5: Oklahoma Sooners

9/5/09—vs. BYU
9/12/09—vs. Idaho State
9/19/09—vs. Tulsa
10/3/09—@ Miami-Fla

BYU, Tulsa, and Miami are all better than average teams, so despite Idaho State, OU ranks No. 5.

I'm not sure that OU will score as much as they did last season and Miami is the x-factor.

If Shannon has them prepared, they certainly have enough talent to possibly pull an upset at home.

No. 4: Oklahoma State Cowboys

9/5/09—vs. Georgia
9/12/09—vs. Houston
9/19/09—vs. Rice
9/26/09—vs. Grambling State

The Cowboys check in at No. 4 on the top five.

Obviously, Grambling State is no match for OK State, but even in a retooling year, Georgia could surprise the Cowboys and make it close, but I do expect them to win their home opener.

Houston and Rice from Conference USA, are teams that may not impress the casual fan but they are teams that both can score a lot of points so the Cowboys can't overlook them!

I still expect OK State to win both of these games by two touchdowns or more.

No. 3: Ohio State Buckeyes

9/5/09—vs. vs. Navy
9/12/09—vs. USC
9/19/09—@ Toledo (in Cleveland)
10/31/09—vs. New Mexico State

Navy is no Youngstown State and will provide an opening day test for the young Buckeyes.

The Midshipmen have led college football in rushing the past two seasons and could give the inexperienced Buckeye defense trouble early.

I really don't have to say anything about USC other than they will be reloaded as usual and the Buckeyes will need to pressure and force new USC starter Aaron Corp into mistakes, as well as have an A+ effort on offense to come away with a win.

Toledo is a borderline cupcake that should be improved from last year, when they did become the first MAC school to ever beat Michigan in of all places, Michigan Stadium. Don't look for a Rocket victory at Cleveland Browns Stadium though!

New Mexico State is a true cupcake, but overall this schedule still earns OSU the No. 3 slot.

No. 2: Oregon Ducks

9/3/09—@ Boise State
9/12/09—vs. Purdue
9/19/09—vs. Utah

Because of the round robin, the Pac-10 teams only play three OOC games, but not one of these three that Oregon scheduled are cakewalks.

Purdue, from the Big Ten, and the only BCS team of the three, looks to replace QB Curtis Painter and RB Kory Sheets, but could still win as many as 7-9 games and could keep it close.

Boise State and Utah are the Kings of BCS busting and a year ago, Boise went 12-0 during the regular season, including a win over the Ducks in Eugene, and all Utah did was go 13-0 and finish No. 2 in the final AP poll.

Even with only three OOC games, Oregon is easily in this top five at No. 2.

No. 1: Virginia Tech

9/5/09—vs. Alabama
9/12/09—vs. Marshall
9/19/09—vs. Nebraska
10/31/09—vs. East Carolina

Va Tech's 2009 OOC schedule brings to mind thoughts of hidden landmines, just waiting to blow up in your face!

There are no cupcake, warm-up games to ease into the season this year for the Hokies.

Right off the bat, they kick off in Atlanta vs. the Crimson Tide. Alabama is a top 10-15 team that could derail the Hokies season before it ever gets started.

Marshall should pose little threat but they aren't from the FCS either!

Nebraska, another team that should appear in the top 20-25 could also be the downfall for the Hokies. I would lean towards saying I doubt it though.

Skip Holtz can coach and his East Carolina Pirates are no cupcake! Va Tech lost at home to ECU last year and will have to travel to Greenville for this one! The Hokies better watch out once again!

Every season, Va Tech seems to always get national recognition in the polls early in the year, but then falter somewhere along the way and fade from our collective memories.

With this schedule it could happen once again, but I absolutely applaud them for their 2009 OOC schedule and award them the No. 1 spot on this list!

I really wish all the top teams in the nation would schedule this way, but I won't hold my breath, well, because I like breathing and being alive!

Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section!

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  1. Navy has led the NCAA in rushing the past 4 years in a row, and VA tech's ooc schedule is just.. damn..

  2. I had read on either Fox or CBS perhaps that Navy had led the nation in rushing the last 2 seasons.

    Upon further review, the Anonymous commentor is correct.

    Navy has led the nation in rushing since 2005 with nearly 300 yards per game in each of those years.

    This year, Ricky Dobbs takes over as QB and from everything I've read and heard, he's going to be VERY GOOD running & passing.

    So, llike I said, this game is not an automatic gimmee for Ohio State if they overlook them.....


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